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Disaster Survival Skills And Tips;

Disaster Survival Skills;

It takes all sorts of survival skills when all hell breaks loose, and the stuff that you’ll need to survive when disaster strikes, and I believe you know what I’m trying to say the survival that ocker during disasters like Droughts, Wild Fires, Earth Quakes, Tornadoes, Tropical Storms, Hurricanes, Massive Rains, Floods, Sunomies, Volcanic Eruptions, these are all God-given mother nature evoked disasters that you need to know the what and when to not only survive but Live your life as natural as you can before, during and after the said disasters.

I believe in my heart that the disasters are going to keep getting worst and after going through 2020 with the west side wildfires the fire tornadoes yep that’s right not the west coast but the whole damn west side of the United States, central plains with their straight-line Hurricane-force windes, all the tropical storms, and Hurricanes in not only the Gulf of Mexico.

But the whole eastern sea borg throughout the southeastern part of the USA and guess whats scarry this is worldwide and this tells me it’s not going to making any 180-degree u-turn, in fact, I’m only guessing but I’ll bet, it’s going to push the supper charge button and get much worse.

Before or Preparations of;

All disasters are different not all disasters have a warning say like a Hurricane, these big boys come with a good amount of warning, you even have an idea of how strong they are going to be, Tornadoes have a little warning, Wildfires has little to no warning when the actual event is happening a lightning strike, campfire, a fool flipping his cigarette butt out his window so there are very different ways a person needs to prepare for different disasters.

We can do this a hundred different ways but everything on earthworks from west to east the sun comes up in the east and sets in the west so the earth spins from west to east and this is the way well start, Wildfires, if you live in a fire warning area and don’t own a home that’s precious to you “Leave” till they get the fires under control if you like the area well enough then dig in and start over, we will be getting into this more right now we’ve got a group of people that does own a home that is very precious to them.

Wildfires for land and homeowners;

I don’t know if you’re the fine owner of some property, but if you are, get you’re self a tractor and cut your self a fire break with excessive width I don’t know 50-yard you might make it 100 yards dirt or gravel, moisten said fire break excessively.

But don’t use any fresh drinking water do, like a bunch of old farmers use you’re septic from the very top of a bleed-off the pool, pipe 2 irrigation line’s down either side of said fire break to keep very moist both sides of the line to the point of flooding if needed both dirt and the vegetation side and to ensure that said fire break unvegetated bare ground DIRT and wet.

Around your home to where you can keep your house soaked down all sides and roof run a sprinkler line you can activate when needed, it’s the only function is to keep that Preshes home as safe as possible I mean you choose to live in this picturesque place you need to take these protective actions against the enemy the Red Flower, WILDFIRES.

==>A Realy Need Took Look At<==

I believe in my heart you probably do without your basics when they get the fires out like Electricity I’d just flat out drop off the grid why to wait on electrical crews, I know you could use any electrical source that’s free to run without any windmills for the fires to overcome wow that’s got to cost a bunch to replace, a windmill especially if its any good what so ever, you don’t need all the solar panels that aren’t fire resistant ether, and how lucky are you to live next to a babbling brook for hydroelectric.

Just so happens I can give you an Idea on this problem of electricity, check it out a prairie generator redesigned.

all you need is tree clippings, leaves, compost, and Hay not seeing a lot of causest hear what Hay how much can this cost and you don’t have to have Hay once again mother nature will lend a hand clean you’re woods and rack the old yeard after it dries out from soaking it down but you’ve got a yard to let dry out, with these tree clippings, leaves, and about 5 bails oh Hay, hay this kept his house in a northern climate kept his house at a very comfortable 77 degrees with fridge, TV, lights, for 3 years.

For the folks that just couldn’t do all the preparation of the earlier part’s of my post, if you own your house and like a lot in town but all is gone fire has no hart, remember it’s you’re land there’s no break down of society hear make your self comfortable a nice size tent or more tent’s with the Electricity Freedom System. so yes you’ll have a television you can have that refrigerator, communication lights all you’re electrical conveniences.

Now I don’t know what kind of area you live in but being forced into this situation you might want to think about a little self-defense or protection for any age gender or skill set, for you and you’re loved ones, the fine art of pressure point self-defense you are at natures mercy I mean it might be the Neighborhood you grew up in butt every one has nothing at the beginning and might be all giving but after a month or so just trying to gig in the rebuild and reorganize the neighbors that are not all that close might just need something and pillaging they may go, It’s also called “Self Protection” from you’re acquaintances.


Yes sir was still on the west side we’ve got earthquakes these guys are just nothing short of devastating I mean no warning at all, all you can really do in any situation is duck and cover very quickly locate some cover, and dive for something hard toped and sturdy and then Pray that the building you’re in is strong enough for the earthquake or it isn’t stronger than the structure you’re in.

For some reason when a tectonic plate shift it kinda makes the crust of said earth to stretch in ways it’s not to be stretched and there are power line poles planted all along and across the fault line, NO ELECTRICITY power lines don’t stretch nearly as far as the crust of the earth just saying, electricity is probably going to be an issue in most disasters.

.==>So go ahead one more time check it out<==

In an Earthquake, there are other things that just don’t stretch like the earth crust Water lines the underground streams may change directions after all the platonic plates are what the continents are great big plates that’s why their undisputed geological studies that all the continents were joined differently at one time so hears all you’re main water line and supply lines going into homes, and businesses will break and hears the wait no not for power but a more life-sustaining substance than electricity “WATER” Like I’ve Said in the past I do a lot of worrying and looking around for ideas, suggestions, and answers.

The Hyden bad on this problem is water contamination this is a problem in most disasters you wildfires might have had an animal crawl down in you’re well and died tainting you’re drinking water same for freshwater reservoirs ash soot and dead animals just don’t sound like the stuff I like in my drinking water. 

I do have that almighty answer for you, a device that can pull fresh drinking water directly out of the air we breathe and it doesn’t matter what climate you live in from next to the Ocean or in the middle of the Mahaby desert. after all H2o is a big part of the air we breathe like a chemical makeup thing.

==>Hear Yea Go Have A Look There’s Also Droughts<==

You won’t believe your eyes it takes minutes to set up this little miracle worker and it will start supplying all the water you can possibly need to sustain you and you’re loved ones for as long as you need or desire because this water is purer than any distilled filtered or boiled water it’s fresh out of the air before contaminates could get to it.

And let me tell you when the bottled water runs out and you cant even take a healthy shower people will start taking thing’s into their own hands if you have a supply of drinking water even you’re friends will try to get into it, water is a basic need you can’t do without for more than 3 or 4 days then the body starts doing things it’s not meant to do like #1 shut down you know what disasters can tell you if their bad enough you can site back with you’re electric freedom system and the atmospheric water generator and watch.

Who you’re friends are they’re the ones coming up asking for you’re help and the ones that are trying to steal your water are the ones you really need to distance your self from they don’t need to be in you’re collective of friends and family I hate to be this way but if earthquakes haunt you area of release I’d just move most all disasters has a little bit of warning but an Earthquake ridden is not good and or healthy.

But if this beautiful spot is where you just flat out have got to be then I’d suggest more than 1 safe sturdy place to dive and cover a survival area place of being dwelling if you must just in case the one you’re occupying becomes unlivable after all you go to shaking the foundation to much of it crumble mother nature says so.

Our Food Supply And Disasters Do They Mix?

Well now if it’s anything like an inland plains area storm that produces Hurricane strength straight-line winds for miles that flattened and destroyed crops and grain siloes so no disaster and you’re food source and the food source for you’re cattle do not mix favorably at all.

And there’s not a thing you can do to prevent this from happening just pray it doesn’t happen again next year, this might sound a bit selfish because you’re hole existence circles around feeding as many Americans and their cattle but after what just happened to you is definitely devastating but not to worry at least about your family and if you can expand it, you crop will come much much quicker its a great system.

==>Do You’re Self a Faver And Check This Out<==

For the sake of simplicity well explain a normal family garden you see after I explain you’ll understand much better on the size like I said the larger the more intricate it’ll be you’re going to need a pond, one that can support living fish so you want to stock this with a hardy fish strand I like catfish their hardy bottom feeders and they reproduce quite rapidly.

Do you see what’s about to happen, it’s best if you’re pound is higher than you’re garden irrigate with lines leaving the pound and supplying each one of the roles rich in fish emulsions you need to feed these fish because as they use the restroom you’re irrigation will circulate the fish waste to all you’re gardens now mind you, I’m just giving you a rough example for you this is a Hydroponice/ Aquaponics garden, this is the reason the larger the more intricate it is because it is Hydroponics.

So until you, as a professional farmer can figure this out we will concentrate on a personal garden be a bit selfish if you want to share sell this to people close to you they say with those enriched fish emulsion water feeding you’re garden they produce twice as fast and 2 times the amounts, so as you’re fish starts getting bigger catch and eat them so hear yea go you’ve done got a system that gives you mountains of fresh vegetables and fruit also supplies some really nice farm-raised catfish now were talking enjoying life after a disaster.

You need a good sturdy reinforced building to do this garden, this is where the selfishness comes in this garden will be growing all the time for you and you’re loved ones and when a disaster comes and destroys all you’re crops you’ll have a supply of nice fresh veggies you can earn some cash for a source of income teaching and helping all you’re friends this little trick and they can too enjoy all that fresh vegetables and farm-raised catfish.

Eastside of our great nation;

The next thing I’m discussing the only place that doesn’t really get them maybe a water funnel but Tornadoes being a born and bred Texon Tornadoes have been a large part of my life but you know there’s one thing that strangely enough is making an introduction to north-central texas Huricains so I’ve got a couple of disasters that need to be talked about.


These fellas wow there are 2 avenues they travel tornado ally that runs from Texas to Illinois noise and around Alabama and Georgia and around this area mostly at night you can’t even see the total destruction if they hit your property depending on the strength and damage which is calculated by the Fujita Scall like and EF 1 through 5 and you don’t see too many EF 5’s but believe me an EF 1 or 2 can do enough damage not to mention take lives they started using this Fujita scall on Feb. 1, 2007, they can’t tell what the EF rating is until after the event then they can tell you a bunch about it just studying the destruction path.

With these guys, you have mere minutes to duck and cover the main warning is the national defense whistles after they go off you need to get to a safe place if you have a sound home find the centermost room away from all windows you won’t know exactly where it’s going to make landfall the whistle just lets you know one of these bad boys are in the area this thing make landfall and to be a mile wide or more it might just touch down but are more than likely it’s going to travel a piece and have it’s way, after all, you can’t stop it and it has no remorse winds from 45 mph to 145 mph hail the size of softballs have been reported.

These bad boys can and will take all that you need to live with and trash it you’re electricity, water lines will be busted, crops by power lines everywhere so you’ll need to check out all my necessities Electricity Freedom System, the Water Freedom System, Hydroponics/Aquaponics Garden, and after disasters such as these, you might need the Become A Pressure Point Fighting Expert you just know what you’re neighbors from the wrong side of the tracks will end up doing so self protect always.


Hears the grand father’s of stormes these guys are deadly the one good thing is you have decent warning times like day’s and most times evacuation is suggested, due to storm surges, the main killer in Hurricane, we’re talking some times as much as 10′ to 15′ deep now in all this storm surge, it’s done found the sewage, fuel tanks, and saltwater and all sorts of things that shouldn’t be there that are and mixed in the drinking water.

==>Hear You Go Check This One Out<==

After a day or 3 with 45 to 160 mile an hour winds, there are all sorts of chaos and destruction everywhere power lines are down everywhere, and why they don’t bury these lines I’ll never know especially in an area that has a lot of Hurricanes and tornadoes because the power lines are the first thing these disasters take there goes the electricity and drinking water so it’s usually days and even weeks before you can get any of these things back even if you’re house isn’t damaged to the point of not being able to stay there without these two 2 systems you’re going to be very uncomfortable.

==>On This Note Check This Out<==

And the bad part about it is it’s usually like weeks before they can get said utilities on and the water will stay under a boil water notice and believe me I’d rather be able to draw my drinking water and shower water from the good old air and you’re power just keep cleaning up and putting compost tree clippings and lawn clippings for you’re electricity, of course, there’s not going to be any plant life other than Palm trees saltwater and most garden plants just don’t get along at all, like do you know what happens if you try and drink seawater mouth and throat swells up and there’s crap living in seawater that’s not at all good for you.

==>Do Not Let You’re Self Suffer Hunger<==

You know you’ll have a little stuff around some can goods, dry goods but not to last days or week’s maybe a month or years you need water, and food above all I can’t live very well at all without power I’m sorry this has to do with mental health if you’re not comfortable you’re not going to sleep very long at all and not enough sleep will fatigue your brain and this my friend isn’t a good thing at all you have got to have a clear head in these kinda situations cool down or warm-up and get some rest the Army says as long as a soldier has at least 2 hrs of comfortable sleep he can function twice as good

You know I’ve touched on most of the Natural disaster although I probably need to talk a little more about fluids the only thing I believe to have said is on storm surge and what it does to the drinking water but like if you come upon some water across the road steer clear don’t drive are walk through anything like this first off you don’t know if there’s possibly any electrical line submerged that might still be energized, you can’t tell how fast it’s going 3″ of fast-moving water can and will take you off your feet 6″ there goes the car truck it doesn’t matter Water is one of the strongest forces on earth.

If you live in a house and the water starts coming up in said dwelling avoid it a little at a time I other words you may not have to get on top of you’re house because when that happens you’ve opened you’re self up to other issues like the sun just for one and there’s no telling how long it will take to rescue your tail end from there, in other words, try and keep cover from the elements it might still be raining lightning and or blowing like hello please use common sense with the floodwaters they will kill you with no remorse.

Remedies from our great, great grandfather’s;

You know I’ve touched on a lot most all disasters I can think about but what if you get hurt pretty bad where you need some pain killers and no rescue in sight hears some tricks our forefathers came up with from our native American friends yes there was years that the Native Americans and the white man actually got along and got along very good but hears a pain remodify I’ll try and explain it to you just to give an eye into whats next please don’t cook this up without following their instructions.

You need some wild lettuce I knew as a kid as milkweed, it’s everywhere their weeds you’ll find some of this plant you know break the stalk and a white milky liquid fluid that oozes out, well white milky liquid carries a strong pain killer it’s not recognized by the FDA so it’s not illegal you Take a plant to trim the leaves off and put it in a blender just a minute don’t grind them up too much leave them rather leafy.

Put them in a pan put just enough water to just cover it now start cooking on low DO NOT LET IT BOIL you will ruin the active ingredients you will cook it on low until it turns all black and leafy, now take and strain all the black liquid from the leafy substance and make sure you strain it all very good.

==>This ONE you Realy Do Need To Check Out<==

Now take your black solution witch will be still to thin so put it back on the stove and heat it on low till you have this black thick solution now this solution is as strong as heroin or opiates in fact at one time it was used to fight opioid addiction and was used during the crossing of the plains by our father’s grand father’s now this is just one of many things this book has this one you do need to check out because there may not be any way to get a hold of this kind of medicine and there’s so much more than our great great great grandfathers can teach us after all they lived quite happy and healthy.

In Conclusion;

I’ve tried to explain a bit on each and all-natural disasters how to prepare for and how to survive after the fact I will be going deeper into each one as time goes on I know I didn’t touch on all the things you need to do during floods and other actions of our natural disasters.

Leave a comment and I’ll get back asap

Thank You,

William C. Wright


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