A Dark Country 2 Energize

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A Dark Country 2 Energize

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Disaster Survival Products;

You know it’s really bad for the people that call the gulf shores and the Atlantic sea Borg of the United States and other Hurricane ridden country’s home, I mean really bad but they do have one thing going for them the Electricity will come back on in oh, hours, days, weeks, or at the worst, a month or two but they just have to be patient and the power will come back on with a little bit of uncomfortable situation’s no fresh food, no AC, no lights, no anything that runs on electricity.

At least they have their different generators which right along with, windmills and solar panels they are not any good after a Hurricane these acts of mother nature kinda takes care of almost anything standing outside, left in you’re garage, more times than a few, anything on the first floor of your home when one of these waters pushing storms even gets close to the land if it’s not the wind it’s the Heavy down pores they get during these storms or the 10′ storm surges and may I add saltwater just isn’t any good for any of them and the surge will find anything that it can get to.

A Little Help;

So I would believe that whatever you need to survive after these events, that’s right I said after because depending on the storm You should really be taking the beating harts of you’re loved one’s to a safe place inland because everything at home is not in a very safe way.

Of course, I have at least a couple of ideas you might like to hear for the Hurricane/Tornado issues.

  1. Me being a retired welder I would have me a waterproof storage container for the garage built large enough for said generator, lawnmower, you know the very much-needed, very expensive to replace I suggest it is made out of some good old 1/4″ plate steel and painted and mount it to the floor so the wind or water currents won’t move it. saltwater isn’t the best thing in the world for steel either but it takes a hell of a projectile to penetrate it so you’re much-needed disaster survival gears should be safe, sound, and dry waiting on your return.
  2. My next Idea is something you don’t need to worry about having to carry that 10 or 15 gallons of that very flammable and dangerous liquid “Gas” which if the waterproof container does happen to leak instead of a 4 or 5 hundred dollar generator and 10 or 15 gallons of fuel, you might have 10 or 20 dollars worth of hardware if that and possibly shrink the size of your 10 gage steel painted storage box also.

It’s an Electricity Freedom System, now this thing is amazing, inexpensive to purchase the blueprint, considering where you live and what’s lying around that is if you live along the gulf coast or Atlantic Seaborg or where a Tornado has struck the materials may be free lying around but if not, it’s not more than a couple of hundred dollar bills.

Forget the wind, forget the fuel, forget any stream for hydroelectric, this buddy runs solely on yard clipping’s, hay, tree trimmings, compost, now the man that designed this wonderful little electric faucet said he ran his house in a northern Clement for 3 years keeping it a comfortable 77 degrees, with the TV, washer, dryer, lights and all his electrical appliances, this will make them powerless times more comfortable without all the motor noise of a generator and the cost of gas wow say compared to the price of hay and how long it takes for it to use up a bail of hay it said 3 weeks per bail.

To The Extreme;

Without any warning, no Weather Chanel at all, for warnings of storms, Clement changes just No weather Chanel no TV no Lights no Air no POWER what so ever, you look outside to see if you’re neighbors have any lights any street lights traffic lights parking lot light’s nothing you try to call on your friends and family no you’re cell phone but no reception, you try your landline dead, now the worry sets in, so now on this very dark, quiet, and still night you’d be surprised at what kind of sounds are created by electricity most all you’re large lights hum any way you do finally get a little sleep.

==>If You Would Like To Know More It’s Free To Look<==

So when the sun comes up you’ll more than likely want to go for a ride to figure out what’s up, but when you notice your fuel Gage is showing low Gas every store every gas station no power for days no perches of anything unless you have exact change, no internet no fuel that can be had it takes electricity to run fuel pumps. Hay you know maybe this is a town thing lets go to the next town it’s only 5 miles away, you get there and it’s the same no nothing going without power.

Now, this seems a bit drastic, but guess what in my heart, I believe it’s not if, but it’s when the threat of an attack on the United States with an E.M.P {Electro-Magnetic-Pulse} weapon this thing is to be launch at the first country the USA and any country that shows to be a threat like China, Japan, England, any and all supper country’s that has the capability to fight and overcome the aggressor will be hit from most powerful to the least threatening.

So the USA isn’t the only one that should take heed, just probably the first. this will put every nation that is attacked with this weapon will instantly be thrust bake in time to a point of the caveman for most maybe if you’re lucky enough to have horses then you’ll be looking at the time when people rode the first dome staked Horses on the plains of northern Kazakhstan some 5,500 years ago 1,000 years earlier than thought by people who rode them and drank their milk when this happens you’ll end up drinking and eating worst believe me.

It doesn’t have to be a disaster;

How many of you have an electric bill over $100.00? Have you ever had your electricity shut off for non-payment? probably due to not being able to afford the damn thing because most people’s electric bill is usually $150.00 to $200.00 a month and some even more now this can be hard to come up with and there’s your possibility of electrical disruption till the bill is paid now in the summer or winter this is usually devastating, then you’re borrowing money now you’re digging a deeper hole another debt to pay.

Now for just a bit over the price of a 1-month electric bill you can have either very cheap or free electricity, hears where you pay either what a $10.00 electric bill or a payout from you’re a local electric company, yes this is definitely a possibility it’s been done with windmills, and solar panels, I’m sure they don’t care where it comes from {#1-yard trimmings, tree clippings, compost, hay} over {#2 water, wind, sun, nuculer} now I don’t know about you but the first group was much more acceptably cheap, safe, and clean?

==>You Just Need To Know More<==

Let’s talk about clean taking yard trash house compost yard clipping putting them in this amazing device for your electricity opposed nuclear filtering straining and preparing for no issues, wind upkeep, and the possibility of failure now I don’t want one of those propellers flying off at me.

Solar, let’s just give up a little more real estate for these things but guess what these solar panels and this amazing system work on the same principle turning heat into electricity, but definitely cheaper than any of the second group.

In Conclusion;

It doesn’t matter if you want to save on you’re electric bill, to or having a power source tucked away for post-disaster quick power until your expensive power comes on, to a permanent necessity of being hurled into rougher times we once had to endure just like our forefathers.

It is definitely worth the cost, time, and effort to invest in this amazingly portable, and convenient power source.

Leave me a comment and let me know what you think about this post on this Electricity Freedom System,


2 thoughts on A Dark Country 2 Energize

  • Diane January 14, 2021Reply

    Very interesting article! 

    I had heard about using organic composting for some forms of energy but had no idea it was ready for practical use. That may be quite a useful system, especially in some regions.

    We are in central Florida and working toward being solar powered. Florida has its share of potential power outage threats, including thunderstorms and the occasional hurricane. While we do have generators to use, they require fuel. So eventually having solar power, at least for part of our usage, is a goal we are working toward.

    Thanks for sharing this information. I’ll be looking for updates, too.

    • admin January 15, 2021Reply

      thank you for your comment the prairie generate is a wonderful system and when the solar panels get taken down you’ll still have electricity 

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