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About Bill

Raised In An Old Neighborhood Market Family;

Hi, my name is Bill, I’m just a bit backward, I’m what you call riches to rages as a young fella, my Father had 3 Old Neighborhood Market’s Fred’s Foods I had everything I wanted or needed including all the doughnuts and candy a kid.

Could possibly want and a bunch of friends at school bought and paid for, you see I had to walk by the store on the way to school and I’d fill up, man my friends loved me LOL but all was taken away from me in 1970, 2 Men decided they wanted.

==>What Happens Years After Something Like This<==

Dad’s money more than him well Dad didn’t think they did, and put up the proverbial fight, and was shot 2 times at least he lived long enough to tell the man from across the street who they were and which they went


Now in the 5th grade I got up to 205 aggravating pounds, my weight kept going up till high school I wonder why? LOL anyway, it’s right, hear where coach Kazmerski we called him Kaz.

Made me a personal goal of his, That is to help Bill Wright lose weight so I could survive batter no matter what you see old coach Kaz was at one time an Army hero.

And had that old survival Passion oh boy here we go he had the ones he had in study hall he had a survival study group and we studied surviving if we had nothing else to do.

He would give us something to keep us occupied but to me and a couple of the others it was forming a deep desire with driving interest.

==>What Happens Years After Something Like This<==

I took all coaches teaching training to a place where it came in handy you see I lived in a city from 1976 to 1978 that moved from country to the country.

Had a laundry dry cleaner, tobacco shop, a convenience store, and a clothing store 4 restaurants, and an airport the city was the USS America LOL.

This is where I lost the rest of my childhood weight the mess decks the 4 restaurants was like 1/2 the way down the Hangerdeck 6 flights of ladders.

Down and to keep from waiting we would go down and you could bypass the chow line for the salad bar where We would eat peanut butter sandwiches and bug juice Cool Aid usually Green. 

It helped a little.

But when I got out of the best thing that ever happened to me man wish I had stayed in the Navy, anyway I got out and immediately went into the NatonalGuard.

==>What Happens Years After Something Like This<==

Where I met a bunch of soon to be close friends most was Vietnam survivers witch invited me to join their little survival group while we were out on maneuvers.

At the armerie we would get together and discuss and play with survival scenarios and ideas, it really worked in with what we were doing there.

To begin with just a lot more in-depth on different things that are not covered in Army Regs.


To help people to survive God’s will, with surviving disasters natural, man-maid, Biblical, and or living dilemmas  living, and death.

To help teach, train, practice, and supply for surviving before during, and after all disasters and hardships in a fun and interesting way because when any of these go down it’s not going to be fun and or interesting at all.

In Conclusion;

I’m a man that has marketing in his blood fat on his butt and a desire to help people to understand that God didn’t single us out personally this way it’s this way for a reason or purposes you just taking it more seriously than others.

But not to worry you can and will survive all disasters natural, man maid, biblical, and or those personal difficulties if you follow the book I can promise we will have a fascinating time learning, preparing, and supplying for all.

Leave a comment and we’ll visit as soon as I’m back on my site.

All the best,

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