Alternative Electricity Sources for Home, Survival & Camping

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Alternative Electricity Sources for Home, Survival & Camping

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Electricity And Survival Just Seams To Go To Gether;

After The fall Electricity Would Be Nice;

When, and no, not if, when the next world war happens, because The bible says it will be, Magog inhabiting the land known as Rosh, which if you’ll go back and check out alive after the fall  it will explain it all how Maggog is in fact modern-day Rusha,

And when they fire their EMP weapon you’re going to learn what it’s like to live like a caveman but keep in mind that this caveman thing is temporary you will learn how to survive and live comfortably without electricity but believe me when I tell you even if there isn’t any television internet or radio, I do believe that there are other uses that we will have a need for electricity damn a refrigerator, air conditioner, heater, oh there’s probably  DVD’s so believe me When I tell you even if and when this EMP weapon detonates over our great country and makes a dark country out of it.

We don’t have to live like our forefathers from sun up till sundown we can have electric lights and appliances in our homes camping areas or where ever we have the need to shut down for camping or a new home area there is this system I’m about to tell you about the Electricity Freedom System.

It Doesn’t Have To Be A Biblical Tribulation’s;

Like I said anyone that believes in and reads the Bible should have that fear, after all, it’s the most talked about event in the history of mankind the end, the coming of our Father lord,  the PROFOCY.

==>If You Just Need To Know to Check It Out<==

But there’s so much you’ll need, a good source of free, portable electricity, in all cases if you don’t act now or before any disasters it will be too late, good thing most all disasters are temporary except (2) I can think o, the 1st one is the loss of electricity in which is what I’m going to deal with on this post, this system I’m talking about needs no Running water, no generators, no solar energy, and definitely, no radioactive power to run this system the unbelievable fuel that is used to generate electricity in this system is nun other than yard clippings, tree trimmings, Hay, and of course compost.

It’s the  Electricity Freedom System This wonderful system you don’t really need a disaster or an EMP attack to come up with some wonderful ideas on this one, after all, how many of you are paying way too much for electricity now, how many are just flat out tired of the power companies not paying any attention to what they might be doing to the environment. 

Hear Let Me Just Tell You About This;

This friend of mine his name is Rich Lubbock, he has powered his whole entire Home off his for the past 3 years now I’m telling you, he has done this on nothing but a few bags of lawn clippings.

He showed me a new system he has come up with, that was invented in the 1800s which the American settlers used to heat their homes and cook hot meals during the long harsh winters, on the prairie, with this system you can generate enough electricity to drastically chop your electric bill below 2/3rds starting tomorrow while heating a 4 bedroom house heated to a very warm 77 degrees in Illinois.

 And now I’m hearing it, can’t you hear it, it’s the BS radar going off, oh it’s you’re BS radar, I understand that you’re thinking there is no way this is, and can be true, up until a year or so ago you would be justified in your feelings, but thanks to a few simple modifications to this prairie generator, which was thought up by the American Indians and showed to our forefathers.

Providing What’s Needed For Your Family;

Knowing for stone could certainty that no matter if there’s a disaster, an EMP Electro Magnetic Impuls attack, a major Drought, or just a bad storm your family doesn’t have to be without power again.

Now, this is something every American family can afford, in fact before you can finish this post you’ll be pissed at you’re self that you ever put one single dime into money-grubbing greedy power companies, especially here in about 3 minutes when I give you the instructions on how to set up this amazing Prairie Generator for less than a couple hundred dollars.

And how to fuel the whole thing with nothing but grass, sticks, hay, weeds, wood, or even the leftover vegetables from last night’s dinner, all in all, this simple independence will take you all of 3 hours to assemble, the design is so simple I promise that even an 8-year-old child can assemble this on their own so please pay very close attention for the next few minutes.

Please make note of the easy construction instruction’s I give you, and a smile to you’re self as the next time one of you’re friends or family members turns the old thermostat up to their comfortable 78 degrees, or leave the lights on overnight just think absolutely 0 stress, anger, or worries about the cost of these over sites, you are hardly out anything just a little pocket change.

==>If You Just Need To Know to Check It Out<==

You know honestly, I’m excited for you, you have joined the 72,6556 Americans that already use this exact same energy generating method to save on their electric bill the Electricity Freedom System 

 People like Stu Henderson, of St. George Utah, 

Who writes “At first, it was hard for him to believe that the only things he needed to power his home were already in his backyard, he said he was pretty stingy when it comes to his energy use, and he didn’t think it would be possible to get his bill much more than the $120 or so per month he typically paid but after watching this presentation, however, he was so impressed with my system that he decided to try it for himself. And all he could say is WOW.

Not only were my building instructions incredibly easy to follow, but the finished product really works. he couldn’t even tell me how good it felt to open his first energy bill after building this, and see that it was just for a measly $17! every month since then, he has saved at least $100.00 on his power bills each month, and he couldn’t be happier. thanks so much for putting this information online for people to see!”

And Larry Hardwick, of Fort Collins, Colorado, 

Who says, “Every single winter he would find myself getting in fights with his wife over the thermostat settings. his wife even went so far as to call it “cruel”, a few times, which really hurt. but while he hated seeing her so miserable, the reality was that they simply couldn’t afford to keep the temperature in their home above 67 degrees, since watching my presentation, however, all of that’s changed. Using the simple system I told them about, he was able to heat his whole apartment without spending a single penny on gas.

Now, he keeps the thermostat set to a toasty 74 degrees and his wife is THRILLED that she no longer needs to wear a jacket while she’s cooking dinner. and he’s thrilled that they’re no longer fighting and that he was able to provide such an effective solution!

Thanks, Rich!”

There’s just a couple out of a thousand stories from across the country EVERY MONTH! not just one, now I know your curiosity is exploding at this time, and you are dying to know exactly how this simple system works like yesterday.

Let’s Get Down To Brass Tacts;

So, let me go ahead and tell you who this man is, and why he knows the secret of electricity freedom, while dramatically cutting you’re electric, and gas bill’s and doing it with nothing but a few garbage bags full of grass

Well Like I mentioned earlier his name is Rich Lubbock he is 56 years young and he lives about an hour outside of Chicago, in a small town called Naperville, living in Illinois all his life, high energy bills were something they had been dealing with his entire adult life like $220.00 or more a month just to keep his home warm, and cool during their hot muggy summers.

Here Let Me Share This Story With You And It’s A True Hart Smasher, 

He said he had always just accepted that this is the way it is, in the winter of 2011 however, all of that changed, when what had, up until then, always been just a thing to deal with but this time he had a gut-wrenching crisis that drove him to tears,
They had just been hit with the first major winter storm of the season, and this damn thing had more than 5 feet of snowfall in about 24 hours, howling winds that were sustained at about 30 mph, with gusts of up to 50 mph.

Now that’s nothing out of the norm for Illinois in late November but this time, it was different, the gale-force winds ripped down the power lines in their neighborhood, and he suddenly found that they were without power, their house was getting cold FAST, and to make matters worse, his wife Lynn was 8 months pregnant at the time, with their first daughter.

He tried calling the electric company on his cell phone to find out when the ower would be restored, but all he got was a pre-recorded message saying that they were “aware” of the problem and that it could between 48 and 72 hours before power would be back online.

==>If You Just Need To Know to Check It Out<==

Unsure what to do and feeling helpless to protect his family, he went to the bedroom to see if Lynn his beautiful wife was okay, but what he saw made him freeze in his tracks, Lynn was lying on our bed, wrapped up in almost every blanket they had in their house, and she was shivering and shaking uncontrollably the warm tears that ran down her cheeks quickly turning cold.

He rushed to her and wrapped his arms around her in a futile attempt to give her what little body heat he had, and that’s when she said the words that made his heart stop, “The baby,” she said. “She won’t stop kicking. I think she’s cold, as he moved his hands down to Lynn’s belly, the tears began to stream uncontrollably down his face Lynn’s stomach was FRIGID, and sure enough, he could feel the child kicking desperately in her mommy’s belly.

“Honey, do you think she’s shivering? 

his wife whispered and it was the single most devastating moment of my life, he felt like such a failure, he felt POWERLESS because there was nothing he could do to protect the ones he cared for most in life, and he felt angry, angry that he’d let his family get into this position in the first place.

Angry that he was Completely Dependant on an electric company at all for his electricity, and angry at HIMSELF for being complacent for so long while just “taking it” as those penny-sucking energy cartels bled him and his family dry, he decided right then and there that he would NEVER put his wife, son, or soon-to-be-born daughter in that situation again, and when the power was finally restored, about two days later, he immediately began researching every single energy-alternative he could find.

Because clearly, relying on the electric company wasn’t a choice anymore. Not only did their power lines always seem to go down during bad storms but they’d been absolutely PRICE GOUGING him for more than a decade, just like their doing to you and everyone else and laughing all the way to the bank as they scooped thousands of hard-earned dollars right out of everyone’s pocket.

Immediately Look At Alternatives;

So, he began to immediately look at alternatives that would help his family escape big electric’s monopoly on your safety, he considered buying a heavy-duty generator it would certainly be a good backup power source, and he did research this option pretty intensely.

But to get a really good, and high-quality generator, something that could provide enough energy for his entire home, he was looking at, at least a $1,000 investment, and that wasn’t including the cost of gas, which is still REALLY high and paying $3.40 a gallon simply didn’t make sense to him even today with gasoline down to $2.50 a gallon, If you were to try and power your home full time with a generator, you’d need to use about 90 gallons of gas per month, at a cost of around $220.00 to do it.

Plus, it’s not like he wanted to store 90 gallons of gasoline anywhere in his home anyways! so, realizing a generator wasn’t a real option, he began looking at solar power, now we’ve come a long way when it comes to developing solar cells and they really can be effective but, in a place like Illinois, where it can be overcast for a month straight during the winter, depending on the solar panel was still shaky at best.

Plus, to have panels professionally installed would have cost him $11,000  money he CERTAINLY didn’t have lying around, and trying to get a DIY solar kit also seemed useless, why? because not only did they cost in the neighborhood of $500.00 to $1000.00 dollars.

Almost Every Review;

Almost every review he read said it rarely put out more than 20% of the energy that they’re manufactured advertised, this left him with only one option if he was going to make sure he never let his family down again, and to get them energy-independent forever, he was going to have to create his own solution, something that wouldn’t cost so much money, and that he could build IMMEDIATELY, without a bunch of complicated parts or technical skills required so, he locked himself in his study, sat down in his favorite reclining chair and put his mind to work, he realized that if he was going to really get the answers he was desperate for, he’d need to start thinking outside of the box. 

Fortunately, as a professional researcher in the field of renewable energy, he did have more resources at his disposal than the average person, and over the years he’d studied and tested a LOT of renewable energy sources, including some pretty zany things that most people had never even heard of or even seen before.

For example, a year ago they studied how urine could be turned into an energy source, and even though that might sound super bizarre and stinky but, today, everyone from the Department of Defense to entire villages in Nigeria is using urine generators to create a no-cost energy supply, of course, while something like this might actually work pretty well for creating a small amount of energy.

==>If You Just Need To Know to Check It Out<==

There was no way it would power his four-bedroom home and even if it could have, there was ZERO chance his family would get on board with such a disgusting energy source, so, anyways, while bodily fluids were probably out, he knew there HAD to be a solution out there, and that’s when he remembered one of the strangest experiments they’d ever performed at the laboratory, it was something so simple, you’ll be SHOCKED when this thing starts to work.

But I Realized It Might Just Give Me The Answer;

But he realized it might just give him the answer he’d been looking for Grass no he’s not going to get high LOL, Well ok, not just grass, but also sticks, fallen leaves, weeds, and pretty much any other plant material you could think of, even your leftover food, you’re probably thinking that there’s no way those things could hold the key to energy independence but when he shows his studies on them in the past, the results had been pretty promising.

Let Me Explain Why:

As he probably already knows, all plants require sunlight to grow, and they take this sunlight and store it as energy through a process called photosynthesis, what he may not realize, however, is just how much energy those plants really store, and usually, when a plant dies, or a tree sheds its leaves, or he mows his yard, all of that contained energy simply goes to waste.

Well, a few years ago his boss told him to research what would happen if someone were to capture all of that wasted energy, He’d read about the fact that American settlers on the frontier had used a similar method to heat their houses during the winter, and wanted him to study exactly how effective such a heating method really could be.

And what he’d discovered was shocking, think about it for a second, and you’ll quickly understand why, when you move your lawn, every garbage bag of grass clippings you fill weighs about 30lbs, this is what this means that in theory, that one single bag of grass should be able to power his entire home for an entire day.

Plus, The Grass Is Just One Option;

Because as he looks at this, what he’ll find is that sticks, weed’s, timber, hay, and almost any type of plant material he can imagine CONTAIN’S as much energy, that’s the reason a single piece of wood will burn for such a long period of time and why hay is so easily combustible, In both of these cases, he essentially has an incredibly potent, completely untapped power source just sitting right in front of him.

And, as he started really crunching the numbers, he realized that just maybe, this plant material held the key to the energy independence he was after, so he began spending every waking hour thinking of the best way to build this, As a guy who studies alternative energy options for a living, he had a pretty good idea of the science behind how to get the most energy from plants.

How To Capture That Energy;

But what he didn’t know was exactly how to capture that energy, or easily convert it to energy, so he called up Jim Tellman, who was one of the best engineers in their lab, told him what he was trying to accomplish, shared the humiliating circumstances behind why this was so important to him, And asked him if he would help him draft the blueprints for this simple generator.

Fortunately, Jim is a pretty good guy and a family man himself, and as an engineer, he’s also the kind of person who LOVES a challenge to solve, so every day after work, the two would get together and worked on this project, they both knew that whatever they came up with had to be incredibly cheap to build, and he was also adamant that their system needed to be very easy to build.

==>If You Just Need To Know to Check It Out<==

So that if God forbid something were to happen to him, his wife, or eight-year-old son Christopher could make one without any problem whatsoever, the first several prototypes they made were either too expensive or way too complicated, and more than once, he thought, Jim wanted to wring his neck for being so stubborn about the need for this to be cheap and simple to build.

But finally;

But finally, after more than two months and more than eight different trashed variations, they finally came up with a prototype that SEEMED like it should work, it was about the size of a small letter desk, the only parts required were a little insulation, plywood, a plastic tarp, a dryer vent hose, some adhesives, a cheap thermometer, and some screws.

Combined, these materials cost them about $200 at Home Depot, if they hadn’t been so anxious to build this thing, they probably could have gotten most everything from a junkyard for free, the one thing he really liked about it was that it was incredibly safe, so much more so than anything that runs on gasoline or even biogas.

There was no fire, no dangerous fumes released, no worry about creating a dangerous reaction, instead, you simply had to place the plant materials you had gathered into the main compartment of the generator, add some water and because of the ingenious way that the chamber has been built the plant material quickly and naturally begins decomposing, giving off an extraordinary amount of heat or energy.

Which is then captured and converted into energy, what was even cooler is that when it came to capturing that energy, Jim created two separate simple converters, one for generating electricity, and the other for generating a safe form of organic gas so anyways, both the gas and electric converters Jim designed to cost about $15 to make.

And they are actually incredibly easy to hook up to your home’s current energy source – even if you’re terrible at building stuff and have trouble plugging in a DVD player to your TV once the two had finally come up with the prototype they were happy with.

The next step;

It needed to be tested to see if it really worked as well as they had hoped thought it would, given that it was the dead of winter, they couldn’t use grass, so, instead, he just went to the nearest farm supply store, paid $5 for a small bale of hay, and had his boy Christopher help him put it outside in their storage building then, he simply put a few pounds of the hay into the system’s compartment.

Added a gallon and a half of water, and plugged the generator into the inlet switch on his breaker box. It Worked Absolutely Incredible! The system went to work immediately breaking down the hay, and because of the brilliant design, of Jim’s all of that energy was immediately captured, supplying a steady, robust supply of electricity right into his home, within a few hours, he had the thermostat set at a comfortable 77 degrees.

And not only was there warm air pumping through all the vents, but they were running the refrigerator, the dishwasher, the television, and all of the lights in their home with no problem AT ALL, in truth, he almost couldn’t believe how simple all of this was, I mean to say is with several hours’ worth of energy being contained in each pound of hay, that one single $5 bale of hay was giving him enough energy to power his home for almost an entire week, for the total month of January, they ran the heat at 77 degrees and used the same amount of electricity that they always did before.

But rather than pay $220 for their energy bill as they did in the past, their cost for EVERYTHING was just a few bales of hay at $5 each, less than $25 total, and all it had taken him was about 3 hours of his time and about $200 in initial costs! he loved the fact that he was teaching his son Christopher such a great lesson about not being dependent on the government or any corporations, for his safety.

Rich felt so relieved to know that the baby girl that Lynn had given birth to, their beautiful newborn daughter Sarah, would always grow up in a warm, safe, and comfortable home, now, that was about three years ago, and since then, they have saved hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on the electric bill, and this holds true both in the coldest winter months when the temperature can get down into the negative teens.

==>If You Just Need To Know to Check It Out<==

As well as in the hottest, muggiest days of summer, when the thermometer soars past 100, plus, while he used hay during that very first winter with his system, starting in the spring, he immediately began saving all of the grass clippings from when he mowed their lawn, he also collected his neighbor’s grass clippings too, which I’m sure they were more than happy to hand over to him

And collected all the leaves he raked during the fall, so, that by the time the following winter came around, he had enough to never worry about being energy-dependent again as you will if and when you but this amazing system.

In Conclusion;

After much research, I hope that I have found enough information to give you enough knowledge to you, for you to make an educated decision on the purchase of this system so you’re friends and family doesn’t suffer without Electricity after the next disaster no matter it is natural, man-made, or Biblical my friend it’s a no brainer.

You buy this amazing system, you’re family and friends or set up with either free or very cheap electricity whenever you’re trying to save money on the electric bill, Camping, Disasters, or the Wars as long as there’s a field of weeds or a forest full of tree’s, of a neighborhood full of neighbors willing to give their leaves and tree trimmings you, you’re family, and friends won’t be without power.

I can only hope that I have impressed on you the importance of buying this system before said disasters, and EMP attacks because when one of these events happen it’s going to be too late due to no power or internet, and if it’s an EMP attack the making of power and internet is going to a norm for many years, so it’s like this you buy the system while you have the two power and internet because then when the USA becomes a thing from the neanderthal days you, my friend will at least have power for your homework shop tent or whatever you’ll need power for.

Leave a comment with any concerns, or ideas and I’ll get back

Thank You 

Bill Wright


2 thoughts on Alternative Electricity Sources for Home, Survival & Camping

  • Aly May 4, 2021Reply

    Interesting ideas about electricity sources for home and survival. After an extended power outage a few years back, I started becoming more interested in what I might need at home or while traveling for emergency power. I found a fantastic solution that allows you to burn waste (twigs, etc) as fuel to charge small devices. It’s not enough to power a home, but it’s a lifesaver when you need a charged phone to contact friends, family, or emergency services. Hopefully, this will be enough to manage my power needs for a while!

    • admin May 5, 2021Reply

      well sir go ahead and check my portable electric system It puts out at least 110 volts 

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