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Alternative Electricity Sources Home;

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Alternative Electricity Sources For Home;

Just a thought we never stop learning from our roots living and traveling on the great Prairie this little contraption is the same generator the pioneers used to heat their cabins and to start fires just supper charged with a modern twist.

I’m just saying for the people especially those enduring individuals from south Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and I hate to be the one that looks at the realistic side of things but it’s not going to do a 180 degree turn around in 2021 IT”S going to be worst you can’t change this overnight it’s not going to happen, I personally don’t know how these wonderful people do this every year.

And last year it wasn’t nearly as bad as it has been this year guess what, I’ll bet next year is going be the worst Dang I hope it doesn’t double in the number of tropical storms as this year did last years doubled in the amount, man You people are trying to revert back to the caveman no power don’t do this try this simple device after all it’s silent, efficient, and simple.

==>This is definitely a need to look and learn<==

I have a perfect source of Alternative Electricity It’s portable enough to put away right after it’s not needed anymore, It’s silent running, no gas or diesel, it cost nothing to run, it may not cost anything to build especially if you’re a collect all or if you have had multiple Hurricanes and there’s a lot of debris just lying around this apparatus cost around $200.00 bought new and the blueprint and step by step directions for an additional $49.00 one time charge that’s right get rid of $150.00 to $200.00 dollar electric bills.


For the cost of 5 bails of hay $5.00 a piece that’s right $25.00 this man set his thermostat and kept his entire home a warm 77 degrees in a northern winter with a refrigerator, dishwasher, television, and all the lights with no problem and he ran it like this for 3 years with this amazing Electric Freedom System You’ve got it right it runs totally of substances like hay in fact it ran for a whole week of off one bale of hay it also runs with yard clipping leaves and compost.

I just know if I had to keep waiting for the energy companies to hurry and get me hooked up how many times in a row EXCUSE ME knock, knock, knock there’s an answer for you resilient people, and the poor workers are pushed to the limit I mean how many times have these guys put this crap back to gather and overcome every one wants them to hurry you can’t blame you it’s not comfortable home at all without Electricity.

==>So Much To Learn<==

So I’m just saying I could see giving everyone a break, give the family the gift of power when everyone else is waiting for the power, and pushing the power companies to hurry up, it’s like 3 or 4 hours of work $49.00 for the book, instruction’s, and service with a money-back guarantee and if you live in any of these areas the people where you’re getting your supplies will more than likely thank you for helping clean up How can you go wrong especially if you like living in these areas come on my friend just think about your peace of mind and you’re family’s comfort and well-being.

In Conclusion;

I’m just saying if I love the area as much as you do, to keep rebuilding over and over and now it looks like over and over 2 or 3 times a season, me I don’t like sleeping, lounging, or watching T.V. without my good old airconditioning yes that’s right the television You can have your power within about 3 hours but just think the next time if you don’t just keep using this amazing idea it won’t take but a few minutes after reoccupying you’re home.

I don’t really see the problem mother nature takes your power and God gives the no ledge to overcome comfortably and regain control of your life without bothering the ones trying to help you, even if you want to go back to paying that bill after the event you store this in a safe dry place and next year its simple pull it out set it up till they tell you’re power is back on then whatever you want to do me I would just keep using the cheep or free power you’re neighbors will love you cleaning their lawn clipping up you knows it’s a small price you ask of you’re neighbors.

Hay Leave me a comment and let me know how this is working for you and or any Ideas I’ll answer in about 24 hours.


William C. Wright




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2 thoughts on Alternative Electricity Sources Home;

  • Kelvin November 4, 2020Reply

    The situation in these states: Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, is just so tragic. The whole process of rebuilding keeps coming up every year due to he damages from the devastating natural disasters that keeps coming every year. I do get your the pint you are trying to make, and I must say you have raised a very crucial point.

    • admin November 5, 2020Reply

      Kelvin you need to go in and read the presentation on this device Making electricity with yard clipping  no sun no water no wind no nuclear waist thank you for you’re comment’s 

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