Artenostro Forester Camo Knife

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Artenostro Forester Camo Knife

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Artenostro Forester UOE II Camo Knife – 5-3/4″ Blade – Micarta Handle;

Here’s a sweetheart of a knife the thing has so many uses in such a simple design any man would be proud to carry this on his side and its Spanish descent just make’s more attractive.

  • Strong and dependable knife; Good for hunting, tactical, and rescue activities. It has a camouflaged design, an impressive blade with notches down the spine, staggered serrations in the rear part of the blade edge, and a ricasso hole. The handle is made of camo green Micarta.
  • The knife’s total length; Is 10-5/8″. Blade is 5-3/4″ long, 1-1/2″ wide, and 3/16″ (5 mm) thick, made of Molybdenum Vanadium MV-58 stainless steel, with 58 RC hardness.
  • Camouflaged; (brown-beige-green) Micarta handle has finger grooves, a lanyard hole, and a steel butt that can be used as a glass breaker. Micarta is a multilayered material made of epoxy resin and linen fabric which has a very good grip and is very durable.
  • Includes; a camouflaged Cordura sheath with an additional small pouch.
  • The cheapest place to purchase; Is Amazon

Limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. to beef up their offer even more and it’s Made in Spain.

In conclusion;

This piece of Tactical artwork can be you’re’s very inexpensive and Artenostro Forester UOE II Camo Knife – 5-3/4″ Blade – Micarta Handle” target=”_blank”>Amazon is the cheapest place you’re going to find the beauty, yes the knife is a work of art but the sheath is very well assembled and rugged-looking to last the better part of a lifetime this is an especially good purchase it serves you for a very long time, and will very good protection.

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