Barnett Hyper Ghost 405 Crossbow, Review

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Barnett Hyper Ghost 405 Crossbow, Review

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Barnett Hyper Ghost 405 Crossbow in Mossy Oak Treestand Camo;

Now hear yea go one Silent Supper getting, Aggressor killing supper machine, can’t find more bang for you’re Buck, in a most discreet way possible let’s go primitive “Yea Buddy”. Now you’re talking.

This is what you get with this silent beauty

  • It comes dressed in; Mossy Oak Tree stands Monochromatic with a complete hunting accessory package.
  • It’s equipped with; A Premium Illuminated 4X32 Scope.One silent sweetheart
  • States; Are a staggering 405 Feet Per Second, with a weight of 7.7 Lbs. Axle to Axle it’s only 17.6″Its overall dimensions are 36.25″ by 20.37″
  • Verry Lightweight; Step thru riser with single bolt assembly and anti-dry fire TriggerTech trigger /Single Bolt Assembly allows for quick and easy setup.
  • Machining; CNC machined aluminum flight track and Pre-Installed String Dampeners make the Hyper Ghost 405 extremely quiet and accurate.
  •  It’s Compatible With; The Barnett Crank Cocking Device.
  • It’s Ready To Track & Hunt; It has three 22″ Hyper Flite Arrows,                       And a Premium 1.5,x 5 x 32 mm  Illuminated Scope, 
  • It also includes; Rope Cocking Sled, & Lube Wax. and it also ship’s to you Mostly Assembled.
  • The most Inexpensive;  Place I’ve found is Amazon 

I just can’t see it, not now and not in another life is this silent work of art the  Barnett Hyper Ghost 405 Crossbow not worth adding into your arsenal, Its lightweight, Hyden, silent, accurate, and deadly for supper or aggressor, I would absolutely recommend that Barnett Crank Cocking Devise especially if any youngmen or Ladies are to be using this silent beauty these beauties can be beast to cock and load.

But after you’re cocked you leave down on you’re a target and unleash the power no one the target, the subject next to him or anyone around him will hear it until it sticks a victim thein they’re quite noisy but its and after noise not like a firearm that noise is during the firing and anyone can find out which way it came from and unless you get and run you’ll be the caught or dead one, these are the reason’s their known as a silent killer.

==>This is a real need to look<==

The only bad part about this weapon is the range compared to a firearm which can be accurate up to and beyond 300 yards, you’re only going to have 50 to 75 yards depending on you’re ability yes indeed like all weapons you’ve got to practice probably az lot the good to all that is it’s not illegal to shoot an arrow in any city limits and if there was guess what no one will hear so it doesn’t matter.      

You will find the accuracy may not match a rifle but you put it up next to a pistol or bow and arrow the accuracy will not be surpassed, especially if you’re in a concealment situation.

In Conclusion;

For all that comes with this package, it’s a no brainer a Mr. Obviouse a flat out NEED to get this, believe me, there are a bunch more expensive Riggs out there that’s not as precision maid not as accurate, and doesn’t come all this beauty comes with so it definitely worth you’re money.

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William C. Wright

2 thoughts on Barnett Hyper Ghost 405 Crossbow, Review

  • Riaz Shah November 4, 2020Reply

    Oh my god I’ve been looking for crossbows everywhere, never knew people still use them! And there I was thinking people prefer hunting rifles more. Crossbows are the ones for me, not only is it silent, it’s also classy and has a sense of medieval vibes to it. 300 yards is an amazing distance, Barnett Hyper Ghost 405 here I come! 😀

    • admin November 5, 2020Reply

      Oh Please  be my guest I’ll more than glad to sell you one there might be a time you’ll need it for protection also thank you for the comment  

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