Become A Pressure Point Fighting Expert Reviews

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Become A Pressure Point Fighting Expert Reviews

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It doesn’t matter if you want just a few quick self-defense moves for if you were out with your friends and Mr. Jerk tries to upset the fun you’ll have enough knowledge and training to take care of the issue I’ve been studying it and that free class they show you the course, you can very easily take care of the issue with just a little practice for the fluid movement.

Or if you want the knowledge to take care of even the better fighters with less effort than all other styles of fighting those pressure points are very effective for self-defense and in the ring, you can put a man down with very little effort in the right spot.

Or Mr. Stutely can teach and train you to be the teacher, he’s got it all it’s a need to check out I, sorry you owe it to your self to at least try the free class to see if it’s even for you I couldn’t see why so come on in and get more protected’

Become A Pressure Point Fighting Expert

  • Hay it’s an online self-defense course
  • It comes with more in-depth courses
  • Taught by Auther Trainer off the UK’s top self-defense teachers Russell Stutely
  • World leader in Pressure Point Fighting OFCM International Coach
  • PPDT International Instructor       
  • World Combat Hall Of Fame
  • Martial Arts Hall Of Fame
  • 6th Dan Karate Jutsu
  • 4th Dan Ryukyu Kempo Karate
  • 3rd Don Tirit Jutsu
  • 1st Dan Ju Jutsu
  • Boxing Coach
  • Great for people that want to survive but might not have the Agility
  • The course is set up so anyone can understand
  • This course teaches very quickly how to defend against attackers

Take Your Martial Arts And Self Defense Skills To New Levels, Overnight

It doesn’t matter how old you are how out of shape you are, You’re not Unseen In fact you’re more of a target for Robbers, Attackers, Molesters, and Predators over a dozen other Dangers out there in the new world we’re creating for our selves.

Hear yea go with the survival instinct kicking in, there’s a lady getting attacked, and guess what you’re prepared to become a hero, you can actually yell git the attacker’s attention and put his ass down with little to no exertion.

Russell is going to show all the blocking and attacking procedures to put anyone down to their knees with as little force as possible not to say that you should go out and dress like supper man or the But man but you will be able to take care of.

==>It never hurts to be self pertected<==

You’re self as well as your family and yes possibly a stranger in need of assistance, remember the body has these points all, over it that you can utilize to protect yourself, your family, your friends, and any good Samaritans in danger.

After, all the crap goes down

After all the crap goes down, there’s no water or very little water you can find isn’t fit for human consumption or. wildlife to lady in defensive movelive on hypothetically you had a small reserve for your family and pets out in your shop something wakes you up,

You go outside and damn there’re some fellas taking your water reserve, yes water can and will be under people’s sights when it’s as valuable as oil or it can work the other way after a while without the liquid of life, you find some but theirs.

A thief taking your water bummer, but now you can take care of problems because you done jumped into some free pressure point defense. And liked it so much you had to check out the rest of his training, I’ve just started the free training.

Self and only had time to look through half of it, and it’s pretty complete training for a beginner to be able to take what training you’ve got and take it out and defend against an attacker if you study and practice what the man is teaching you.

If you don’t practice

Know if you don’t practice it won’t be like a reflex or fluid-like, it and anything you do in the way of self-defense needs to be fluid, so train, train, and more training will help, but what I’ve Sean you’ll have the advantage, its called the element of surprise.

==>Check out the training Russell has laid out for free<==

I Will show you the moves to put the attacker down on the first shot, which will give you time to either set up to finish him off or get ready or flee away, this is the suggested next maneuver until you’ve got it down better you know what I mean fluid.

In Conclusion;

It’s a no brainer, you’ve got a course to start free it shows you maneuver can perform and protect yourself, I mean right up front, Plus all the other training you’ll need to become a Pressure Point Master with this most cost officiant as any self-defense course is.

2 thoughts on Become A Pressure Point Fighting Expert Reviews

  • Teboho Lekhanya October 2, 2020Reply


    Thanks so very much for this very important and well articulated lesson!

    This is one of those articles that I have read and felt, “I wish I had come across this article 15 years ago!” Not because I have had to defend myself physically in that time period. In my case rather, the predators I came across 6 times over, were carjackers that I simply outdrove. But I would definitely have found it easier to learn the lessons as a younger man. I know you said minimal force is needed, but youth energy beats everything!

    Also, at that time I was involved teaching young people, especially women, self-defence. I had to rely on instruction from other people, which was not always forthcoming. The online courses would have made my work so much easier!

    Warmest regards.

    • admin October 3, 2020Reply

      First off thank you for the comment and let me tell you you hit one of these areas it will take the fight ought of anyone it’s the anatomy thing it’s powerful even more so than the toughest young man 

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