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Best Dog To Have

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The Best Dog To Run With

Man, this could be the decision; 

The decision of a lifetime would depend fully on your personality, lifestyle, and the circumstances needing this dog, you know like if you’re just an outdoor enthusiast, this could break down into a number of ways if you’re a camping person the companion you chose should in my eyes not be too aggressive, enjoy the activities you will be enjoying if you like to hike or swim the dog would need to stay close be obedient and not run off or bother other individuals, a dog that would enjoy the water would be ideal.

This dog that would enjoy water would also be just flat out wonderful for a person that enjoys hunting birds like any of you’re retriever’s I’m partial to Goulden Retrievers, someone needing a dog for hunting other than waterfowl doesn’t always have to enjoy the water there’s probably a dozen breeds that make wonderful hunting dogs without being a water dog we’ll just go there for a better definition like the poor old bloodhound although definitely not an indoor dog unless you don’t mind dog snot everywhere just saying these guys have allergies or something they enjoy outdoors more anyway.

==>If You’re Curios Check This Out<==

Or If you were a rancher, there’s a whole herd of working dogs you’re Blue Heller just for one, but if you’re needing protection or guarding the there are a few of these guys around like Pit Bulls well bulldogs in general, German Shepherds, just to mention a couple but you know the most loyal hound of them all is the Hines 57 or (Mut) don’t you know it they will usually follow, swim, hunt, and protect.

Protect This Bring’s On New Meaning;

This category is pretty much on most Dogs agenda if their loyal they will protect there are dogs out there that aren’t worth a flip for the protection thing, but I don’t know, to take my personal dog I had rescued 9 years ago, her name is Bella shes a Manchester terrier and she afraid of everything except people knocking on the door and CAT’s OOOOh she no like just tolerates, now obedient man I can take this little dog into Lows and she will follow on my left heel without any lead at all, her best and most valuable trait if you learn to listen to it and forget she’s a little dog because she can tell what’s going to happen in the future shes proved it.

The wife and I had just bought this Jeep Grand Cherokee, we went out to the local lake, got to hankering to go for a swim well there were about 100 yards of blistering sand, she was on medication that she wasn’t really permitted in the sun so we figured JEEP! no blistering sand, and shade YEAH BUDDY!!.

So there it went well drive all the way to the water, my wife, my little dumb dog, and me, it turned out perfect the wife and I went swimming for about 1/2 an hour the dog was running up and down the beach, she hates the water I think she was chasing bugs or something, but she stopped looked around ran over to us, we were about 100 yards out in chest-deep water.

The Fun Began;

She went to running around acting like she wanted to go Jan my wife asked if I wanted to go that the dog must be tired I said just a few more minutes like a kid, we finally got ready got out of the water dried offset down in the jeep was getting ready to leave and all of a sudden a knock on my window, a lake patrol, damn it, you see Me being that almighty brand new Jeep owner can go anywhere it doesn’t matter didn’t even think once there are no mother vehicles off the given road.

Well after a $230.00 dollar driving on the unestablished road’s I learned to listen to that stupid chicken poop dog, apparently shes clairvoyant, as I believe in my heart most dogs are but you have got to get to that communication level to hear or understand it’s like any foreign language, the more you’re around it the more you learn, so the best way to learn dog language get one of the damn things and fall in love with it train it and just flat out get to know that animal.

==>If You’re Curios Check This Out<==

Please make the proper decision don’t get a dog and lose, abuse, or neglect this poor animal, or the only loyalty you’ll get is the poor old dog running away if possible or flat out turning on you and if that’s the case so be it you should have given the poor dog the attention it deserved, just look there are as many hero dogs almost, as hero soldiers, and or police just ask a dog handler in the armed forces or the police force I’m sure they would tell you if you love, care, train, and just flat out spend time with any dog they will turn in to the most playful, protective, and loyal companion you’ll ever have.

Dogs Are Great Survival Companions;

Why wouldn’t a dog make a survival companion, they are by the very word used and loved by many, people that hunt people that have needs for guardians like salvage yards, retirement homes like to have dogs in the facility because dogs are just flat out good for you emotions, traveling companions baby sitters, retrievers you know go get my sneakers boy, you know retrievers LOL, whoops I don’t think our Lord and Savior won’t agree and I dang sure don’t agree either but it happens, Husband’s, Wives, or Lover’s yes I meant holy matrimony, or relations without yes to a K9 and oh yeah there’s really sick oh’s out there, that is actually doing this, Damn why did I write that I cant unwrite this any better than you can unsee it but if Hell breaks loose you’re liable to see anything.

All BS put aside, the correct K9 Companion, during a survival episode like storms, homeless, droughts, civil conflict, invasions, or the final world war III, which has been mentioned during this conflict the enemy will use a new weapon, an EMP attack an Electro-Magnetic Pulse that will be launched and detonated miles above our great country putting every electrical source the united states has out in the dark for a very, very long time like decades or indefinitely for it is said whoever survives all this will be of the chosen ones.

==>Hear Just Go CheckIt Out<==

Let me see the best dog to run with, as you can see this is as personal as which woman should I marry for sue and for certain because there might, or will come a time you’ll have to rely on your K9 companion, literally with you’re life either due to attackers or that amazing 6th sense they all now seams but definitely have.

Judge by what’s happening;

You know what’s happening is very important to the extent that, if there are shortages of food, no electricity, the possibility of unfriendlies yes I said unfriendlies, after all, you’re in a survival site so bear with me OK!!! this is important because it’s kinda how I internally pick my personal favorite best suited for SURVIVAL.

I have 2 leading dogs why because I love doges even as much as I love dogs My little Manchester terrier will not cut the trick at all like I mentioned she’s wonderfully clairvoyant but she is afraid of a stick shuffling in the grass. well go second to first and you’ll see my Delima I could and would be very comfortably safe with either one I think a German Shepherd or a Golden Retriever, is my 2 choices.

I believe I would choose a golden retriever over the german shepherd, simply because the retriever will; be so much better at helping to gather and hunt for food, where I believe if there are unfriendly shoulders involved the german shepherd will be a better choice if you have that choice, I know there’s probably not 1 person that will follow or heed my warnings that what I have in my site you can get is so important that you really shouldn’t be too late if there’s an EMP attack No power, No internet, no mail system, no fresh food, no transportation, now law enforcement.

When You’ve Waited Too Long;

When you’ve waited too long unless you’ve had your dog which is the best option in this case scenario because this means you’ve given your companion some thought and chose what you feel will be the best for you you’re family and friend around you, but for the most part this isn’t going to be the case probably you’re not going to have this tool, protector, hunter, COMPANION.

You’re going have to deal with oh no not the stray,  you bet don’t get your panties in a wad got to think, it’s already been there like it’s already been living in the wild and believe me not if, but when the power is gone for not temporarily but permanently you’ll be living just like that poor stray dog or a caveman so that stray hound and you will probably save each other lives if you can slow down to learn it’s language, and it’s animalistic ways, and pay attention to its clairvoyant outlook on the world and things happening in it.

Safely Finding The Dog That Suits You;

Like I said finding that perfect dog, companion, partner, or whatever you want to call him finding such an animal in the wild can be a sporting event because animals are like humans when they get hungry, threatened they tend to stop playing well with others so, my friend if you’re needing, or desiring a K9 companion, and haven’t had the luxury of already owning 1 or as I say knowing one because I always say my dog is a free will, if it doesn’t want to be here with me then it’s free to leave,

These guys will be everywhere at this time due to just hot haveing a human to call his own, or to eat yes I said eat so be very careful like I said dogs are a lot like humans when they get hungry the worst comes out, there are tails of settlers crossing the Seara Nevadas got caught in an extra bad winter and actually ended up eating their dead as they passed yes even their own children so dogs and humans do have something in common “We don’t like to be hungry

==>If You’re Curios Check This Out<==

So a word to the wise if you’re in need of said companion well go on the hunt the 2 things you’ll need for weapons are a BDS {Big Damn Stik}, and some kind of scraps or if you’ve got it jerky dought you’ll have it unless you got my, The Lost Ways where they share all our forefathers lost knowledge.

This is to calm and make friends with your choice of companion, you’ll be able to tell if you’ve got one that will accept you’re friendship offering if not that’s what the BDS is for.

In Conclusion;

Well, in conclusion, I’ve given you all I can think of to help you make up you’re mind rather you should, or need,  like, or even deserve a loving, loyal, protective companion, such as a dog.

Like I said earlier dogs or like humans and if you starve, harm, or in any way abuse a dog you run a very high possibility of this dog turning and attacking, but You Feed, love, train and pay attention to any dog they will serve you the best and only way they know this is why you have got know what you and the dog is needing like you don’t want a Chawawa to perfect, not but you’ll have good warm feet do you see what I mean about the right dog for the right job.

So My advice to you is to get your dog now, so you’ll have that pick of your idea of the right dog because when it happens it’s too late.

Please leave a comment on what you thought and any ideas and I’ll get back ASAP.

Thank You,

Bill Wright

2 thoughts on Best Dog To Have

  • Anna May 10, 2021Reply

    I really enjoyed your article. I love dogs, so no wonder anything to do with dogs I will enjoy. I myself have a tiny chihuahua, and he makes me run when we go for walks, even when I don’t want to. Nothing breaks my heart more than seeing a dog with people that is not a good match.  You really do have to do your research and analyze your lifestyle before making the big commitment. Thank you for spreading the awareness through your post.

    • admin May 10, 2021Reply

      You, my friend are very welcome I feel in my heart if the worst happened the dog would be there for your protection, help you hunt your food. and gives you comfort and companionship when all the humans are either dead or fighting for each other’s possessions.

      Thank You,

      Bill Wright 

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