Buck Folding Pocket Knives/Sheath Review

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Buck Folding Pocket Knives/Sheath Review

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Vintage Buck 110 Folding Knives

Vintage Is An Understatement;

This beauty was originated in 1902 and has survived the test of time over and over again, it’s one of the things that you pass on to the son if you know what I mean, it’s a knife you carry all the time you’re everyday tool be it home, camping, hiking, or surviving any and all disasters it’s versatile enough that you can pull it out with one hand and flip it open and the care of business be it cutting rope, string, plastic wrap, and even whitling on wood this fine knife comes with a razor-sharp edge and holds these edges for a very long time.

Buck 110 Folding Hunter Wooden Pocket Knife Knives;

Brand;  Buck

Knife length;  4 78 inches {closed}

Price;  The best price you’ll find is Amazon at $83.99 with savings of free shipping

Color;  Brown, with a black sheath

Weight;  A very manageable 7.2 ounces

Blade Material;  High Carbon 420Hc Stainless Steel

Handle Material;  Macassar Ebony Diamond Wood

This amazing sidearm is made in the good old USA It comes with Knife, Box, and a genuine Black Leather Belt Sheath this thing is well worth the price others of this caliper up in the 100’s of dollars range.

My personal thought’s;

A knife like this beautiful Buck 110 is every day where kinda knife at home, work, shopping, camping, hiking, surviving any and all disasters, and self-defense, it probably won’t be tolerated nowadays but as a high schooler I wore my buck 110  from my junior high school all the way through High school I was about 14 years old, but I believe it’s probably different know days.

My personal thoughts are this way, every man or woman if she wears any knives 🙂 needs more than one This knife is definitely you’re every day every use kinda knife in fact it gets groups of stars and when you go out camping, hunting, or hiking and you put your Handmaid Survival Knife, well as wonderful as this knife is it’s an add-on to the buck 110  so basically, you’ll have your buck 110 on you’re dominant side and the Handmaid on the backside it’s an as-needed knife, an add-on to the Buck 110.

  ==>Please Treat Your Self And Check It Out<==

My other personal thought is the purchase of this Buick 110 with Black Leather Sheath is a no-brainer this beautiful knife will definitely last much longer to be passed from you’re son to his son and so on as long as you take care of it this is personally proven fact.

In Conclusion; 

I’ve tried my very best to give you the most comprehensive informative review of the Buck 110 “Pocket ” knife to give you all the information to let give the most intelligent purchase this year and to let you know that you war getting your money worth I know this because this work of art has survived the test of time from 1902 on and on till 2021 wow now this is history.

Leave a comment and let me know if you have any interest I might get for you, and suggestions, or concerns I’ll get back to you quickly.

Thank You;

Bill Wright




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