Catastrophic Mega Droughts Defined

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Catastrophic Mega Droughts Defined

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Mega Droughts

They’re not just rumors you know;

I’ve been doing a lot of studying on this topic every one thinks automatically about the west coast when we talk about long-lasting droughts, yes the drought that the Beautiful state of California is a very significant one but the mega-drought that yes even what NASA has been studying will put this to shame.

You see as it stands right now the droughts we’ve got going is from the top liquid water table which is supplied by the top, the surface feeds by the ones that are hurting the natural water supply, Rain, snowfall, Earths natural means of resupplying the natural water supply that we have been taking for granted for oh a couple of hundred centuries because why because no one understands fully what’s truly going on.

An Effort To Explain;

Let me see, now as all the population takes their bathes washes their cars, waters their lawns, and let’s not forget all the oh so important pool filling now a hundred years ago this didn’t matter but now that there so many people so much damage to our climate, the Ogallala Aqwafer Americas largest source of underground water. supply is taking its hits also now my friends if this Ogallala Aqwafer dries up.

==>If You Have Any Questions Check This Out<==

 You won’t have a stream to enjoy it might have some stagnant puddles to look at if there had been any rain in the last months, the history of the earth, and its inhabitance when there isn’t any water to be gotten when things start looking like a desert people will start stealing, and yes even killing each other just for a drink of this life-sustaining fluid there has been accounts hear recently that when there’s a long drought there will be civil wares, and conflicts everywhere don’t think this won’t happen it already has like with the Syria civil war this war broke out due to their country slipping into a supper drought.

When There’s No Water;

When there is no water, disease runs rampid due to not being able to clean yourself or the food you’re having to foredge for out of trash cans because with no water there are no crops, and no livestock unless you’re the rancher or a farmer if there are any crops at all you can actually eat your own wares like the cattle or the crops but you can only eat so much of you’re own cows and crops why? because everything is dying from lack of water and after they die and lay in the sun the meats not going to be any account after just a bit but the vultures and coyotes will enjoy the heck out of it until they die of lack of water. 

Don’t even think that if the ones that have wells or going to be ok, when the Ogallala Aquifer drys up, the wells cant be deep enough because what you’re drilling for is dry the Ogallala Aquifer which is Americas largest and main water table, and when it drys up what are you going to do, please set there for a minute and think about it, our forefathers had to go through this adjustment back in the day and stop and think about just what would you do? 

Just What Would You Do?

You’ve got to find suitable drinking water and all you’re getting out of you’re faucet is like yuck dirty, rusty, and smelly so you know if your’re faucet water is looking like this so is everyone else’s Ah you have a friend that’s on well water so you go to visiting, only to find out that they had woke up to a dry well, the lakes look like ponds and the ponds has dead animal’s laying in them so now just what are you going to do? I do have a plan, an idea, a solution for the problem.

What would you say if I told you that I had a system that could supply as much as 50 gallons of water a day without Well’s, running water, bottled water, streams, lakes, ponds, or any of that I, know you’re saying WHAT???? How can a system supply 50 gallons of water with no obvious supply in like an inline from said streams, lakes, wells? or whatever what does it suck water out of thin air or something? 

Well, Yes It Does Ha;

Yes, my friends I have found a device that will do just that suck water right out of thin air at a rate of around 50 gallons a day, and furthermore, it doesn’t matter where you’re at from the tropical rain forest the Painted desert of Arizona, the funny thing about it is the US military, Syrian Military and a few more military use this technology for these water-starved areas no one really knows about this technology, why because number one the machine they use to do this operation cost tens of thousands of dollars to build and is very bulky to move around and if they let you know about it then they would lose so much revenue through bottled water, filtration plant’s, and water distilleries.

==>If you Just Need A Little More Intel Check It Out<==  

Well my friends I have found the ideal System discovered by John Gilmore which is a specialist in survival he’s from Arizona where they been in a drought for about the last 10 to 15 years, he had a confrontation over their water reserve there were 2 men loading their water supply up in drums he had a perfect shot and before he could put his rifle to his shoulder BAM he was struck from behind and knocked him out cold when he woke up in a pool of his own blood with his loving wife over him he couldn’t believe that it had come to this over “water“, wow he had to come up with a solution and come up with one quickly, after a bit the man has come up with one hell of a solution it’s this Portable Water Generator.

This thing is small enough you can set it up anywhere, although it does need a small bit of electricity an extension cord from you’re house, a gas power generator, your cars lighter, a campsite with electricity, or I do have a system that would help greatly it’s called the Portable Electricity Freedom System.

==>If You Just Need To Know, Check It Out<==

It makes no difference where you get the electricity at home would be the best that way you could use this Portable Water Generator. to supply your home with 50 gallons a day of the freshest cleanest water you will ever put in you’re mouth, just think you would be the wealthy one you could sell the blueprint or you could sell your services to either put one together for you friends and family or flat out, sell your extra water to them.

In Conclusion;

It makes no difference if you just want to save on you’re water bill or stop poisoning our planet with all those plastic water bottles add to the multitude of trash piling up in our oceans, along our highways, and or the lakes and rivers, and when it finally arrives the Megadrought you, my friend will be very happy you bought into this amazing Portable Water Generator. system and this megadrought will come after all if NASA can put people on the moon back in the ’70s you know with all the satellites NASA has surely they can make an educated prediction on the fact that a Megadrought is well on its way damn it man just Listen to the weather channel, they’re even predicting bad droughts are coming.

All in all, I believe this day and age the way things are going it always seems like the old water supply and our electric supply is always under attack either by mother nature or any bad aggressors after all those are the two main things that will be hit if attacked, but it’s the water our water table is under attack by global warming which creates less rain and snow and more evaporation, which brings on more water use by humans so “It’s Coming and there’s not anything anyone of us can do IT’S too late.

In the Americas 1000 years ago or so it there was nothing but one great big desert from the last megadrought and at that time the Americas was uninhabitable due to no water tell you what go in and check it out it’s free to look Mr.Gilmore exs[plains it all very good and offers you chances to buy this amazing system if you’re interested, the Portable Water Generator, come in and check it out.

Leave me a comment with ideas and concerns 

Thank You,

 Bill Wright


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