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Clean Water For Camping- survival water

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There are hundreds of ways to get drinking water out of mother nature from sucking on numerous plants to draining due off of leaves to collecting from streams and boiling it for bunches of minutes and straining, now not all water has to be purified I mean for a limited time you can get away with bathing in a lake or stream even washing dishes in a stream or lake water as long as it’s heated their washed with soap and rinsed with running water as is your butt if you’ve bathed in the lake.

The Importance;

But you have the need to drink, shave, tend to first aid, and yes showers also but showers can be mixed in with the lake or stream bathing after a couple of these you’ll need a shower in reasonably clean water, you’ll just get cleaner, now I have access to a Water Freedom System that will help it can suck water right out of the air you breathe it doesn’t matter where you’re at in the middle of a desert ok, forest ok it makes no difference there’s a given amount of water in the makeup of the air we breathe.

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I mean to say this  Water Freedom System will generate enough water to sustain a working household’s showers, washing dishes, cooking, watering the plants, the animals, come on washing the car? yep right upfront enough water for it all what do you think it will do for a campsite? well, you can drive right by the pay for your water and electric campsites, not even one of those share the water campsite’s and go 100% primitive comfortably as long as you took advantage of the electric system and just in case you’ve missed the post and would like to read it.

Primitive Camping;

Now, this is about as close to survival camping there is, and where you can do the best survival training there is just saying, but this isn’t what this is about, this is about one of the better ways to save money on recreational camping, without a camper  for Moter home which I will write about at a different time right now thus more affordable recreational camping seams to resemble survival camping a bunch but enjoyable,

 ==>You Can’t Lose It Doesn’t Cost To Look<==

Now for those every once in a while clean water showers you’ll need the proverbial elevated storage containers “elevated” in a strong tree or bush that’s taller than the tallest one, or a cliff without he or she will be showering on their knees lol you’ve got to be lower than the shower storage tank’s outlet, this storage needs in a bad way to be in the heat of the sun or its cold showers witch in some cases are wonderful like in those blistering hot days a cool shower is just what the doctor ordered But as far as drinking, washing hands, shaving, or dishes just a container that’s easy to work with lower to the ground, and I guarantee you’ll not get cleaner water than this amazing idea will bring to you, 3 times cleaner than what you’ll get in a paysite with drinking water shared or not or even better than any filtered drinking water.

All The Ideas;

Ideas Oh yea you bet I’ve got groups I will share a few and if you have any others please give me some input where? you ask comment’s I love it Google loves it and you can get what you want.

This system could furnish just in the camp the elevated shower container, a smaller one right into the water deep enough to where the water cools off,  and back up to where you’ll be getting you’re cool drinking water you know let the cool depths cool the clean drinking water right in the line going to the depths, hay hear in the camp you can let your imagination go wild,

But there are uses for this at home, as I said earlier all your household water needs yes even washing the close, this is a no-lose situation even if it doesn’t cover it the savings on your water bill will be phenomenal, there are things hear at play you’re not at all looking at.

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Other More Personal Thoughts;

Hears you a quick one that just passed by in my thoughts, this can happen in any situation after you have the given blue print’s to this amazing device, sell it your self,  you’ll have bragging rites out the rear and the cleanest water in your neighborhood, campsite be it recreational or survival, this can go 2 ways 1 you sell copies of the blueprint or sell you’re services assembling and operating said water freedom system, it’s all up to you, my friend, keep it to you’re self sell or sell hares the thing it’s all under the names of Fun and Survival profitably if wanted.

In Conclusion:

I’ve shared a lot of my thoughts and ideas and yes would really enjoy some comments and intervention from my friends out there you know the ones I’m talking about the interested ones the ones that return and that have been here before the ones that want to check out the merchandise I’ve personally recommended like this water system that will make you live more healthy, costworthy, and in fact possibly lucrative on top of this leave you information and I’ll personally send you new ideas before publishing them.

So please leave me if not you’re name, and email right at the top on the right-hand side, then leave a comment and please myself and google I’ll return within 24 hours.

Thank You

Bill Wright


4 thoughts on Clean Water For Camping- survival water

  • Nektarios January 12, 2021Reply

    That was an eye-opener. After reading your article I came to the conclusion that the water freedom system is absolutely necessary. The water bill savings for instance and the freedom that I can have my own water without being dependant is very important for me. In addition, the fact that this will be my OWN water will give me great satisfaction. I am seriously considering buying the product.

    Thanks for the info Bill

    Nektarios Tsakas

    • admin January 13, 2021Reply

      Thank you for you’re comment sire It would be nice if you were to purchase one of my systems you have a blessed day  

  • Alejandra January 13, 2021Reply

    Thanks so much for sharing a great article to read to know more about how to get clean water for camping clean survival water, one of my sons love to go for camping and he was telling me about the need to carry lots of water when he goes on camping, I got interested on this topic, so I decided to look for some information about this topic, after reading your article is good to know there is a good way to do this without hurting the water source while camping, I will forward your article to my son as I’m sure he will love to read your website. 

    • admin January 14, 2021Reply

      Thank you for the comment and by all means, share my stuff it makes me prowed 

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