Colorado River And Glen Canyon- things need to happen!

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Colorado River And Glen Canyon- things need to happen!

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Colorado River Land Sale;

Hi, Bill Hear;

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The Land Along The Colorado River;

As long as the Southwest reagin looks like an apocalypse has happened, wildfires, Floods, Drought, Heat, and Smoke, I mean it damn sure sounds.

Not liking an apocalypse has happened.this isn’t the norm for the Colorado area, 35 years ago, there was plenty of water.

The climatologists may have predicted the arrival of these extreme events but I do admit it, but their predictions.

Have come true much quicker, than they expected, although they did pinpoint one.

Thing the impact that the drought and Heat water flows in the Colorado River. I mean it’s been only like 20 years.

Since the climate has changed combined with all the people that have moved into the area is really parched the landscape.

==>Check It Out We Can Help<==

There are all these drains reservoirs in the area there are high concerns of water wars in the reagin, in past history on the earth, this is inevitable when water gets scarce.

The Primitive Comes Out;

One of the largest tourist attractions, of this area, the Colorado River which feeds Lake Powell, which is formed by Glen Canyon Dam.

Is their main target, of this estrained environment, now Lake Powell is the second-largest reservoir in the United States, but in the last year alone.

Its water level has dropped 52 feet and the reservoir now sits at 31.4% full, are you a pessimist, that’s over 68% empty,  the water managers.

Are already imposing cuts in water deliveries, in some states, all their choices are filled with political pitfalls, now I don’t know about you.

But I think everyone should protect themselves from all the political pitfalls, and begin getting their personal water from not  Mother earth.

But from the earth’s pertectert the air.

Water Shortages Affect Power Also;

Now the Glen Canyon Dam isn’t ant different than 99% if not 100% of the dams in the United States has the federal government.

Operating  hydroelectric plant’s that provides cheap electricity, to most parts of the Southwest.

The hydroelectric turbines will stop for lack of water to spin them, to save the lake and generate electricity.

The government needs water, but where will that water come from? 

==>Check It Out We Can Help<==

Now you look Upstream from Lake Powell, in Utah, Colorado, Wyoming and New Mexico are millions of acres of irrigated farms and ranches.

That uses massive amounts of water from the Colorado River before it reaches Lake Powell. If those farms and ranches quit taking water out and instead of.

Run that water downstream.

It Could Save The Electricity;

Your part would and should be installing the Water Freedom System, I’m not liking exactly what’s being done, what happens to all that “Electricity”.

==>Don’t Worry About The Stoping Of The Hydro Electrice<==

The lake and its electricity could be saved. To ensure that outcome, the federal government has hatched a plan it calls “Demand Management”. 

Which proposes, to buy or leis massive amounts of farm and ranch water to prop up Lake Powell, now, on the one hand.

The farmers and ranchers would get paid for the water, and likely paid very well, If I were a rancher who owned water, I’d sit comfortably.

Until the offering price for my water made me even more comfortable.

From What He Said;

On the other hand, lots of people and businesses believe that irrigated farming, ranching, and outdoor recreation are not only central to the region’s economy.

But also to its culture.

==>Check It Out We Can Help<==

Should that economy, and the soul of the Southwest, be sacrificed to save a manmade reservoir and its hydroelectricity?

If farms and ranches are dried up, more water flows down the river. More water in the river benefits fish.

And the environment, but there’s another solution, we can save farms and ranches and instead drain Lake Powell.

Freeing the Colorado River to flow free through 169 miles of a drowned and beautiful place called Glen Canyon.

There’s always the “save hydroelectricity” argument, but it’s an oxy cotten. There are other ways to generate electricity, including wind and solar.

Other Ways To Fight The Water Shortage;

In fact, if you’ve ever stood near Glen Canyon Dam and its hydropower plant, you can’t help noticing that it’s surrounded by millions of acres of dry, sun-drenched landscape.

That would make a great place, for a solar electricity farm, electricity can be replaced, farms and ranches cannot, so the best thing we could do.

Is all households hook into the Water Freedom System, 

==>Don’t Worry About The Stoping Of The Hydro Electrice<==

That way as they grapple with these tradeoffs, it’s important to remember that even lower water flows are projected for the future.

Plus more severe heat and drought, that will become the “new normal” for the Colorado River and the entire region. Lake Oroville, California’s second-largest reservoir.

Now has inactive hydro turbines.

Plenty Of Area For Soler Panels;

Because there’s not enough water to turn them, its dusty lakebed is a harbinger of what’s to come for Lake Powell, so I feel it’s a must.

To also perfect your Electricity, with the Back Yard Revelation, Let’s also remember that Glen Canyon Dam was finished in it and Lake Powell.

Are only 58 years old, the region lived without them before, and can live without them again.

But why worry, while nature is forcing our hand’s, we can simply hook up to the Water Freedom System and the Backyard Revelation.

Now while they are telling us that it’s time to breach the dam, and let the Colorado River run free, is all fine and dandy but if you, take matters into your own hands.

Taking Matters Into Your Own Hands;

Like most officials will tell you not to do, if you get enough family and friends, and their friends and family to hook up to, the Back Yard Revalation and the Freedom Water System.

Would have a very strong possibility of reversing the sporting issues, of the drought, water shortages, and the possibility of losing the electricity.

==>Check Out What Could Be Down There<==  

Although, if they do hook into the Glen Canyon Dam for its valuable water, there are only speculations on the treasures on the bottom of Lake Powell.

In Conclusion:

To show my readers that you matter you can help even something like the Colorado River and the possibility of losing the electricity, when one door closes more opens.

So please listen you need to stop depending on groundwater and the loss of hydroelectricity, by plugging into the Water Freedom System, and the Back Yard Revelation.

==>Don’t Worry About The Stoping Of The Hydro Electrice<==

And from what I saw if you procrastinate on this one you’ll definitely lose out like they are talking about regulating the water you can use, and the Electricity.

When they punch into the Glen Canyon Dam, and the water starts reducing the turbines in the Damn will ceases to spin, so the Electricity ceases to put out Electricity.

So please protect yourself, your water freedom, and your Electricity, from their decision right or wrong just by checking in to the Water Freedom System, and the Back Yard Revelation.

As soon as possible, before your begging right along with the masses.

Leave a comment on issues and Ideas, I’ll get back within 24 hours.

Thank You,

Bill Wright   








2 thoughts on Colorado River And Glen Canyon- things need to happen!

  • KyleStearns August 28, 2021Reply

    Hey Bill, 

    thank you for writing such an engaging article. I am a Colorado resident and had no idea of these issues, or the gravity of the situation. I appreciate you shedding some light on the topic though. I’m going to do my part to try and make my community a better place. Because things need to change sooner rather than later. 

    • admin August 29, 2021Reply

      Remember the best thing to do is to buy my Water  Freedpom System, and get as many of your friends and family as to follow suit and stop using ground water  

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