CREATIVE, XP 2020 Compound Bow And Arrow For All Ages, Review

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CREATIVE, XP 2020 Compound Bow And Arrow For All Ages, Review

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2020 Compound Bow and Arrow for Adults and Teens;

Verry nice Hunting Bow with Gordon Limbs Made in the USA – Fully Adjustable for Women and Youth 30-70 LBS, 23.5-30.5” – 320 FPS Speed – 5-Pin Sight, Quiver  RIGHT

  • It’s Mailed From The United States  By AmazonThe GlassHarrier Compound Bow Kit is produced by CreativeXP, a family-owned business based in New York. now including the arrow rest.
  • The GlassHarrier Right-Handed Hunting Bow; Is unlike other compound bows very easy to adjust, without a bow press and this compound bow keeps its accuracy and consistency, and like the other guys the string and or cam won’t break after a few shotes she is a 100% adjustable between adults and youth without having it and you’re teen to a bow shop. The GORDON Limbs are MADE IN USA and they provide unmatched Power and Consistency for ALL skill levels. The arrow rest is included without any price hike.
  • Shes Compact, Versital And Ready For Action  Right Out Of The CartonSay you want to GET BACK into  Archery, IMPROVE your bow-fishing performance, or just INTRODUCE a loved one to bowhunting. CreativeXP designed the MOST EFFICIENT compound bow for hunting or archery. The cams and modules are 100% Aluminum with Zero plastic to ensure FULL SAFETY and lifetime durability while the high-end strings will squeeze all the speed out of every shot. come and see the difference you’re self.
  • Their Objective Is To Offer  A Quality, Premium compound Bow At Low Prices; As an American based business, all of us use our hunting products so we had designed an archery bow EASY-TO-ADJUST for most skill levels or body weights. With a 30” axle-to-axle length, 7.4” brace length, 30-70lbs draw weight, 75% let-off, 23.5-30.5” draw length, and an IBO rating up to 320 FPS, the GlassHarrier is versatile enough for a beginner archer or a lifetime bow hunter it’s never been easier.
  • A Gift That A Master Can Teach A Beginner With Some Pried;  If you are looking for a deluxe right-hand compound bow kit, that has All accessories included and will get anyone excited, then you are on the right page. As a bonus, the set includes 4 Carbon Arrows, 5-Pin Sight, String Stopper, String Wax, Release Aid, Rubber Stabilizer, Paper Targets, Step-By-Step User Manual, and a Premium Quiver. Be Kind & Make Someone Verry Happy! 
  • This Company; Takes great pride in designing only premium hunting, survival & archery products. 

The CreativeXP GlassHarrier CrossBow is packaged tightly to prevent any damage and all the accessories included are compatible with all Compound Bows. Our US-Based customer service is available via phone/email every day. 110% SATISFACTION OR MONEY-BACK.

Come on now cant you get it, you and you’re partner behind some brush there it is just a touch of wind thank God, he’s about 30 yards over their just off to the north of you guys, you’re buddy levels down on him, and with all the silence you’ll never get out of a firearm and the sound also you’ll never hear out of a rifle the actual sound of you’re arrow tearing through the tissue of you’re prey or enemy it””s quit loud they will never even figure out what just happened before they are dead and with a rife, the report of the round going off is so defining you don’t hear the penetration.

==>Hear Don’t Take My Word Fore It<==

All the other say deer scatter because of the noise of tearing flesh and their leader dropping like a sack of potatoes, and the opposite if you just killed an enemy in a group of them they never hear where it comes from but all they hear is that arrow tearing into their partner but no idea where it came from you have an excellent chance to move before they do figure it out.

And with the accuracy of that 5 pin sight, your kill and supper are sowed up in a handbag with just a bit of target practice, and getting used to this fine work of art you’ll be unstoppable with this CreativeXP GlassHarrier CrossBow.

In Conclusion;

I’ve been around bows most of my life they have always interested me, I haven’t seen a weapon as versatile as this compound bow I mean the way you can go between child and adult without having to take it to a bow shop damn you can go from one setting to another and you won’t need 2 compound bows if you’re out trying to teach the offspring how to shoot a bow and arrow very convenient it is WOW.

I just can’t think of any reason not to purchase this very nice adjustable GlassHarrier CrossBow, in my eyes it’s 2 steps above the competition you’ll be going wrong if you go to purchase anything else, you’ll spend all you’re time at the bow shop and not practicing.

 Come on leave a comment so I can fix, repair, or supply my site with what you want or need 



William C. Wright


2 thoughts on CREATIVE, XP 2020 Compound Bow And Arrow For All Ages, Review

  • Clark November 4, 2020Reply

    You can find just about anything on the Internet nowadays! I thought a bow would have to be tailor made (due to different measurements for different people) and so ordered at the shops, but no… it is also available at Amazon!

    Let me share this with my companions who are into archery. Is this also for sport or just for hunting? To be honest, I’m not an advocate for hunting animals for fun. 

    • admin November 4, 2020Reply

      this bow special because it is adjustable it’s great for ether hunting or sporting and if the crap gets deep protection. it would be a great thing if you was to pas it on thank you much for the comment 

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