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Define Overall Survival

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Definition Of Survival;

Hears what the dictionary says;

{SUR-VIVE} It’s a Verb Past Tense Survived, Present Tense Surviving, and the Act of Survival 

  • Continue to live or exist, in spite of (danger or hardship)
  • Continue to live or exist in spite of (an accident or ordeal)
  • Remain alive after the death of (a particular person)

Coming to understand surviving; 

So you know everyone that has a thing to say about Survival, is usually talking about Surviving the Holocaust, Surviving the Tornado, Surviving the Hurricane, the Earth Quake, Drought so on and so forth, well survival happens in a lot more functions than these I, my self have survived at least a dozen different things, how about you would you like to tell and explain each one so you could help someone to steer through adversities easier than you’re self,{this is the main reasons for all of my post’s}.


I might not have lived through all of the circumstances of survival but I have lived through a bunch I’ll let you know about the ones that I might not have actually lived through, there’s a bunch that I was very close to and if I haven’t had the pleasure of living through a certain survival circumstance I have done a lot of studying of them closely, it’s an interest of mine my wife thinks I’m a nut oh well I’ll be the one to pull her through the next one like when Her mother died I was the closest one to help her pull through this “survive” this ordeal you see what I mean there’s just one ordeal I’ve had to survive through.

Different things I’ve had the pleasure of SURVIVING;

Hears the first thing; 

And by far one of the easiest one’s to remember as an adolescent, Surgery and staring at death, this one I can only tell you 2 thing’s to help prevent this, always the second guess you’re Dr. and don’t eat blackberry pie that hasn’t had the berry’s strained, I was too young to remember much than those 2 things and besides I was delirious.

 My Appendix had got infected on me I almost didn’t survive this one because when I doubled over in pain at the ripe age of 10 my mother took me to the Family Dr. Clayton had told mom that I was just constipated, so mom took me home later the next morning it got really bad Mom took me to Madona Hospital they called the Dr. in for an emergency exploratory surgery this is what they did before all this Catscan and MRI’s anyway.

When he found my appendix it was very bad, when he went to lift it out it busted in his hand’s and ran down between his fingers back into my bowel cavity they cleaned it up the best they could but Gaingreen had set in, for 2 months they had 2 tubes running out of my incision one for drainage and the other for medication administration, but hay I did survive a life-threatening event.

My next survival story; 

Other than surviving to meany family deaths and I’m sure you really don’t want to live through each and everyone so I’ll just touch on these and summarize 🙂 like at the ripe age of 14 years old, my Father got shot and robed,

==>If Things Get Sporting<==

The only death survival I’ll go into detail; My grandmother on my mother’s side liked to take a bit of a nip before going to bed anyway I was in my last 2 weeks of training I got the Red Cross cal so I called the number and my mother answered she told me grandma was stuck in a house fire, I asked If I should come home early she told me there’s nothing I could do just go ahead and finish my training I did then I came home we went to the Dallas burn center she was bad could not tell; who this wonderful woman was no details this time please we went home and that night she passed as she had survived and waited for me to come and see her, Now that survival to the utmost.

==>Hears the Tool<==

And then at the ripe age of 28, my brother was 38 lost his life at the hands of Alcohol, My mother the one that showed me how to survive through all these deaths I’ve survived though, so now that’s that there’s only 2 that can carry the Wright name on my piece of crap cousin and my self, the thing my mother taught me at my fathers passing is to keep busy and this workes very good I barely had time to greave for my Dads death.

The 3rd survival story;

And this one is on a lot of my post I survived for 2 years, in a place just a very few miles south of the arctic circle isolated duty, yes where the day’s in the winter months is 1 hour long and the nights are 23 hours long the wind blows all the time from 20 to 70 knots almost every day whiteout conditions almost twice a week 20′ snow drifts, and in the summer witch is only about 1 month long the sun stays up 23 hours a day and a 1 hours night directing all nations of aircraft Naval Station Keflavik Iceland.

The 4th survival story; 

Hear I survived the most Chaotic, and dangerous atmosphere there is I survived 2 years on the flight deck of the USS America (CV-66) working with, directing, towing, and fighting aircraft fire fighting, and crash and rescue this was the best survival I had the pleasure of withstanding but the best advice to anyone stepping into this world get ready for 14 hours of eminent death almost every time you turn around, you cant see props at night can’t hear them either, jet intakes pose the danger in front and the exhaust from the rear and there are 90 of these man killers running all the time.

The 5th survival story; 

I survived a hurricane at sea onboard the USS America, as it took 3 weeks for an aircraft carrier to make an Atlantic crossing due to needing to turn in to the wind every time they launched and recovered aircraft and on the way across the Atlantic There was a Hurricane building the Navy sent the smaller vessels around this monstrosity, and guess who spent the better part of 3 days tripling the tie downs and plugging the exhaust and intakes of aircraft plus readying the ship for said Hurricane.

==>If You Get Hungry<==

 Wow-what a ride, guys I never sean get sick before including my self was green it took the better part of 3 wonder-full drinking days because you feel really drunk when the ship takes a swell you feel like 300 LBS, and when the ship crests the 100′ swell you get really light until the splashdown.

Now the bow of an Air Craft Carrier is 90′ of the water and we had waves busting over the bow and soaking whole aircraft completely like I said the Most Chaotic, Dangerous, and may I add an Existing thing to have to Survive Dng I lost all my weight for the first time eating peanut butter and jelly along with up and down 10 flights of stairs now this will work it off but you’re not to enjoy survival well you make of it what you can to make it their ar people that don’t survive an Aircraft carrier.

The One That Didn’t Survive; 

There was this one guy I don’t remember his name his only duty was to keep the birthing compartment clean he didn’t have any training to be on the top ( the flight deck) they sent him up to get one of the PO’s he walked behind an aircraft right when they started moving it an F-14 Tomcat blew the poor guy up against another parked aircraft and messed his shoulder up well with all the fun we had on the med cruise and the crossing on the way into the Chesapeake Bay on the way back home, He decided he was going to prove his self crazy he ran out of the birth which was right under the flight deck about 6 stories above the water and jumped over the handrail into the drink on a foggy could sproing morning an Aircraft carrier cant turn around in the bay all our helicopters and 2 destroyers and they never found the guy alive 3 days later he floated up on the beach where the fish had been eating on him.

==>Need for Drinking Water<==

So it’s really, really bad when you don’t survive something like this he was almost home. 🙁

My 6th &7th; Survival Story; 

Come on now Give me a brack I’m sad enough to have to go through this again the next 2 are the deaths of my mother at the ripe age of 80 years young Newmonia took her God to rest her soul she was the best just like you’re Mother the best 🙂 and my Uncle Bob now he’s just Bob my Dads brother and this is how redneck he was his full name was William Robert Wright now break this down in short terms his name comes out Bill Bob Wright now tell me this isn’t redneck he was a very special man with the mind of a 12-year-old till the day he passed from bleeding internally this is all I want to talk on this part as you can see Survival is not only life-threatening but damn sad also. 

My last and lasting Survival story; 

That’s right I said lasting survival, you see for the rest of my wife’s life I’ll be surviving her to survive the rest of her life living with an Active Majure Full-Blown Stroke that will not stop or go dormant are whatever because she’s one of those that can’t get of tobacco out of her life, and I promise after surviving taking care of my wife till she passes witch the speed she’s going won’t be that long in the grand scheme of things I’m going to devote the rest of my life fighting to make tobacco as illegal as methamphetamine, and Cannabis as legal as the tobacco because she can smoke just a little and she can relax from the reality of her stroke and the pains in her stomach, now this is a gift from God “Cannabis”.

==>Tool’s of Surviving<==

After this last survival story, my for the real final self-appointed survival chore will be unless there’s a Hurricane, Tornado, Drought, Earthquake, Flood, Wildfire, or a Biblical EMP attack surviving the rest of my life with as little hardship as possible God Bless each and every one of my visitors sure wishes you guy’s would you please leave me a comment with ideas, compliments, and oversee Feedback and that way I’ll get to know you better.

In Conclusion;

Just trying to show everyone that you have to survive other things other than natural, man- maid or any other disasters you know you might fall off a boat and you might have to survive a long swim Survival come in many styles shapes and forms tell me some of you’re survival stories in comments and well see about maybe pushing it if you would like that’s right if you would like you can writs a post and sign it so you’ll be the author.

So please leave a comment and let’s communicate and don’t forget to leave me your details for the free 3 by 5 foot American flag.

Thank You;

Bill Wright 

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4 thoughts on Define Overall Survival

  • Lizzy Stabel November 4, 2020Reply

    Oh my gosh, I am so sad about reading your story on losing your young brother to alcohol. 

    Besides ‘regular’ survival skills, this is also how I interpret surviving, it is not just about heading out in the woods/dessert etc, and trying to stay alive, it is also about coping with horrible, everyday- situations. Love your article and I want to thank you for sharing!

    • admin November 5, 2020Reply

      You My deer are very welcome when I hear of someone enjoying my post It makes my day thank you so much for you comment 

  • Kelvin November 4, 2020Reply

    Grwat job writing this article to talk about overall survival. I really appreciate the fact that you gave a definition of overall survival. I must also commend you for sharing your survival stories on this article. They are really great stories with a bit of inspiration and motivation. I also have survived certain situations and conditions, but time won’t permit me to talk about them on the comment section. I had a great time reading this article.

    • admin November 5, 2020Reply

      Thank you for you comment Kelvin we all do have certain survival stories we could share good luck on you’re Journeys 

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