Electricity Freedom System Review

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Electricity Freedom System Review

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Make Free Electricity For Survival;

They say you can’t make free electricity

Well, let’s take a look and make our own opinion on this Electricity Freedom Systom‘s up and up and its Legitimacy.

  • Author Inventer; Rich Lubbock has put this presentation together
  • Low Cost; Very cost worthy for $49.00
  • Assembly; It’s very easy to assemble 
  • What You Get; You get a system that will produce enough electricity to run your whole household free
  • A 2019 Product; That has an Amazing review
  • Its Performance; It can keep a 4 bedroom house 77 degrees with an outdoor temp of below 0 degrees, plus all the other appliances
  • It’s A Part; Of the Green Energy Phenomenon
  • It’s Place; It’s very high in the saving’s and survival world
  • Other Positive; A bit on the profitable side
  • What It Operates With; It operates on organic waste like leaves, sticks, and compost
  • Other Items It Comes With; Come’s with a paperback book
  • List Of Fuels; Additionally, you’ll be given a full list of organic, plant-based materials that you can use inside your generator…
  • Waterproofing Instructions; Speaking of outside, With the Electricity Freedom System you’re also going to be shown a simple way to completely Weather-Proof your converter You’ll see how just adding two extra materials that cost about $7 Will make your Electricity Freedom System IMMUNE to even the worst snowstorms, heat waves, or torrential downpours,
  • An Extra Instructional Videos; The video that you can actually download to your laptop, cell phone, or even your tablet to follow him by the step in assembly. also with video guides and written instructions detailing EXACTLY how to connect your system to your electric box, or gas supply…

What it really is;

It’s a “Prairie Generator” which uses a similar method which was used by American settlers on the frontier to heat their houses during the winter cow chips in the oven of their dugout home would make enough Heat “Energy” to even start a fire in their ovens, and if the energy is that strong then it will produce enough electricity to have an abundance of electricity.

Not to be worried about these things theirs been 72,655 AMERICANS who have already used this amazing device this decade it has proven itself for a while just no one has harnessed the power of yard clippings until this century and the power company’s don’t want you to know this money-saving technology thing.

My opinion and my thoughts

In my opinion, and I’ve gone through all the inn’s and out’s and knowing with absolute certainty that no matter whether there’s a disaster, a cyber-attack, or just a bad winter storm your family could not be without power again.

And this device carries a payload for your household if you’re trying to save money on your electric bill can go from say $120.00 a month to a whopping $17.00 a month some savings I thought, and it works off what I’ve been plastic bagging it during the fall and after the fall.

You can use it for running through the winter this electric source has a very valuable spot in the Survival area it’s running nose to nose with the water generator system I’ve done a post on it here if you’re curious.


Once water is gone to the critical stage I’m betting the Hydroelectric will take a hit and believe me you, if theirs an attack on home soil, I’ve got money that says they will knock out the Nuclear Reactors just for the Nuclear fallout, the Wind Mills will be target practice for aircraft and handheld missals when this.

Goes down you really don’t need to go through all this worry when you have built this free energy-producing device the one thing you might have to consider if all this is going on charging the neighbors an electric or just to be the hero lol.


Oh and hurricane’s, they definitely can create havoc on one’s life Water, Electricity the Hurricane’s will interrupt it all, and if you’re lucky enough that the old dwelling is still standing but it won’t be an unattractive unoccupied dwelling that looters can and will take advantage of, you know your home in their list of empty houses to steal personal items.

It’s because you have taken steps to protect your family, your home and you’re self with the freedom electrical generator, you won’t lose your electricity, so you’ll be home to keep unwanted scavengers from looting your house there, will always be a lite-on to say hay someone’s home the air conditioner is always on so you’re good and comfortable with clement control hay you’ll be just like the Rockafellas of you’re neighborhood.

Yea buddy while everyone is leaving due to no water, no electricity you’ll be safe and sound at you’re very own home safe from muggers looters, and coronavirus infection.


If you’ve ever Sean the aftermath of a tornado the houses standing usually do not have any power due to trees being laid over on electrical lines, transformers being blown guess what you’ve nothing to worry about Why?

It’s because you’ve taken it that step, the step you’re at this time will be spending the $49.00 plus a very affordable $200.00 like they say you might have everything you need in you’re back yard or garage cancel that $200.00 out of the equation profitable? well, let’s look here not only can you get profitable my friend.

But you can also offer small electrical services on the fly charging, like cell phone batteries cordless hand tool batteries, hears a good one charge to show, and instruct your friends and neighbors to collect build, and set up their very own Freedom Electricity Generator.

In Conclusion;

I know from my heart that this isn’t a scam or a ripoff of any kind, It is 100% on the up and up, it’s refined 1800s technology to produce enough electricity to run a very large home light’s, appliances, heating, and air conditioning and all

Leave a comment on my review to let me know how you enjoyed it.

4 thoughts on Electricity Freedom System Review

  • Aparna September 7, 2020Reply

    Hello William, A generator for electricity in your house that costs almost nothing? You have got to be joking. If it really worked so well, why isn’t it installed in every house in America? I wonder. 

    Reading your review, I wondered if you had ever seen one of these working, or tried one yourself. I am asking this because your review gives this device full marks and that is quite obvious, as it seems to be a great product. 

    I will surely read up more on this. Thanks.


    • admin September 7, 2020Reply

      This isn’t a new idea after all the solar panels were under a great amount of skepticism when it first came out this is along the same thing except instead of solar radiation to generate electricity you use the heat compost, tree clippings and just trash generate to do the same thing the cost will be about $247.00 that’s also the cost of the book to train you so it’s not free but if there isn’t any nationwide read my post on surviving the EMP attack you’ll understand please come back and visit 

  • Roy October 2, 2020Reply

    This a very interesting article about surviving unforeseen major incidents impacting life essentials like electrical power. We are so dependant on our access to electricity that losing it an not being prepared with alternative resources of energy, will for certain make for a challenging situation.

    I am surprised that a system like you describe will not cost me more than the price of the book and the device itself. At $249 this is something well worth to investigate further. I think that the COVID-19 pandemic has shown that we should not take anything for granted anymore. Until the government can come to our assistance we need to be able to take care of our own priorities like electrical power and heat. this device is an excellent tool to aid in survival preparedness, without taking away much of your normal comforts.


    • admin October 3, 2020Reply

      thank you Roy for the comment and yes indeed things are getting worse on our earth 

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