How To Camp For Less-even while surviving

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How To Camp For Less-even while surviving

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Parks & Recreation Camps;

There are actually hundreds of recreational parks for camping, there not at all that expensive to rent, most have RV camping spots witch are probably the most expensive to rent, but they come with all the modern conveniences you know running water, electricity, the great thing about these campsites is they usually have modern toilets and showers, don’t know if you’ve been in a motor home or a camper trailer the restroom isn’t that big in fact some are so small you better not be to much overweight you’re not going to be comfortable these are the reasons for public restrooms and showers besides this way you don’t need to mess with the greywater to much STINKY WOW.

==>Before We Even Get Started Check It Out <==

But on the brighter side, if you’re going for what camping is supposed to be like, tent camping you know take the protective lid off, and replace it with water-resistant cloth, skylights, and venting windows most all the recreational parks have in their tent camping areas at cost electricity and running water that’s not as expensive as the RV camping areas and besides all that there’s a lot of campsites won’t even let you pitch a tent in these areas, besides all that the cost of said campsites are noticeably more costly do to the RV thing more area is the main cost.


Now Lets Start Realy Saving;

If you look at a campsite along with the modern tent campsite you have a group of primitive campsites hears where you’re going to start saving a bit of money, there isn’t any running water or electricity and most of the time even in the primitive campsites their either close enough or equipped with their own public restroom and shower just the absence of drinking water and Electricity don’t know about you but if there a lake, stream, river, ocean, or clean pound yep “CLEAN” some pounds are stagnant, I’m sorry if it’s slick I’m not entering it their diseases and infections that’s not even been discovered yet.

As far as electricity is concerned some want to prove themselves as being tough, prove it to who us or themselves well if it’s a matter of some comfort well I’m all some comfort, and you probably have more problems than worrying about a good night sleep due to no breeze when it’s like 80 degrees at night and a simple fan would cut the trick damn what about an air conditioner.

==>Let’s Cut To The Chase And Check This Out<==

Well, you have come to a person that thinks, studies, and even at times worries about survival, oh well it is what it is I got all caught up in that biblical raptures for a while like I need to stop!. this is meant to be a fun thing lol, but out of all my worries, studies, and efforts I’ve found the most offbeat and extremely efficient way to produce electricity.

One Wild Generator;

This little portable generator that’s called the Electricity Freedom System with this system you can even set it up at home and start saving loads on you’re electric bill, but it’s portable enough to load up and take on your camping expedition and cheap enough to go ahead and buy the parts for another one for just that reason.

I don’t know about you but like my father there’s a trailer set up just for camping and there’s always places to put an electric source in with the tent and cots or whatever you put in you’re camping equipment, the great thing about this portable electric system all it takes to run this thing is leaves, light brush, haye, compost, so while you’re collecting firewood you could collect materials to operate the electricity, so you can have comfort among other things in the most out of touch spots where there no one or any modern conveniences just the ones you brought.

It Just Doesn’t Matter;

That’s right it doesn’t matter where you are, or where you want, or need to be, this system can be used at Home, Camping, or survival for such an electric system cost only $48.00 isn’t much to be asking for and the parts man you can pick them all up for right at $200.00 at Home Depot now if you go to a junkyard you can probably pick all the parts up for damn near nothing on that note you could have multiple units like for you’re camping gear, maybe a cabin, and of course you’re home damn you might just start getting paid from the electric company.

==>Man, It’s Hard To Say It All Check It Out It’s Free To Look<==

All in all, if you like to camp cheep, enjoy saving money on the old electric bill, having electric through all disasters, yes even an EMP attack, although I wasn’t going to go there I felt it was a part that just needed touching on because if you don’t check it out and something like this happens you won’t be able to get to this system without the internet and power just saying believe me I’m not going to bore you with this if you’re reading any of my other stuff you won’t need the EMP thing :-).

In Conclusion;

You have found just one of the main things that can get you out camping cheaper than the norm away from all the people you encounter at campsites that have public electricity

, you cant take this  Electricity Freedom System anywhere from home to the middle of nowhere and still get power free, just a simple clean up can get your electric power going, there are other ways to camp cheep I’m not going to mix up or pile too much on you at this time just keep checking in and we’ll talk about other helpful, and needed things.

Please leave a comment on any problems, ideas, or desires and I’ll get back quickly

Thank You

Bill Wright

4 thoughts on How To Camp For Less-even while surviving

  • Evelyn January 12, 2021Reply

    I am really impressed with the knowledge you have shared regarding surviving disasters. I know how expensive generators can be since my husband and I have been passively looking for one. I like the fact that this one in particular runs on leaves, grass clippings and compost!  Thank you for sharing this information and I will pass it along!

    • admin January 13, 2021Reply

      Disasters can happen to anyone at any time it’s good to keep a calm head you’re survival rate increases greatly so even if I don’t sell a damn thing I know I have made my attempt at teaching training and helping someone make a disaster better.

      Thank you for the comment 

      Bill Wright  

  • coralie January 13, 2021Reply

    What an excellent post about camping for less.  I know that camping has never been more popular and more and more people are heading out.  Thank you for your post.  I love the idea of the little generator.  Seems pretty inexpensive and seems like it can also be used to save money at home.

    Is it very loud when it runs?  There is nothing worse then someone running a loud generator right beside you. LOL!

    One little comment, I found the font to small for me.  But overall fantastic.

    • admin January 14, 2021Reply

      Thank you for your comment and no the thing has no moving parts it runs of off thee heat the compost puts out 

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