How To Use A Lensatic Compass

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How To Use A Lensatic Compass

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How To Use Proper Use of a Lensatic Compass;

Here you have an open Lensatic compass labeling all its part’s

Amazon is the most inexpensive place you can find this Linsetic compass among others to buy which is a very compact delicate interment

This is how you’ll receive your Lensatic compass It folds up like a pocket watch and comes with a handy belt mounted carrying case.

Body parts of a Lensatic compass;

  1. The base of the Lensatic compass;
  2. Cover
  3. Graduated straightedge
  4. Bezel ring
  5. Floating dial
  6. Sight wire
  7. Short luminous line
  8. Thumb loop
  9. Sighting slot
  10. Lens
  11. Luminous magnetic arrow
  12. The fixed black index line
  13. Luminous sight dot’s

Using the Lensatic compass is a very delicate precision instrument used inland sea and air navigation its power is drawn from the Earth’s magnetic field the luminous arrow is magnified the Earth’s magnetic field will always pull the arrow to the north and my friends this is the basic operation of this interment and it is very accurate.

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I’m going to try my very best to try to explain a couple of proper ways to make this instrument work for you, believe me, my friends, this simple delicate precision interment will save your life for sure and for certain take your compass to unwrap the hangup cord, this very important it hangs around your neck to keep from losing it in the woods it can get confusing in the woods and the compass is very easy to misplace.

Place the device in you’re open hand the thumb loop will open first, then you’ll open the cover, next thing the lens/sighting slot tab will open now

This whole device is like a sight on a handgun you find a target in the direction you should be checking insert your thumb through the thumb ring with the cover where the sighting wire is at a 90 degree to the body of your compass and the sighting slot and lens at about a 45 degree so you can put your subject and line the rear sighting wire in the center of you’re sighting slot the Luminous parts like the arrow and the luminous sight dots like on a rifle line it all up then you can lower your eyes and see if it’s N, S, E, or W or any of the 360-degree azimuths at this time you know what direction your target is. or you can perform these tasks.

1. With the Lensatic compass opened wide and held level, turn it horizontally until the azimuth is directly under the
black Index Line. For example, you want to follow an azimuth of 120 degrees. Position the Index Line over the 120-degree

  1. Holding the Lensatic compass in this position, rotate the Bezel until the luminous indicator is over the North arrow of the Dial. The direction indicated by the open compass is the desired course. As long as the Bezel is not rotated, turning the open compass so that the Luminous Bezel Indicator is directly over the North arrow of the Dial can check the course.

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There’s another thing you can do with this instrument;

  1. Turn the fully opened Lensatic compass and rotate the Bezel to align the Luminous Bezel Indicator, the black Index Line, and the North arrow of the Dial.
  2. Subtract the number of degrees, in your desired azimuth, from 360 degrees.
  3. Keeping the North arrow under the Index Line, turn the Luminous Bezel Indicator to this result. For example, you want to follow a course of 120 degrees. Subtract 120 degrees from 360 degrees, leaving 240 degrees. Keeping the North arrow under the Index Line, rotate the Bezel until the Luminou Bezel Indicator is over 240 degrees.s
  4. Turn the compass until the North arrow lies directly under the Luminous Bezel Indicator. The direction indicated by the pen case cover points to the desired course as you.

In conclusion;

As you can see the use military Lensatic compass is a very versatile land navigation tool and you can do so much more with this tool than I care to share right now it’s definitely a full course you see you can also use this tool as a very accurate surveyors tool if you want more please let me know in your comments

Leave me a comment and let me know what you think and if you have any questions.

4 thoughts on How To Use A Lensatic Compass

  • Aparna September 7, 2020Reply

    Hi William, 

    Great article and I love your website too. Survival is such a fabulous niche. I hope u have read the book ‘SAS Survival Handbook”. It’s a must-see for those interested in survival. All my young years were spent in reading this book and trying out all the fantastic stuff that they advised you to try.  

    I have handled compasses all my life and I think u covered the topic beautifully. Great bit of writing. I hope to come back to your site again and again.


    • admin September 7, 2020Reply

      First off I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed my site and No I haven’t hade the pleasure of reading the SAS Survival handbook but will be looking for it. most of the stuff used is personally learned from friends, boy scout’s, and 9 years army and camping in all sorts of terrain I love surviving put in those situations and getting out me and my buddy spent 3 weeks in the panted desert it was a bunch of fun and also hiked the appellation trail  this one was sporting please come back often 

  • Lucas Moore September 8, 2020Reply

    This is an informative article. Lensatic compasses are made up of three
     parts: cover, base, and reading lens. The cover is used to protect the
    c ompass and also incorporates the sighting wire—which helps you
     determine direction. The base is the compass dial, bezel, and the thumb
     loop—the thumb loop is used for stability to garner a more accurate
     reading. Lastly, the reading lens also helps cover the compass and folds
      out; this is where the term “lensatic” comes from.

    • admin September 8, 2020Reply

      thank you I’m so glad you have explained this to me thank you for you’re explanation and Grammarly doesn’t recognize the word Lensatic

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