Is The Lost Ways A Scam? no way it’s from our forefathers

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Is The Lost Ways A Scam? no way it’s from our forefathers

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What Is The Lost Ways Survival Book;

Well, First Off It’s An Ebook;

Well first off it is an E-book, and I can tell you right up front it’s not a scam and is very much legit, and it carries some very valuable stuff, especially if all the secrets of this E-Book The Lost Ways are lost forever.

With this Ebook, if the EMP “Electromagnetic Pulse” went off over our heads, it would throw us right back in the 1800s, with no electricity, no refrigerators, no lights, no drug stores, no transportation.

==>A Full Lay Out<==

Basically, anything that runs on electricity, and anything that uses computers to function like Trains, Airplaion, as I said in the 1800s when there were settlers crossing this great country.

Dealing with outlaws and renegade Indians, which must have been a sporting event because a lot of the stuff in this E-Book was learned from the Indians.

So you also had to be able to, tell the good Indians from the renegade ones, and it was worth it these people had a gold mine full of survival knowledge.

Just A Taste;

Just look at these hardy people they survived very happily, without electricity, without Ice, an icebox, refrigerator, air conditioner, not even a fan it’s all in the The Lost Ways

Yeah, the Native American Indians survive on bare necessities and survived quite comfortably on bare necessities damn they didn’t even have pharmacies.

==>A Full Lay Out<==

This ebook shows you how to make opium strength pain killer, out of a common weed in your driveway, wild lettuce, there’s a section that shows you how to make it.

A trail food that does not go bad the Indians went for days on the trail and that’s all they carried to eat but this ebook, gives you a detailed recipe for it.

Hey how about an automatic log feeder, for your fire now these are ideas they came up with from our Indian friends all Indians weren’t Renegade you know.

These three things just barely scratched the surface of what this book shows, things like an oval survival bunker that two or three families could occupy during hard times.

Hundreds of other things here are just three extra books, he’s also offered with the package it will be very handy

Extra Offers With The Lost Ways;
the 1st one

This first book is what every survivalist should grow in their backyards, it’s a list of the hardiest plants known, that will grow in light deprivation and water deprivation.

How to grow them how to prepare them and how to store them, this book is worth $29 and he’s giving it with the package.

This one will keep you fed during the worst of times.

The 2nd One;

EMP, {Electro Magnetic Pulse} weapon Now this is a scary one, no one seems to want to take this seriously, but there are 3 peoples that have the desire and means to deliver such a weapon upon the USA.

They are The Rushin people, the Chinees people, and Isis 1 actually has the knowledge to make such a weapon that I know of, Rusha, And maybe China.

Now Rusa has the knowledge, and the capabilities, to perform such an attack but they are a noble country, and do not want a world war 3 confrontation, but China especially now.

Has to issue us, and believe me when I tell you this China would pay a very good price for this weapon to unleash on us.

We’re talking 1700s in seconds after destination, Russia and China both would have the technology and respect the farthest thing from high altitudes that we put out the whole country.

Now Isis would bring it in ground and it would kill a lot more people at detonation they wouldn’t need to have the technology they would just hire it.

Last But Not Least The 2nd One;

This is one great idea if you’re going to a large, celler all them cans that you belive will last for ever well not exactly, cans do have expiration dates if you follow the guy then instructions.

To this guide it can automatically rotate you’re can goods for you and you’ll never have to worry about the cans running out of date.

You’ll always get the last can bought, first and save more romm than you could posably imagin.

Lots to think about now isn’t it but when the BS hits it will be nice Just knowing you have your loved ones and friends back.

In Conclusion;

In my opinion this ebook you regardless if there’s disaster EMP attacks or any of this these secrets will help you immensely in life right now before anything happens.

But if you get hurt we all know how addictive hope we always are and this wild Cactus has the same effects as an opioid but it’s not addictive and it’s not controlled by the FDA.

To be able to cook a snack food that will last forever and is actually good for you and it would be the only food that you would really have to eat has all the vitamins minerals proteins that you need for energy.

==>A Full Lay Out<==

And just how many of y’all been out camping and your fire stops burning during the night unless somebody sits up all night and feeds it would you can find it all right hear in The Lost Ways.

Well in this ebook it’ll show you how to make a fire pit that will self feed the logs overnight, wake up the next morning nice fresh fire probably a couple hours left to go.

I can tell you I haven’t regretted one minute of having this do yourself a favor I know that you can take care of your family and or situations it helps you feel better.

Leave a comment with any issues or ideas and I’ll be glad to get back with you and discuss them.

Thank You

Bill wright


2 thoughts on Is The Lost Ways A Scam? no way it’s from our forefathers

  • Jamila July 15, 2021Reply

    Great post, this is more suited to my father who would really appreciate and loves this sort of thing.  I on the other hand love my comforts and technology.  But it also really made me appreciate what we do have now.  My father is always loved growing things and brewing up all sorts of plants and roots to improve health.

    • admin July 16, 2021Reply

      thank you for the comment the lost ways is a very good Ebook has lots of secrets I didn’t cover do you’r self a favor and check it out did you pull up the video 

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