Iunio Camo Netting Review

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Iunio Camo Netting Review

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  Camouflage Netting Surplus stuff  is great;

Dang it all when you walk upon the location covered by this netting you better know about where the place is IT LOOKS NATURAL WOW it comes in nice size pieces to go around and across the top for air cover from the sun, drones, and aircraft the design of this stuff keeps the sun out but you can actually see through the gathers you need to click on this image it will give you close up’s better than I can but hears a shot to give you an idea.

 They are constructed in layers to be able to see out, but not in or it’s, and you’re location like I said earlier the air flows through this stuff. These things are great for anything needing cover concealment and protection you find a spot you like you find that perfect tree or shrub and through this Iunio camouflaged net is set up like a portable shade it very comparably blocks the sun rays and the design of these things lets the much-needed breeze through.

It is a lot like a tree blocking sun and detection not the breeze as you stretch this thing out it opens up a bunch of air slits that is quite easy looking out but a bit more difficult looking in from a distance cool stuff I’m telling you.

  • Most Inexpensive Place for Purches; Amazon
  • Prices are are; $8.99-$61.99 Free Returns on select sizes and collars
  • Comes also As; Bulk Rolls, 
  • It’s great for; Cover, Hunting Blind’s, Decoration, Sun Shade, Parties, Camping, and Outdoor Hiding.
  • Sizes Run;    [96.5ftx5ft/2mx1.5m] [16.4ftx5ft/5mx1.5m] [ 32.8ftx5ft/10mx1.5m] [ 49.2ftx5ft/15mx1.5m] [  65.6ftx5ft/20mx1.5m ] 
  • Different colors and designs;  Blue white coloring design, allowing excellent viewing of the surrounding terrain while providing maximum concealment in the field they even have 6.5ftx5ft/2mx1.5m ocean camouflage netting.
  • Cover and concealment; Blue white coloring design, allowing excellent viewing of the surrounding terrain while providing maximum concealment in the field.

Put your self there;

So it doesn’t matter What is where this Netting is the bomb, if you’re Deer hunting, Duck hunting, or just shad hunting this thing rocks you have got to put yourself there.

Deer Hunting;

You and you’re buddy find this perfect spot you’ve found Deer tracks going in different ways like a Deer intersection so you need to set up Hidden as good as possible, now they say that a Deer can’t see colors, just definition but now along with their hearing, smelling, knowledge of the way things are mad to be like movement, so it doesn’t matter as long as you have the cent covered up, Man stinks when you’re a Deer protecting your life and or your babies lives.

==>You Have Got To Check This Out<==

With that part covered if you’ve got your trusty camouflage netting, you have everything else covered because with this Iunio Camo Netting you’re covered but remember you have visibility to see them to a deer this thing is like Mr. Harry Potters Invisabiflaty clock yea buddy it gives you the freedom to move around a bit BUT quietly it’s called Noise discipline in the Army remember Deer have a keen hearing so make sure there’s no leaves os sticks to step on there goes you’re cover and concealment.

Duck Hunting;

There are a couple of scenarios if you have hunted ducks before you know there are only a couple ways this happens on the side of a body of water, or out of a small boat, This makes no difference man this Iunio Camo Netting, is so light, durable, and versatile.

Ducks are, a group different than Deer.

  1. Ducks can see Like a telescope very keen eyesight, you are going to need the air cover just as if you were in a tactical engagement air cover is essential in combat or Duck hunting, Light discipline I touched on it in the last paragraph, combat, at seeing they use red lamps even if you’re not in actual combat, and Duck hunting got to curve away from smoking in combat its a bullet in you’re face, and Duck hunting It’s a loss in fowl. 
  2. It’s a draw for hearing Id think a deer can hear better than a duck it’s not as important surviving in the air as opposed to surviving on the land even if a duck doesn’t hear quite as good as a deer still need to be quiet the netting won’t silence you.

==>You Have Got To Check This Out<==

With this netting in the brush, you set it up 5 sides of you in a brush growth with this netting you’ll be off the duck’s grid BANG! BANG!  get them ducks.

On The Beach;

It’s called Versital I’m telling you from all sorts of hunting, sunning, to hiding, now how handy is this Iunio Camo Nettingon a beach on a lake. ocean, or river and yes rivers has beaches you can set this thing up so cool because you have that two way 1/2 hidden meaning you can see out but no one can see you looking it’s camouflaged so there I’d set the thing up in a covered 3 sided square,{ l_l } like that while the sun passes it will be covered from the time it comes up to passing straight out to it setting and you’ll be free to check all the scenery around secretly Yeah buddy it’s a man thing but ladies it works the same lol. all of this without missing the breeze.

In Conclusion;

As versatile, lightweight, and convenient as this Iunio Camo Netting is I feel it would a mistake not to purchase this amazing net it beats the crap out of tarps, blinds, the tent’s in some circumstances you can use it for sunning, hunting, and hiding I can’t think of anything you can do all this and not lose the airflow and yes I do harp on this I’ve been stuck hiding in a hot humid environment.

So all I’ve got to say is this is a good buy the Iunio Camo Netting.

Leave me a comment with any ideas suggestions and or feedback.


William C. Wright





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