Knife-making Unplugged

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Knife-making Unplugged

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Knifemaking Unplugged

Have you ever wanted to make yore own personal knife I’ve known a couple of friends and my self as well that has made their own knife mine was a filet knife out of a band saw blade one of the industrial size 1 1/2″ wide man once I got it sharp I don’t remember it ever making it dull it pays to be a welder don’t you know:-)

Anyway, Amazon is offering this How to making your own personal knives Hay! this sound’s profitable In fact I’ll push them online if they are of good quality.

Hay did I type that it was a thought, I’d have to see how that would work.

Anyway come on and check it out it’s free to look and you’ll be able to watch the Trailers for free their Item’s very reasonable.

  • You can rent; SD for $2.99
  • Or you buy; SD for $9.99
  • And you can add it to you’re watchlist
  • Directors; Tim Lively
  • Starring; Tim Lively, Marian Lively, Scott Hurst
  • Genres; Special Interest, Documentary

subtitles English [CC]Audio languagesEnglish

In Conclusion or my opinion;

I believe if you’re a person that enjoys working with their hands making fine personal quality cutlery this is you’re the best to buy like I said come on check it doesn’t hurt or cost anything to browse

Thank You

William C. Wright

5 thoughts on Knife-making Unplugged

  • Jbryce October 4, 2020Reply

    This is interesting to have, making my own knife by myself is gonna be a very great thing, it’ll be a time to try something I’ve never been opportune to do before And also some people may see it as a source of earning by selling what they’ve been able to make. This is a nice offer and I’ll check it out.

    • admin October 4, 2020Reply

      I’m glad you’ve enjoyed my content and thank you for you’re comment 

  • Jack October 4, 2020Reply

    Hey there , thank you for sharing this enlighten information, as an individual, I have always wanted to craft my own personal knife and I know couple of some friends that have made their own personal knife , I’m glad I came across this great article, I do believe that it’s a great thing to enjoy working with your hands and make some nice cutlery with it , I really enjoyed reading this amazing article, it was quite helpful.

    • admin October 4, 2020Reply

      I’m glad you have enjoyed my article as much I have crafted my own knife mine was very simple out of an industrial band saw blade but these directions are for a more professional knife than my saw blade filet knife thank you for the comment 

    • admin October 4, 2020Reply

      I my self have made my own knife out of an industrial band saw blade a filet knife just not of the quality their talking about thank for your comment 

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