Learn To Live Without Electricity.

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Learn To Live Without Electricity.

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Can You Live Without Electricity;

Hi, Bill Hear;

Please be aware that I am an Affiliate with Wealthy Affiliate, although I enjoy writing my articles, as you read you’ll find affiliate links to items of interest, for camping or surviving,

If you decide that there is no better way to make these operations, easier or better be my guest, but if you decide to purchase said items I will receive a small commission,

Which in no way will affect the price, your paying.

So Please Come Read And Enjoy,

Many, Many, Cultures Have;

I believe I can safely say, centuries BC. We can say of course Adam and Eve but do they really can’t after all they lived in a virtual Paradise.

We don’t really know how God set Adam & Eva, around here biblical and science fight each other because I have to say early man yeah the Neanderthals.

We’re very hearty, healthy, and happy people, even without electricity, although it didn’t take them very long to come up with a form of electricity.

I know no one thinks of it this way, but just what creates electricity when you have all your solar panels spread out over a freaking city block.

Heat, heat creates the power the form electricity, so you might say the Neanderthals if we took the first steps who discovered electricity.

Although It Took Us A lot More Heat;

It took so much more heat, for being kind of brain to click, to want all this warm dangerous comforting power coming off of fire could possibly do the things it does today.

Although this wasn’t a problem for the B.C. the Neanderthals all the way up through 1752, now we came over here in 1492, of course, electricity had not been discovered yet.

Because, mankind hasn’t found the heat hot enough to make it plain enough that electricity can be formed from Heat, damn we didn’t even know what electricity could be used for then.

So as you can say a man can survive for many many centuries no not years, not decades, not just centuries, but multiple centuries without electricity.

And Mankind has survived very comfortably very enjoyable e without this miracle power, without lights, without electric refrigerators the without list would go on for a long time.

We need to focus on the simple;

Brawl for the multiple centuries mankind has lived very simply like fire was discovered multiple centuries ago from 1752, so just having a fire in our houses for light and heat.

What is a very modern luxury, everything was all good why we were living in English colonies in the Northeast side of the Americas?

And we stayed powerless for a couple of centuries 10-21-1879 to be exact, this was a great year to fly kits. LOL, now we didn’t start getting electricity in America until 1890.

Now we started exploring the possibility of populating Westward in this new country and in a very very late 1700 like 1798 1800 1804 to be exact.

Is when Lewis and Clark’s expedition headed west now I’m sure they were small groups of people that probably headed west little at a time.

But nothing like reasonably large groups, I guess basically what I’m trying to say we didn’t have electricity for the first hundred years in this new country.

Just giving perspective;

Just giving a little perspective on this electrical thing, mankind has lived many many years without electricity and through all these centuries.

There have been secrets survival secrets pretty much in bed and in our psyche from the beginning of time, but just since we’ve been here in the Americas.

Brought with us from England found on her own and befriended the Indians and learn from them, little tricks to help you survive comfortably without electricity.

I have found a collection of these secrets it’s in a boat called “The Lost Ways”, I’m only giving you this name and this link cuz this post it’s for much much later in life than discovering electricity.

We in this book you’ll have ways of self-feeding fires sitting up The Lawns where they’ll self feed overnight so you can have a nice warm fire the next morning.

Painkillers are very strong painkillers made from a common weed, also known as wild lettuce, also read an Indian showed us a snack food If They Carried 4 weeks on their scouting expeditions.

They could carry it in your pocket wouldn’t go bad your furnace is all the nutrients vitamins and proteins that the human body needs to survive healthily and comfortably.

Forces Trying To Put Us Back;

yeas there are forces trying to put us back in time before electricity, dang it all I’ve studied this in-depth about an EMP attack. you know where a missile is shot miles over the USA.

And detonated miles over our great country, and believe me, if they did it to us we would be just the first, I’m sure whoever did this to us would have all major powered countries in their sights.

Now take an internal look at this scenario, not a whole household, not just a block, or town, county, how about not just a state it’s the whole country.

No electricity, refrigerators, heaters, lights, television, the whole communication grid, no internet, and when you talk no internet, I’m not talking about losing Facebook, WhatsApp.

I’m talking law enforcement, air travel, Buss travel, Operation of hospitals, distribution, and manufacture of medications, Operation of Army, Navy, Airforce, and Marines.

Now, this isn’t good at all for the USA or any other superpower in the crosshairs, but it’s not total, annihilation there are still large populations that will not be affected.

Total Stone Age;

Now there are studies of the sun having major solar storms and throwing solar radiation at us, giving us all these aurora borealis, way too far south.

And they are saying there is a possibility that the next one as large or larger could knock the whole globe infrastructure completely out.

Now we’re talking total, stone age, every country every nation, no supper power, everyone will be helpless, unable to stop this thing from happening, and there aren’t any allies.

Humanity will be in the crosshairs, we will all be in the same predicament, It’s these scenarios, that my site tries to get you my readers ready for.

By Camping, Hiking, and enjoying outdoor activities, collecting the right equipment for your survival in the most comfortable, and enjoyable way possible.

Just hope your timing isn’t off, because if you miss this one you, your family, and your friends, will lose out.

Can’t Help A World;

But like I said I do have certain items that will guarantee to help you, your family, and your friends, you know everyone that does this internet thing that’s trying to make a living blogging.

says you shouldn’t have but one item you back well I’m sorry having everything a person will need means more to me than having 1 item so I can make a quick sale.

I do have 3 main survival tools, and if you go into my site you will find much more items for camping and survival, to browse through.

I’m sorry it just doesn’t make sense to care enough about an audience that cares enough about what I have to say, not to offer everything they need to survive and survive comfortably.

So Let’s Talk About It;

Let’s get down to brass tacks, amongst everything like tools, knives, temporary structures such as tents, there are three very important systems/equipment.

That will be needed, it’s hard to justify which one is the most important, I do have one that I suggest above all first, but in some circumstances, it’s not necessarily going to be the best first choice.

After either or an EMP attack, are super solar flares whichever one tends to knock the power out, there’s going to be total chaos Anarchy looting.

Actually, the best beginning piece that you should have in your Kit, would have to be “The Lost Ways” of course, why? you should ask.

==>Everything Needed To Survive As Our Forfathers<==

Well, this is a very good question indeed, after an event such as either one that I’ve mentioned, Electro-Magnetic Pulse Or EMP weapon, os A solar event.

Maybe Not The Most Wanted;

I’m quite sure there’s probably going to be some injuries and this wonderful little ebook explains a painkiller did the Indians gave our forefathers that is as strong as any opioids or morphine.

It’s made from wild lettuce, you probably know it better as that ugly milkweed growing in the driveway, take a look and check it out, “The Lost Ways”.

This book has so much life-saving survival literature, it is boggling, after all living in itself back in the day of crossing the prairie, was what we call survival.

Hears another little helpful idea from our grandfather’s grandfather, is an automatic log loader for the old campfire, are a trail snack that the Indians carried in their pouches.

That sustained them, for weeks that wouldn’t go bad in their pouches, and all the protein minerals and vitamins needed, it’s definitely worth looking into, “The Lost Ways”.

The Next Important?

The system that is next as the most important, you would think water that you would need all the water you could get, cost of its importance oh sustaining life.

After all only three days after the drinkable water is gone why start going plant life, livestock, human life all life needs water, this is why you would think my “Water Freedom System” would be the one.

But alas, we have to put the power of luxury first, “The Backyard Revolution”. There are overwhelming reasons, for electricity to beat out water, the Life-Giver.

==>The Most Wanted And Ultimately The First Needed<==

Although not as important as water, electricity holds a very important role to be second in line This Big you need the power stuff to reproduce clean clear drinking water.

Get Ready To Get Comfortable Syrviveing;

Plus furnace you and your family was some good clean clear drinking water, yes I’ll keep imprecise in the water, you think it’s just going to knock out our power, and internet.

Just remember it takes power to pump the water up to the storage tanks the gravity feeds your homes the only ones that might have water.

Would be the country folks with Wells, yeah ok you would think, remember you need electricity to pump water out of the ground, into all that bottled water.

Guess what it takes electricity to filter and distill the water, for the pumps but need electricity put the water in the bottles, face it without electricity we’re talking to the Indians like our forefathers.

But the system that’s going to keep all this going is the electrical system that is called “The Backyard Revolution”, this thing is like taking an acre of solar panels.

And concentrating them into a 1 1/2’x 1 1/2′ x .48″ tall, electrical generator that will supply your whole household proven at MIT. So when there’s that much brainpower working on something.

You know it’ will probably work pretty good and I can vouch for it, besides there’s a money-back guarantee so their yea go.

The Final Piece In A 3 piece Puzzle;

I want to put it in reality you might say, is the system that you’ll find on my side more often than any of them cuz I believe in my heart that we can help.

==>The system That Has Potential Of Helping, The Plastice Bottle Build Up And Water Shortages<==

The megadrought going down on the West Coast like I’ve mentioned in past articles if every individual, that could afford this amazing system.

And you guys we’re only trying to save our Earth all the other people pull together and help set all the other individuals up with this amazing system.

After all the way I see it the last personal water, we take out of the Earth the better off our water table and aquifer will be, after all, there’s plenty of water in the air.

The “Water Freedom System”, babe you could take this son of a gun out on the Painted Desert in southern Arizona put it together hook it up within minutes.

You’ll be having some of the cleanest clearest drinking water you will ever see, on Earth why because you’re not getting any of the water off of Earth.

You’ll be retrieving it from the air around the Earth, it doesn’t matter if you’re on the Painted Desert in Arizona are the Sahara Desert, in Morocco, the “Water Freedom System” will supply.

In Conclusion;

I’ve tried to show that there are 3 systems to have, for the very worst disaster of all either an EMP attack or Soler flairs from the solar storms they’re having.

And the system you want may not be the most important, or the best at the time, I showed you that “The Lost Ways”. would be the best due to.

injuries that might occur during said disasters, I’ve also explained that the sooner you acquire these systems the better, it’s like “The Lost Ways”. there are preparations.

Like cooking the pain reliever, I will explain this in a later article.

Then I showed the Importance of having electricity, with the “The Backyard Revolution”, even if there isn’t any, internet, radio, or television, after all, there’s refrigerators, air conditioners, fans.

And the “Water Freedom System” needs a small amount of electricity to function, so this ends the 3 systems needed to survive comfortably.

Thank You,

Bill Wright


2 thoughts on Learn To Live Without Electricity.

  • Lio September 25, 2021Reply

    Losing electricity, in my opinion, can be a nightmare. However, thanks to the e-book “the Lost Ways,”   I feel it offers crucial knowledge that we may require in such a situation. It’s a must-have after seeing the way you describe it. The “Water Freedom System” can also help a lot, but I can’t forget about “The Backyard Revolution.” All three systems appear to work hand in hand. I’ll make sure to get them and learn more from them.

    Great article.

    • admin September 26, 2021Reply

      Thank you for your comment and yes they all do work hand-in-hand and these solar flares are in the news they are actually preparing for the worst of them.

      thank You

      Bill Wright 

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