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Leatherman Best Multi Tool

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Tools, Tools, More Tools;

Hi, Bill Hear;

Please be aware that I am an Affiliate with Wealthy Affiliate, although I enjoy writing the articles, that you read.

You’ll find affiliate links to items of interest, for camping or surviving if you decide that there is a better way.

To make these operations, easier or better be my guest, but if you decide to purchase said items I will receive a small commission,

“Which in no way will affect the price, your paying”.

“If you have any ideas for improvement please leave a comment and we can discuss said ideas or concerns always interested in both.

So Please Come Read And Enjoy,

Tools Are A Verry Important In Everything;

I know you’ve come across it, working on a project, getting close to the end of it, all of a sudden dang I need a Phillips head screwdriver.

I know this is a very common tool, but when you’re dealing with a tool bag or a very crowded toolbox something as common as a screwdriver.

Might be a challenge to find, especially if it’s late and you’ve only got one more task to do before your project is finished, the last thing you want to do.

==>Check It Out All You’ll Need To Know<==

Is stop, mess up your setup just to walk across the garage backyard Beach Field River, wherever you are, to go get a silly tool you need.

But with a Leatherman on your belt, you have that tool that last, important tool that you don’t have time to break down to go get right there on your side.

So Many Options;

I mean sometimes it’s rather impossible to go get that tool, as you and your buddy walked along in the woods, wherever you are your buddy gets his leg caught up.

In an old tree stump, are visible roots of a tree, and not be able to pull it out, dang it might be a mi to get back to the vehicle, to get a saw.

But if you got your Leatherman on your side this is one where you don’t have to have it, just unclip the sheath pull your little Leatherman out open it up.

Pull the saw blade out, which will make it an easy job to cut your partner’s foot free, are his hand free, you can rest assured that the Leatherman.

As quality tools of it with it, and they do have it in different styles with different tools, you’ll see this if you’ll check into the blink I have supplied.

There Is Always A Need For That One Tool;

I don’t care who you are, if you’re out and around, there’s a lot of times you may have to pull a MacGyver ism, and if you have a knife on your side.

Which has multiple Tools in it like your Leatherman and mind you, these aren’t just cheap ass tools, from the knife blade to screwdriver’s, and small wrenches.

Or whatever comes with your Leatherman is quality fabricated tools, and of good Steel the last blades the saws won’t dull very easily.

The screwdrivers and prybars, and yes some of the styles come with a small pry bar or nail puller, and what you may not think so.

==>Check It Out All You’ll Need To Know<==

 But when dealing with a survival situation you’ll never know rather you’ll need a certain tool or not, so the Leatherman does come in very handy.

Even If Your Mobil;

Even if you’re mobile, like on a boat, four-wheeler, or any off-road vehicle, where you’re at in the brush, like a Jeep, Land Rover, or a four by four pickup.

There could always be a time where you might need that Leatherman on your side that extra tool, the vehicle gets tangled up in brush and limbs.

You have your little pry bar, and the saw, if you get stuck you can go out and cut the branches away enough to help you get out with your Leatherman saw blade.

There’s definitely a hundred reasons for you to own a Leatherman all-purpose toolset, on your side, I mean actually, it came right down to it.

You could even use this little tool for some self-defense, after all, there is one very very sharp knife blade on this toolset, I mean honestly.

==>Check It Out All You’ll Need To Know<==

This Leatherman Tool Set could turn out to be one of the handiest, and sought-after Tools you own because it’s like right there.

Where Is The Best Place To Carry It;

Whenever and whatever you need this Leatherman for, you’ll have it right there on your belt with you’re Buck 110, and you’re Handmaid Survival Knife.

Believe me, I know what you’re thinking, your thinking why do I have a Leatherman when you have all the other knives on your belt.

And is there really any room left on you’re belt, yes there is, if I may suggest, there’s room, If you are just out and around in town, let’s narrow it down.

You could drop your Handmade Survival Knife. personally, I am a knife man, I carry my 3 Blade Pocket Knife in my pocket, I carry my Buck 101 on my side, plus my Leatherman.

You Just Don’t Need;

You just don’t need your, large tactical knife, are your Handmade Survival Knife, except for survival things and camping, hiking they would come in handy.

And if you are needing them all here’s the layout I use my Leatherman on the right side will be the very first one in front of them all.

==>Check It Out All You’ll Need To Know<==

Of course, my 3 Blade Pocket Knife is always in my front right pocket, my Buck will be next inline, then your  Handmade Survival Knife. mounts in the back in a horizontal position also with easy access.

And if you don’t really feel comfortable with that lineup man it’s your belt line put things where you feel comfortable, I mean you do have a left side.

On the left side of your body, you can put one of them on, either the buck or the Leatherman, are you don’t have to have all of them

It’s All Personal;

It’s all personal meaning, any particular moment you may not need one of your knives, due to having your  Handmade Survival Knife. on your back.

==>Every Serious Camper Or Survivalist Needs One<==

But I would be careful at which one of these tools I would leave in mykit”, this is the reason I always suggested the  Handmade Survival Knife.

Because with your Handmade Survival Knife, it should be plenty to take care of any self-defense, or animal skinning, amongst other things.

But amongst all you need to have your Leatherman on your side, depending on what hand you are left or right you should be the side your Leatherman rides on.

Unless your belt is crowded then put them on opposite sides, it might be a little slower getting a hold of, but you’ll need your Buck or your Handmade Survival Knife.

==>Check It Out All You’ll Need To Know<==

On your dominant side, like if you are a lefty, either side is so you can get a hold of it quickly, you’re Leatherman you won’t have to get a hold of it quickly.

In Conclusion;

Just trying to help people understand how helpful a Leatherman tool would be on their side, for around the house for real and your shop.

For Camping, Hiking, and definitely Survival, or vacations in your car, dang just walking down the road, the Leatherman is your perfect side-mounted toolbox.

The Leatherman comes in different makeups some come with more tools and others come with fewer tools, you can even personally pick the tools you want in your Leatherman.

But all in all, along with your buck, your Handmade Survival Knife, your Leatherman, and your 3 Bladed Pocket Knife in your pocket, you’ll be ready.

You’ll be ready for camping hiking working around your house, in your shop at your job, are walking down the road there’s always a chance.

That you’ll need your Leatherman on your side as an extra knife or a belt-mounted toolbox, its one handy piece of equipment,

And it’s a no-brainer you need to get one, in case their survival you need it at work you need around the house, don’t cheat yourself, you’ll need to get one now.

Thank You,

Bill Wright


2 thoughts on Leatherman Best Multi Tool

  • MIchel November 2, 2021Reply

    I love the Leatherman Super Tool. We are not avid campers by any means, but we have one at home and the whole family is constantly finding uses for it. In fact, it is very irritating if one member of the family fails to put it back in its right place when finished with it, as then there is a huge hunt. We can’t survive without it and I am considering buying a second one.

    I love that each tool locks into place when you are using it.

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