Let’s Talk About Surviving On-Line Marketing

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Let’s Talk About Surviving On-Line Marketing

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Come on in I’m so glad you have come, hear to spend a little time enjoying some entertaining, interesting, and rewording, stories, or tails, anyway My name is Bill I’m the one that enjoys coming to hear and writing all my thought’s, ideas and personal experiences down on surviving any and all other things that Catch my imagination that needs surviving Just like this post. 🙂

Like I’ve said in earlier post survival isn’t just about surviving biblical events, natural disasters, or even man maid, take me for instance I’ve had to retire early, due to a family ailment, which has made it impossible for me to leave the house to even work part-time, so while the wife and my self are trying to survive on a major stroke and 1/3rd the pay that’s needed to live comfortably, and I’m surviving personally on another sporting event that’s very much needed, surviving Internet marketing which is rough enough but still very doable non the less it’s some of the toughest things I’ve tried to get going, like me I’m a retired welder although lots more time-consuming learning this trade there, once you learn the proper ways to clean the metals adjust the old currently and make that one boss feal his self in his warm fuzzy place, you can make a comfortable living.

Surviving The Real Internet Marketing;

But internet marketing now you are definitely beginning a very sporting business first if you don’t find that one program that will actually help, if not you’re going to be scammed, if you’re like me more than a couple of time’s, please don’t go for that plugin and get rich overnight offers IT’S NOT HAPPENING!! when I first got going I ran into this program The Empower Network these guys were a pyramid scam a place that sells nothing but itself to other people buying the same thing or this is how I look at it and a mountain of these people driving these platforms are all scammers so you’ve got a long road ahead of you, now you can speed this up quite quickly by getting the correct help from one of the honest platforms and there not as many as the scammers but there’s a few of them just be careful, I can and will help you along the way.

Like take the co-owners of Wealthy Affiliate Kyle and Carson, these guys are honest to a fault, these guys will help you personally thair whole business is built on helping you this company is the Wealthy Affiliates you have about 10,000 members that are doing backflips to help you, and you can tap into this in live chat. this platform is a place that will teach you all the ins and outs of Internet marketing you can actually sell whatever you’re passions are, if you have an interest a passion the WA will show you how to come up with a domain, and website that you build around you’re personal passions but it won’t be overnight while you sleep I commented on one site that was around nothing but Sex wow don’t know if that one made it one of the hardest things to do is to pick you’re niche or product.

Now hears some personal input;

If you’re not sure what you’re going to be selling, start selling online marketing and the best way to learn all the SEO to get ranked with Google, Yahoo, or Bing these guys are your next learning curve after you’ve learned the hows and whys of the building said website you have got to have that 1 thing google’s pet peeve COMMENTS there are a thousand visitors to you’re site and google knows this, but if there are no comments it looks as though to google your content isn’t good enough to share why rank it so if you like a site please for that site builder’s efforts leave a comment it’s the way we communicate with you guy’s and it proves to Google that people are interested you’re content, thank God for the Wealthy Affiliate you will learn all you need to know to wine these guy’s trust and that’s the word that’s the key TRUST they even have a comment section where you can trade or earn comments that helps with this google thing but it’s not as good as a good old outsider’s comment’s.

So, please not just here but all sites you visit it’s a great big strong word for Google to look at this site so, by all means, comment hears a good start, you can call it, practice. it’s kinda like finding good food to live on in the wild if you’re looking at the survival aspect of internet marketing.

==>You Realy Need To Check This Out<==

Like I said earlier it’s not going to happen overnight and especially not while you sleep so don’t go and quit the old ball and chain yet, join Wealthy Affiliate and study, learn, and practice you’ll be telling you’re Boss where to put that time clock soon just not right now so do things in order Learn, Establish, Earn, and then doe the deed, don’t hurt your self it’s easy to do when you get excited Don’t jump even or especially after the first sale, but guess what that laptop lifestyle is right around the corner if you start learning the business and the sooner the quicker it will happen.

There are other tools for surviving Online marketing;

#1 tool for surviving online marketing

SEO is very important it’s another way Google finds you and helps the prosses of ranking but you will not survive online marketing with Google and SEO alone, you’ll need some traffic the make you or break you from surviving Online Marketing, a traffic exchange funnel I’ve found to be helping the best for traffic now a word of caution not all of the traffic exchanges aren’t created equal the One I like the best is Traffic Add Bar there is only one very small con with Traffic add bar is it has a 10-second timer to view adds see you earn hits and credits for viewing adds hear you can get other ideas on driving traffic to you’re site’s but viewing adds and watching my google analytics I see the traffic comes in and they keep coming in all day spread out evenly for 24 hours.

==>Do YOU HAVE DOUGHT’S Check It Out It’s Free<==

I’ve tried those 8-second ones and you might get 1 while you’re looking and maybe 10 visits after 100 views, Traffic Add Bar has proven itself I don’t dought at that there are not others as good but I have personally proven everything I’m posting about.

#2 Tool ;

During all this, like I said do you remember? there isn’t any get rich while you sleep programs out there everyone I’ve looked at just isn’t OK so during all this there are ways to get the cash flow going but it’s kinda a slow builder in itself it will take you about 6 months but you’ll start earning you’re way right up front Now right up front it’s been 1 1/2 years since I’ve started Wealthy Affiliates and I haven’t maid a dime but it’s the first thing I’ve got going that’s been on the up and up and I will try and keep it it’s my block of real-estate online, But the Name of this magic program I’m writing about WE Share Abundance or WESA now hears a community you can be prowed of being a member of I know I am.

First, off It’s a God-fearing, giving community that gives donations to a few deserving organizations from the money you earn.

Such As; 

  • Taking Orphans to Disneyland to foster hope and love in their hearts.
  • Bringing pure water to those who have a thirst.
  • Creating Agriculture where there’s famine.
  •  Planting tree’s as apart of agriculture to help our planet.
  • Financing schools to teach life skills, not just academics

While you do your couple chores to earn the program holds it through the month, and at the end of the month they close down and audit put the earnings where they belong and when they open up you should be able to Stake your next pool.

==>Now This One Is Free If You Don’t Want This One You Don’t Want To Make Money Online Check It Out<==

It runs on 7 pool’s the first pool is a freebie and it’s a #0 in counting but every time once a day you log in you’ll receive 0.01 a day and you get paid for reading messages and you’ll earn enough to purchase the #1 pay pool

  1.  The first pay pool will cost $2.50 a month and you’ll receive 0.10 a day for 30 days, when you log in don’t forget to read and delete your messages this is how they keep track and is where I messed up for my next pool Steve had to help with a donation, don’t be afraid to ask questions.
  2. The next month’s pool  will cost $3.75 a month you’ll receive 0.15 a day when you login {Total 25 cents}, Don’t forget the messages
  3. The next month’s pool will cost $6.25 a month you’ll earn 0.25  a day for logging in {Total 50 cents} don’t forget the messages.
  4. The next month’s pool will cost $12.50 a month you’ll receive 0.50 a day for logging in {Total $1.00 } don’t forget the messages.
  5. The next month’s Pool will cost you $25.00 a month you’ll receive $1.00 a day for logging {Total $2}  in don’t forget the messages.
  6. The next month’s Pool will cost you$75.00 a month you’ll receive $ 3.00 a day for logging in {Total $5} don’t forget the messages.

Now looking back I keep saying a month because you need to keep your pools up from #1 to #6  if you let your #1 drop it shuts all the other pool’s down.

As long as you keep enough USD to stake any of the pools coming up what’s left in you’re USD wallet you can withdraw or let it build it’s all up to you. Just do the math be sure to add the Total login’s and not what they pay as let’s see.

  Earnings; 0.30+$7.50+$15.00+$30.00+$60.00+ 150.00=$262.00 a month that you earn

Coast; $2.50+$3.75+$6.25+$12.50+$25.00+$75.00=$100.00 a month to be paid

= $263.00~$100.00=a + $162.00 left to you, keep that for say 6 months = $972.00 now that’s worth trying out for damn say a year.

In Conclusion;

Like I said I’ve been doing this, this time about a little over a year and a half, but10 years ago I tried for like 6 months why didn’t I stay longer I got scammed I mentioned it by the Empower Network and broke every bit of my drive I couldn’t get my self to try again until like a year and a half ago, almost happened again till I found one of Jerry Haung this man was a savior I was just about to step off into another scam.

I’ve found out that after being here at the Wealthy Affiliates for almost the year I made up my mind I had to get more visitors well I found some mild scams. like it didn’t cost me any cash just my time they promised a freebie program and let you build and no traffic, so you can take it to the bank if I tell you it’s free or it cost if it does it’s not very much you see I’m a poor man

and can’t afford much the WA is a free startup after I think 3 months ” I might be off on that I didn’t finish I saw it wasn’t a scam they do what they say you get exactly what they promise then the first monthly payment is $19.00 then $49.00 after they will give you a very good price on a years subscription.

After a short period of time, I found this Traffic Add Bar at first I was going to just give it a test run, so I surfed a few adds and checked my Google

Don’t stop long enough for your antlers to catch fire let’s do some On-Line Marketing

Analytics, and dang I had 3 and 4 visitors at a time before id gets one or two a week just window shoppers looking so excited as I was, I was still skeptical so I thought I’ll give a day or two I had the same output every day and after a couple of months, the Traffic Add Bar sent a message that said that I went up a level in their funnel from level 7 to level 8 and the traffic just stepped up so I’m a very happy customer of TAB.

Hears you a true winner if you’re not in some big hurry which you shouldn’t get this way because On-Line business’s “TAKES TIME” when you’re trying to deal with a learning curve and let me tell you this about that there’s definitely a learning curve, I’m telling you all this because the next one is a slow beginner but it definitely builds it’s a God-fearing company that donates to a few a group’s of needy organizations.

This company is WE Share Abundance or WESA  the last one we discussed earlier.

Like I talked about at the beginning leave a comment and let’s communicate


Bill Wright

2 thoughts on Let’s Talk About Surviving On-Line Marketing

  • Jude January 13, 2021Reply

    Thanks for sharing on your thoughts on surviving online marketing. There are indeed many tools needed to set up a successful online marketing business. SEO is one, analytics tools are also very important to generate relevant data that will help scale the business.

    Like you mentioned in the post, it’s very important to be sure of any business before signing up. Wealthy Affiliate is a legit community and I’ll happily recommend them to anyone looking to start an online business.

    • admin January 14, 2021Reply

      Thank you for you’re comment I can see we are like-minded people  I have much more thoughts on new articles so please come back and check them out 

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