LoGest’s Water Filter Straw-Reviews

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LoGest’s Water Filter Straw-Reviews

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2 Pack, Water Filter Straw– Portable Personal Water Filtration;

Hi, Bill Hear;

Please be aware that I am an Affiliate with Wealthy Affiliate, although I enjoy writing my articles, as you read you’ll find affiliate links to items of interest, for camping or surviving,

If you decide that there is no better way to make these operations, easier or better be my guest, but if you decide to purchase said items I will receive a small commission,

Which in no way will affect the price, your paying.

So Please Come Read And Enjoy,

Believe Me, You Can Get This In Numerous Quantity Packs;

So let me tell you a little about this amazing life saving tool I have come across.

  • It’s A Compact Design; LoGest’s Portable Water Filteration Straw measures 7.5 x  1.35″ in size it’s equipped with acarrying strap, which makes for much easier carrying, so you can enjoy safe filtered drinking water. at all your rest stops.
  • The Most Cost Efficient; The Most cost-efficient place to pick this  LoGest, Water Purification Filter Survival Straw, up is Amazon
  • Good Clean Water Filter Purifier; Each water purifier survival Filter Straw is designed with a hollow fiber membrane to effectively remove 99% of harmful bacteria with a 0.01-micron filtration filter.
  • What A Multipurpose Tool; Easy to carry and use, the LoGest’s, Water Purification Filter Straw, survival gear, and equipment, can be used when traveling, playing sports, hiking, camping, engaging in outdoor work, during a natural disaster, for emergencies and so much more.
  • This Thing Will Seem Like It’s Lasting Forever; Even though the Water Filter Backpacking Straw is so small in size, it has a 1500-liter filter capacity, so you can enjoy using it for more than a year, Best of all, the package includes two survival water filter so you always have a spare on hand if you need more you can surely order larger packs.

Sometimes You Just Might Have To Venture Away;

You know venture away from the old safety zone, the zone of your house, home, or dwelling you know where if you lose community water you always have the Water Freedom System.

To fill in, but you know this is a survival Site I just use camping and outdoor sports for training, on what you should do if the ultimate problem occurs.

==>Handy To Know On Scouting Trips<==

There’s any number of reasons that might pull you away from your comfort zone, scouting for your next comfort zone, there might be days or even weeks.

Without good filter water, and believe me, there’s a lot of times you just ain’t got time breakdown to start a fire, find any water boil and strain, said water.

With this LoGest, Water Purification Filter Straw, you’ll be able to survive any scenarios, that will have you taken out of your safety zone.

Common Sense Instructions;

It’s like this your walking along starting to feel parched, so you find a nice clean looking Flowing Stream, My first Common sense, Warning!

==>Handy To Know On Scouting Trips<==

And I’m just like this, even if the directions say it would be okay I myself personally wouldn’t be caught dead drinking from a still stagnant looking pool of water.

I don’t care what the warning label says and all that, if you can’t find fresh due water in the morning or a flowing stream, I’d shut her down early and start me a fire.

Drinking water in the wild is one thing, but old stagnant dead-looking water is totally a different thing, no matter what this LoGest, Water Purification Filter Straw, claims.

The health issues outweigh everything, during times like this, one needs not to take any chances with outdoor water supplies, even with this LoGest, Water Purification.

==>Handy To Know On Scouting Trips<==

I’d walk lightly in water examine it very closely and be sure there are no bad discolorations, powders, are dead Critters floating in the water.

In Conclusion;

I’m trying to show everyone that the perfect device for when you are away from the Water Freedom System, on a scouting Expedition for another campsite or freshwater.

==>What Your Trying To Set Up For The next Safe Zone<==

This LoGest, Water Purification, will be the easiest and quickest way, to be able to consume the last giving substance known as water.

But sadly, only if you can’t get to your Water Freedom System, there will be lots of time that you may have to go out on these little scouting ass positions.

One big safety thing when you’re in a tactical situation is to never stay at one place for very long, there’s really no given time or how long you can occupy an area.

You’ll be able to tell, always going to be in need to go find another or better safety area like a campsite, or someplace that has a better supply of WATER!

Leave a comment with any isuess, or ideas and I’ll be back in 24 hours.

Thank You

Bill Wright

1 thought on LoGest’s Water Filter Straw-Reviews

  • Larry December 31, 2021Reply

    I’ve spent my entire life out in the desert and mountains of Oregon and Montana, and every time I’m out there I drink from springs or creeks that I find. Now, there is a right way to do it and certainly a wrong way, and for most people I would recommend one of these products you review because they would be better off that way. My immune system is strong, and I know where to drink without causing problems; but for the person who is not out there often, or who has not developed their immune system well, it is best to use something like this product or one of the others that can filter water for them.

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