Lost In The Wilderness How To Survive

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Lost In The Wilderness How To Survive

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The Long Walk To Survival;

Hi, Bill Hear;

Please be aware that I am an Affiliate with Wealthy Affiliate, although I enjoy writing my articles, as you read.

You’ll find affiliate links to items of interest, for camping or surviving if you decide that there is no better way.

To make these operations, easier or better be my guest, but if you decide to purchase said items I will receive a small commission,

If you have any ideas for improvement please leave a comment and we can discuss sid ideas or concerns always interested in both.

“Which in no way will affect the price, your paying.”

So Please Come Read And Enjoy,

Areas To Be Carful In;

I will tell you from experience, anywhere from the west coast to west Texas north all the way to.

North Decota west to Washington, this part of our great country although beautiful is full of dangers.

That will take 4 items to safely cross this vast dry confusing land, just read on and find out. 

Desert, to mountains, from devastating heat to life-threatening could, not to mention the desolation. and rough terrain.

One needs to keep in mind if you traveling along any part of the west side of this country.

First of make sure the old car or truck has had its PM “Pre Maintenance”, taking extra care.

With tires, coolant, belts basically anything that can put you on the side of the road instead of.

==>If You Just Need To Know More<==

Between the white and yellow lines, I don’t even know if you have been in any of these areas.

Like A desert, but a 100 mile looks like 1-mile mountains don’t look quite as tall, and the terrain.

Doesn’t look so unfriendly, but you can believe me when I tell you that 1 mile might take you.

 2 days to walk, and there are parts of the Ciara mountains never lose the snow on top.

Dangerous Land;

In fact, there are stories of settlers on their way to the land of opportunity, “California”.

It was pretty bad making it across the prairies and deserts, but when they got atop the high Sierra’s.

The snow wouldn’t stop for months, the settlers were stranded, out of food, the snow was so deep.

That they couldn’t venture out from the hunter’s cabin they had stumbled on, their group started dying out.

Due to starvation, the cattle that they were driving along with them started dying off also just to get.

Covered up by the snow, some of these brave people couldn’t stand it all their kids starved and they actually.

Started eating the dead, they finally got a rescue team together to walk on to the next town, for help.

It took them more than a month to Wade through the deep snow, and this time is where the cannibalism started.

They actually thought the rescue team had failed, so they all started wading through the snow on the way.

They bumped into the rescue team, on the way to get them one man stayed back to stay.

All The Cattle Was Thawed Out;

With the sick, when they finally got to the cabin that one man was in the cabin cooking some meat.

==>If You Just Need To Know More<==

It was all thawed outright for eating but the guy was cooking human meat he looked at them.

And said this meat is so much sweeter, now I don’t know if this staph would have helped.

Now if these people had known, if they would have attacked this journey further south a few miles.

The absolute worst they would have bumped into would have been a desert, where a good feal.

For directions a compass and a good strong walking staff, with plenty of water which can be found.

Now if they had this  5PC-MODULAR SURVIVAL STAFF, not to say that just a long Stout walking stick.

Wouldn’t have helped in fact every one walking probably had one wouldn’t they probably wouldn’t have maid it.

Nearly as far as they did without one. in fact, if they have had the 5PC-MODULAR SURVIVAL STAFF

They probably would not have had to resort to that other meat source we don’t want to think about BUT!!

But hunger is a strong pain to die with, now if they had gone further south the desert can and will.

Ahh The Desert;

The Desert will consume you by allusion, the first elusion will be also like I said a mountain will seem.

Like it’s 10 miles away but in actuality, it will be 100 miles away, there will be no water.

Where it looks like there is, and you won’t be able to tell which directions to go because.

In the desert, it’s much wiser to travel at night due to water consumption, so they would need a compass.

In which I’m sure they had something like a modern-day compass, definitely not anything like the  Lensetic Compass

That we have today, now I know what you’re saying that today we have “GPS”. well, guess what.

The Lensetic Compass will work without internet or electricity, and in the desert, there isn’t much of this.

Internet crap around, so please don’t get too dependent on all this wonderful technology, because in actuality.

The Internet is wishy-washy just one bomb detonated 100 miles above the ground can disable every electrical circuit.

In our infrastructure, so there you have the Lensetic Compass. with glow-in-the-dark azimuth marks.

Another Tool Number 3;

There is one more tool very much-needed if you have to attempt a desert crossing, water, and believe me.

When I tell you, you can find water in a desert, and with the right knowledge, you can find.

Enough water, to sustain your life but guess what it’s a very strong possibility it won’t be safe.

==>If You Just Need To Know More<==

For human consumption, now this is one major reason for fatalities in any survival scenario, “Dehydration” or.

Some serious bacterial infections like Salmonella, E-Coli, and a multitude of parasites, without the time-consuming.

Operation of boiling and straining said water, now Razor Edge Survival is backing the  LoGest, Water Purification Filter Survival Straw.

Because you will be looking for drinking water in places that grow contaminants and don’t think that cacti.

 Will supply drinking water, in fact very few cactus have liquid in them that is good for dehydration.

Yes, there might be 1 or 2 that you might cut into but make sure you know what you are doing.

And to which ones are safe to do this with me, I don’t want to know because of the fluid. like poop.

The Last Tool For Desert Crossings;

Knowledge, Yes the desert is something that you really need some good old fashion knowledge, and where would you think

You could get this kinda knowledge, well I personally would go to someone whose life was what we call survival.

And they live it very comfortably and had a great time doing this, that’s correct I’d go to one of mine.

Forefathers father, now it’s going to be tough seeing how they are all gone to their maker, and all.

Of their knowledge is pretty much lost in time, well there is this fella that has traveled this world over.

Looking for those Lost Ways, from our forefathers who are on the verge of being lost to time.

And will be taken those secrets to heaven with them, but he has been able to retrieve hundreds of.

Of these secrets from our fathers and has listed them in this E-book The Lost Ways, I know.

Your wondering just what could my grandfather’s great grandfather possibly know that would help? hay give these guys.

Their just due, they lived comfortably, in a way that we call surviving, and they lived this way, having a good time.  

A Trail Pocket Food;

No, it wasn’t always like this, it got really hard to deal with, for the most part till they started figuring things out.

On their own to help the way of life that they had volunteered for, and believe me, there were times that they.

Felt like, oh man just what did we get ourselves into, until they befriended the natives of the area, where.

They taught them of a trial Food they would cook up  called Pemmican The Ultimate Survival Food Invented by

And for the natives of North America, it was called, Pemmican which was used by Indian scouts as well.

==>If You Just Need To Know More<==

The early western explorers these people spent a great deal of time on the go and depended on having portable,

 High-energy, highly nutritious, and filling foods that would last for weeks and even months without refrigeration.

Just through it off into their pouches, and as they got hungry they would eat I’m guessing they were.

A lean-looking people due to the Pemmican probably didn’t have any carbs in it, at all.

They also taught them of numerous healing, plants and mosses passed down from Medicine Man to Medicine Man.

It Has So Much More;

In The Lost Ways, our forefathers learned how to make a pain killer called “Frontier Morphine” out of a plant.

==>If You Just Need To Know More<==

That grows wild even in your driveway, it’s that plant that when you break the stem a white milky ooze.

Would come out, you remember it, it’s the milkweed and a healing Moss, which also grows around your yard, possibly,      

And they show 10 Medicinal Plants Native Americans Used Daily which kept them healthy even before Columbus.

Now modern tribes like the Pima, Tohono, and others suffer from diabetes, hypertension, and obesity.

Whereas their more-traditional cousins don’t. Why? it is because of things like this healing Moss, that is great.

For diabetes, hypertension, amongst other physical ailments. even an automatic log loader so no one has to watch.

The fire all night.

In Conclusion;

If you have broken down crossing the desert, or anywhere, there are 3 of these items that really stick out.

That’s the 5PC-MODULAR SURVIVAL STAFF, with all the options you have with this amazing, walking staff.

The second one you should have on you, almost like a pocket watch, will help you navigate the thickest woods.

And the dryest and largest desert’s, it’s your trustee Lensetic Compass 

And the other one you should be carrying as if it were a pen, in fact, you should already have one.

If you like the outdoors, especially with all the hype of saving our planet, cutting back on plastic and.

Not to mention 2 or 3 plastic bottles become an issue carrying them, and if you have this.

Logest, Water Purification Filter Survival Straw. if you break down with these 3 tools you will have the.

Perfect set up to get you there, the Lost Ways is a good thing to have but just for.

That. unexpected breakdown, these 3 will definitely get you to your destination, and or HELP!

Leave a comment with concerns or ideas I’ll take all you want to give and will be back within 24 hours.

Thank You,

 Bill Wright










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