M-9 Bayonet Review

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M-9 Bayonet Review

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M-9 Bayonet;

The all-time most used and favorite weapon the Army, Navy, Marien-core, and Airforce of all countries that have ann armed forces which have stood the test of time over and over again.

Bayonet (now.)

It originated in the year 1610 at first it was just a flat Dagger as a soldiers’ steel stabbing weapon fitted to the muzzle of a firearm, it originated in France in fact it’s said to be from Bayonne, a city in Gascony where supposedly they first were made said to be from Bayonne, a city in Gascony where supposedly they first were made, or perhaps it is a diminutive of Old French Bayon “crossbow bolt.” The city name is from Late Latin Baia “bay” (which was borrowed into Basque from Spanish)

The American Forces  borrowed it from France in ww1

Now that we know a little about the origins of the Bayonet let’s get down to business you can see the style and length have changed over the centuries it has proven itself the best for close-quarters combat.

The SZCO company Supplies this outstanding weapon of wore and Amazon has it for for a very inexpensive pricetag

  • Amazon is offering this Knife; List price is $49.95 but Amazon has it for $46.75 with Free shipping and handling you save (6%) $3.21
  • Blade Material; Stainless steel.
  • Blade Shape; Speer Point.
  • Blade Edge; Plain/ serrated.
  • Knife length; 24″ overall length.
  • Handle; Is ABS.

This knife comes with a military-grade plastic sheath with a military belt hanger looks to have a sharpening stone pouch it’s not mentioned but I’ll bet it come equipped with a said sharpening stone to keep this knife razor-sharp.

Now, this knife is made to affix to the muzzle of a weapon but Guarantee it has so many other function’s if you’ll look at the blade it’s got that saw on the back of the blade, and also there’s a hole in the blade and I’ll just bet it’s for cutting/breaking communication wire.

All in all, this is the fine first tool for you’re survival toolbox it is one of the favorites to most soldiers, after all, you run out of ammunition or overcome by the enemy there’s one deadly weapon right on the end of your rifle.

In Conclusion; 

The M-9 bayonet is the best choice proven by the US military when all else fails you’ll be able to depend on you’re M-9 bayonet to finish the job Like I said earlier It is time-proven over and over again so don’t lose out you know you want it to buy it it’s a no brainer.


William C. Wright

8 thoughts on M-9 Bayonet Review

  • Dexidoo November 4, 2020Reply

    You make me laugh as I write this ” A reviewer for the New York Times called it ” the best piece of military history ever written ” In an article for the Washington Post , Philip J Gass called the novel ” a masterpiece ” and stated that ” it is a classic , which is to say that it is a masterpiece of military history ” In the context of the book , J C Wollheim wrote that ” it is a great novel , and one of the best of all the novels I have read ” In an article in The New York Times , John C Coxes was quoted as saying : ” It is a great book , and one of the best of all the books I have read .

    • admin November 5, 2020Reply

      I am certainly glad you have enjoyed my post so much , I have enjoyed you’re comment also  thank you so much 

  • gifstandholidays November 4, 2020Reply

    Many of us can relate the need for many skill listed herein. I enjoyed the survival stories. The pressure point techniques and all the self methods are needed by may that will help a lot of us that need a level of protection. The images of natural deserted invite me to read more to avoid, being Caught off the guard. I would be interested in taking some of the Martial art classes to keep fit. 

    Thank you, 


    • admin November 5, 2020Reply

      Dang thank you it looks like I’m getting comments on more than just a Bayonet I’m so glad you enjoyed so much of my posts  and thank you for you’re comment 

  • Shavo November 4, 2020Reply

    It is very interesting to read through this amazing article, I like the fact that it deals with something as informing as the M9 boyanet, ita very true that it has dated a very long time back, many years before the inventions of more advanced weapons. It’s good to read about this, it’s very entertaining.

    • admin November 5, 2020Reply

      I’m glad you have enjoyed my review so much and Thank you for you’re comment 

  • Kelvin November 4, 2020Reply

    This is indeed a great article on Bayonet. I got to know about bayonet when I was a kid, while watching movies that had to do with telling a true story about the wars of those days, or a fiction that has to do with ancient wars. The bayonet was a very essential weapon then – a gun having a long knife at its mouth. It is really a one of a kind weapon.

    • admin November 5, 2020Reply

      yes as a teenager I had one I thought it was the greatest thing My memories would go to the old war movies and the games where on  

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