Maxam Sailor’s Lock Blade Knife And Marlin Spike Review

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Maxam Sailor’s Lock Blade Knife And Marlin Spike Review

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Maxam Sailor’s Tool, A Lever Lock Knife With Marlin Spike

The Navy Marlin Spike Knife;

You know you don’t have to be in the Navy or even a sea Ferrin man to need and enjoy having one of these Max-am Sailor’s tools and lever lock knife with a Marlin Spike or tool’s, and it’s not needed in every aspect of the Navy, in fact, the only department that will use one of these handy rope working tool’s is the deck department but if you’re a Navy man if you have one of these, people just identify you as being a sailor.

To want and need one of these you need to like to work with rope, and not to like your rope to be unraveling, or you need a loop on one end in fact the boson I new said a rope isn’t complete unless you have a back weave on one end and the other end an eye splice the thing about it you can stop the unraveling of a rope with a knot, and the same with the eye you can simply make the eye and tie it into you’re rope.

“You Should never tie a knot in a rope it weakens said rope a bunch” and that’s all you need is a rope with a week section because you can do this splice to join 2 ropes together this is one place the weakening of the rope is really bad, it messes with the weight the rope can SAFELY pull or lift.

So the areas a Maxam Sailers tool and lever lock knife with a marlinspike is needed for is back splice, union splice, and an eye splice, you’ll find your rope looks better more professional, and you’re will actually hold more this way as you can see you have like doubled the with of you’re rope.

About This Maxam Sailer’s Tool And Lever Lock Knife With A Marlinspike;

  • A Dynamic Nautical Knife: The Maxam Sailor’s Tool is a powerfully effective lever lock knife that includes a 3″  marlinspike and 2.75″ stainless steel flat edge knife.
  • Most Inexpensive Place; The most inexpensive place to find this very handy Knife, Amazon.
  • The Perfect Economy Sailors Knife: Featuring a honed blade, marlinspike, our functional sailor’s knife measures 7 inches long when opened and 4 inches closed.
  • A Practical Rigging Knife: With a durably robust marlinspike running along the spine and a lanyard ring for secure storage, our affordable sailor’s tool can easily be utilized to pick lines as well as loosen all kinds of difficult-to-untie knots.
  • The Pride runs deep; although you don’t have to be a sailor, to need one You can be prowed when you pull this out of you’re pocket to help untie a stubborn knot, which shouldn’t be there, to begin with.

In Conclusion;

I’ve tried my best to give you all the information on this sweet little pocket tool, Maxam Sailer’s tool and lever lock knife with a marlinspike, to help you to see if you would need, or like one of these uniquely useful knives. of boating, scouting, or any rope work there is a pride in the proper way to take care of a rope and the proper way will add life, and style to you’re rope, after all not everyone knows how to splice a rope

It’s an intriguing disappearing talent that one should learn before it does disappear forever and if you’re curious about the hows just come on in and we’ll lean.

Leave a comment with ideas or complaints, and I’ll get right back to you.

Thank You,

Bill Wright


2 thoughts on Maxam Sailor’s Lock Blade Knife And Marlin Spike Review

  • Michael June 1, 2021Reply

    A good review of this interesting and useful tool, probably truckdrivers and riggers on constructions sites might find it useful as well. 

    They must be selling well, I went to Amazon and saw they were not available. Looking at others on Amazon and the prices look pretty good. 

    Thanks for this, it is good to see some old school tools coming back into use. 

    • admin June 2, 2021Reply

      Thank you I didn’t realize this infraction I will justify it this morning. and yes it is a very handy tool.


      Bill Wright 

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