Mega Drought In The Us-Drought Conditions Defined

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Mega Drought In The Us-Drought Conditions Defined

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The Brutal Evidence;

Drought Conditions Definition

You know it really doesn’t have to be a Mega-drought to need a Survival Water Supply, I remember back in the day after I got out of Uncle Sams Navy, I was missing something, I thought it might just the military, well later as I have aged a group, I know it wasn’t just the military it was the sea, anyway sorry about that I sidetracked, I enlisted in the great State of Oklahoma’s Army National Guard.

We were a Rear Echelon unit I was a staff driver in the old Army jeep, and  I was the driver of one of the craziest officers around the S-3 officer the training officer if we had gone out to war I probably wouldn’t have seen any fighting, back in the day after Vietnam.

The National Guard;

The National Guard didn’t get called out much, but there was this one time it was a very violent spring rainfall in this small southeastern town We lived in the waters that rose out of their banks enough to flood the pumps and purification systems and shut the whole town out of water.

We were Activated with full Regular Army pay and privileges, to drive tractor-trailer’s water tankers to supply the town with drinking water, I can remember lines and needing to drive 20 miles to the next largest community to refill, and all the people had to just wait till we got back, it was a very sporting event if I must say so my self.

This went on for 3 weeks till the water subsided and they could go in and replace said water pump and repair the filtration system,

If This Had Been Thought of;

I do have access to a system that people could have used, and if you had one today you wouldn’t have to worry about clean drinking water, anymore it’s cleaner than bottled water, cleaner than boiled water even.

It’s the Water Freedom System With this amazing Water system if there isn’t drought or if there isn’t a disaster for this technology, you’ll save on you’re water bill, have the cleanest water for everyone.

The Water Bill;

These guys that stock up on bottled water is doing nothing but getting #2 quality water, and poisoning the earth with plastic, so stomp out one of you’re ecological footprints, going green.

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It’s portable, it’s light, it assembles easily, id doesn’t matter where you’re at if and when you need water the only substance needed or you’ll die in 3 days or less without it, by the Ocean, by a lake, a river, a field, a forest, or a dessert you’ll get enough good clean drinking water, to sustain you, you’re family, or you’re home during the dryest droughts, this  Water Freedom System I  have no drought that if everyone would get this system and turn 1 half of the water this thing is spitting out down in the earth like through wells and back into reservoirs we might just help the Megha Drought that is upcoming says NASA, and God.

Other Good Things;

Have ever been out looking for campsites, you know you have the ones that have electricity and running water right at the campsite although the water may not taste as good out at a campsite for washing dishes, hands, and bodies off after swimming the water is fine if you want to spend the extra money on the campsite for water you’re afraid of drinking and to heck with all that bottled water and the ECHO system if you know what I’m talking about.

In fact, I’ve got the setup where you don’t need to worry about electricity or water, on the campsite you, my friend can go totally Primitive with a  campsite without paying for water or electricity, the first thing is Electric and then Water with these to necessities taken care of you’ll never suffer.

Perfect Camping Spot;

You could drive along until you found that perfect camping spot doesn’t even have to be in a campground. pull up, set your tent up, then set your electricity up, it needs nothing to start generating power quickly, then your Water, it does need a little electricity for manufacturing water, but there you have it the 3 things you’ll need for a fun-filled free camping/survival adventure.

==>Hears A Must Read Check It Out<==

And just think that one day might come along when you walk up to your kitchen faucet grab a glass, shove it under the hydrant, and nothing then all of a sudden, “NOTHING”  then even worse the thing gurgles then rusty sludge, so what is the next thing you do is go next door for a gallon of water figuring the waterline has a break in it, well the line must be broke up at the main because the neighbors had no drinkable water either so you call the water department.

Reality Strikes;

When the water department finally answers the phone, it was a worker who said there isn’t any water, anywhere don’t know how fare but our neighboring community, there just isn’t any anywhere, no water don’t you wish you had done what your neighbors did and ordered this Water Freedom System, the only thing they might have is thieves, trying to steal their water, and this is just the beginning, teres a whole other post altogether for this case-scenario.

Just think what would you if there wasn’t any water At All, you’re way of life wouldn’t be the same again you, my friend will need to learn new and interesting things to survive with, and it is doable I promise.

In Conclusion;

Not if, but when the water dries up, you’ll need to be set up because if this kinda thing just hits you, well you have no time nun what so ever to supply water and electricity, so please do you’re self and others around you a favor that if this happens you’re set with water and electricity, now if all of this is needed, and you don’t have it you’re going to fail now if you fail at this you’re probably going to DIE!.

So come on and check it out it’s a no, brainer at least get yourself set up for water shortages they are the key to life itself, after all, how long can a human live without, water well let’s see 3 days, that’s it after 3 days you’re organs start to shut down, then you start hallucinating, then heat exhaustion, then heatstroke then death, so you’re water system is the most critical thing to get going just remember one thing if there isn’t any electricity, you’ll need to break this barrier first, so you can have some clean refreshing clean drinking water.

Thank You,

Bill Wright

Mega Drought In The Us

2 thoughts on Mega Drought In The Us-Drought Conditions Defined

  • Sergej June 12, 2021Reply


    This article has just made me realize how important water can be. Can it get to a point where they can’t be any water even to drink? Certainly, after reading your article, I feel yes! This time may come. Great news we may find relief if we owned the Water Freedom System. Now that we have electricity, we should install these systems around us. I will share the article with my friends and help them learn about this unique water system.

    Thank you for the great article,


    • admin June 12, 2021Reply

      Thank you that would be nice if you shared it, do you know how good it would be if everyone on the west side of the US would start using this amazing water generator how it would help the drought that’s on its way.

      It might even stop the Mega Drought but getting everyone using it I don’t know if my post is that strong LOL 

      Thank You,

      Bill Wright  

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