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Mega Drought Us

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How To Be Prepared For A Disaster;

Hi, Bill Hear;

Please be aware that I am an Affiliate with Wealthy Affiliate, although I enjoy writing my articles, as you read you’ll find affiliate links to items of interest, for camping or surviving,

If you decide that there is no better way to make these operations, easier or better be my guest, but if you decide to purchase said items I will receive a small commission,

Which in no way will affect the price, your paying.

So Please Come Read And Enjoy,

Just Another Summer Day;

Is John walked out of the front door he turned around and look, he was so proud that he was able to get this new house, I had been credit problems that he had to fix?

But also on that note John reached over and picked up his water hose to turn the water on the water come out so Crystal Clear took a big old drink out of it.

And at this point, it made him really happy that he went ahead and invested in that Water Freedom System, although at this time he’s just enjoying the flavor of some of the crystal clearest water around the world.

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After all the Water Freedom System such as water right out of the air before it gets any contaminants, when you first put this thing together he didn’t think it was going to work.

But it has proven him wrong, he was getting ready to wash his car, John noticed this his spray nozzle was busted, so John told his wife he’s going to Walmart to get a new one.

Things Just Weren’t Right;

People weren’t acting right as he drove down the street I stood there looking at their water hoses and looking at their faucets walk around talking to each other.

And as John drove by Steve’s house he was out, do John stop talking is the casual conversation was more of a bewilderment curiosity fear, Steven for him that no one has water.

Because He left this house and figured well maybe it’s just in our area my we had a water main break if I went across town to Walmart’s it didn’t change.

So John went ahead and bought himself another water sprayer for the hose, is John got into the Walmart’s he noticed there was no water anywhere in the store.

The deli has shut down because there’s no water to wash anything, so John has home, thinking in the back of his head damn I’m glad I got that Water Freedom System.

These New High Dollar Devices;

There is a very large company in California that has come up with this machine that does the same thing as his Water Freedom System.

But the dang thing cost $20,000 or if not more Stan 68 foot tall little bit on a tostada concealed, concealment and this situation is going to become very important.

Because if your neighbors and stuff couldn’t afford the $20,000 machine to extract water from the air, and they hadn’t been listening to the articles online about the water Freedom System.

Just let me cut through the sharpness of it people will start acting differently when the water supply stops flowing, bottled water will only last so long.

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What a man’s family goes to suffering because of water, it’s inevitable he’s going to take care of his family, and these fancy Water Supplies will be at risk.

The good thing about the Water Freedom System is it small enough that you can contain it it puts out as much water as the large high-dollar units.

Its Best;

What devices like this it’s best to have them early, I say early but you can hook it into your house and you stop using groundwater even if it’s still good.

And if enough people, what’s to do this, it could do nothing but help the water supply the more people that stop tapping into the groundwater the better off this world will be.

Now if you had to go out and buy these big Factory made water condensers that cost $20,000, this task would be much more difficult.

But with the Water Freedom System, it’s like it cost $37 for the book and directions there’s any support that you’re going to need, and maybe $100 in supplies.

So I would say $137 is much much much much better than $20,000, it was that only costing $137 to get this thing up and running.

I Believe In My Heart if we all work together every one of us would have one of these Water Freedom Systems sitting outside their house all right

Even If It Takes Group Help;

Supplying all the good clean drinking water that you’ll need for drinking washing dishes showers, it comes with the money-back guarantee that it will supply your house with water.

And for those poor people that just can’t even afford what’s $37 for the system,  I’ve seen those pull-together collection jars on the counters and stores.

The fire department can ruin boot donations, for that kind of price you think FEMA to jump in and supply a few of these Water Freedom Systems.

If they would it would prevent a whole lot of physical disturbances amongst Neighbors, also if they would it might just savor Aquaphor.

==>If You Just Need To Know More Check It Out<==

All in all, I do think saving groundwater is important enough for this to happen, the high dollar machines are a good idea, that would be impossible.

Put one of those hot dollar machines at every household, this would congregate people the rich people would have water in the poor people wouldn’t what good is that.

After all rich or poor we’re all Americans rich or poor we’re all going to need drinking water, so why can’t we pull together in furnish good clean drinking water for everyone.

In Conclusion;

I know Furnishing one of these for every household in the United States or even the West Coast is a tall order but it’s much more feasible.

If the unit doesn’t cost $20,000, and even if we can’t get every household on one maybe if we’re together we can get enough out there.

But there’ll be enough water to go around without taking from Mother Earth, and it’s silly as it sounds as much as anybody wants to admit it.

==>If You Just Need To KnowMore Check It Out<==

Something on a mass scale such as this kind of needs to happen where on Earth is going to be in worse shape than what anybody wants to imagine.

After all, Mega droughts that happened in the past, and yes we’re headed for a mega drought right now when it’s going to last for decades even centuries.

If that Aquaphor drives in it’s going to take decades or even centuries to replenish it as long as the water is getting sucked out of the Earth it’s not going to happen.

People need to change to air-water, the Water Freedom Sys going to worry about thattem instead of groundwater.

Leave a comment with concerns or Ideas always looking.

Thank You,

Bill Wright


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