Mississippi Can Survive Without Running Water

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Mississippi Can Survive Without Running Water

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What To Do If The Water Stops Flowing;

Different Types Of Flooding;

First, let’s say if you’re in a flood area like any coastal area, lake, or river that either floods or rivers rising out of their banks to create flooding, now when this happens and it will you’re towns water supply shuts down due to broken pip’s or pumps the water is compromised with contaminated water these are the reasons they invoke boiling orders because the water isn’t safe for human consumption or you’re well floods with the same contaminated water and yes I do mean contaminated.

If you have lost the running water due to excessive rain making the rivers rise out of their banks or the lakes are flooding the town’s water supply and the runoff wow, any type of flooding like this has dirt, oil, fuel, sewage, and any containment that it flows around or through to contaminate the towns water supply and can also quite possibly flood and contaminate your wells as well.

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And now if you’re on the coast and there’s flooding from too high of tides or the push you get from Hurricanes all you’re water supply will be contaminated along with all the contaminants from inland floods from massive rain and flooding plus the added saltwater from said ocean’s.

The Things To Do When The Water Stops Flowing;

I know the first thing you’ll say is to buy or purchase this life-giving substance, well this might be OK for a short time but what happens when the stores run out and how long can you afford to buy bottled water lets not forget the almighty shower, or the

washing of dishes, or hay, how about flushing the potty, this can get very expensive and a pain in the butt to carry all that water, and the good Lord knows there’s a lot of places that gathering rainwater isn’t feasible.

Oh, the red cross and the city are furnishing water you say for these kinds of things, Ok let’s go up and sit in line for hours, and isn’t it great fun to be in the said water line and right before you get up to receive your water they run out and don’t say that this doesn’t happen it’s a given there’s only so much water they can carry to supply a whole city and even more counting the rule areas we can’t forget these guys.

Other Ways To Get Water; 

I do have another way to receive good clean drinking water without all the B.S, of going out into this covid infested world spending all you’re hard-earned money on bottled water, or waiting in long lines with fear of them running out before you get up there to even get any water.

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The system I’m talking about is one amazing machine the  Water Freedom System Inexpensive, good for anywhere there a water problem be it flooding or droughts, near the water forest or deserts this amazing system will draw good clean drinking water right out of thin air and this amazing Freedom Water System will supply enough water to run a normal-sized household with drinking water, shower water, laundry water all the water needed to survive through the wort floods and or droughts comfortably.

In Conclusion;

You guys can go ahead spend your money, waste you’re time in water lines, tear your back up carrying said water, and not to mention put your self at risk of catching the Covid 19 around other human transmitters, but with this amazing Water Freedom System, you can forget all the needless spending money on a substance that should be free no matter if you’re in a crisis or not, sore muscles there should be only 2 reasons for sore muscles 1 Gym work, and 2 sex play but not carrying a substance that man has spent enough time carrying water from streams and or lakes to boil to drink.

With my  Water Freedom System you’ll get enough cleaner than filtered, purified, and or bottled water to supply a household or camp all of the water out of the  Water Freedom System is as clean as you can get water without all the digging, filtering, carrying, or boiling as far as I can tell this is a no brainer almost a stupid move not to check this thing out, I know that if I’ve been without the life-giving liquid called water for very long having to carry it boil it before I drink it, I would run an elephant over to get this   Water Freedom System in my possession.

Leave me a comment with any ideas or concerns just drop me that all-important comment so google will have something to grade me.

Thank You

Bill Wright

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