My Land Navigation Tip’s

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My Land Navigation Tip’s

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Army Land Navigation Training

My Land Navigation Tips;

There has been much more than once while driving a flatbed truck out across New Mexico, Arizona, and Utah, for hours and miles before you see anyone or anything like 3 or 4 hours at 75 to 80 MPH I often thought what would you do if you’re vehicle just Craped the bed, and you’re stranded haven’t seen anyone for hours this isn’t far fetched there are areas in Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico that is exactly like that for hours and miles nothing and no one limited water very small amounts of food so now what are you going to?

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Ah, the fear and confusion, well don’t let this stuff set in on you, slow down, take a breath or two, think about the situation, and definitely, Don’t Let The Fear And Confusion Take Over. think the crap out of it you’re smarter than all that.

 Don’t Let The Fear And ConfusionTake Over;

Now listen to me my friend, because my land navigation skills are derived from Army TRAINING SIR!!!!!!!  or Army Land Navigation Training that is.

The first thing would do is to check the said vehicle out to see if there’s anything you can do in the limited retches of you’re knowledge on auto mechanics you can do to get the old car up enough to nurse it to civilization, I don’t know some pantyhose for a water pump belt you know what I mean anyway after you have taken a look-see and have made up your mind there’s not a thing you can do to get this car up and going at all.

I would take note of which direction I was traveling in now keep in mind that that road you’ve been traveling north for hours, I mean literally hours is more like an asphalt river meaning it’s never flowing in the same direction so looking at this fact I would grab the road map and take a look now if this black flowing river of asphalt were water you could through a stick in it and see which way it’s flowing and whether you should be going up-river or down but the old trusty compass will let you know which direction to be going.

From where you’re at to the closest populated area and travel by compass and landmarks, the first thing you need to do is grab a map, and orient the Map, with the north arrow on you’re trusty Military Lensatic Compass One should always keep a compass around and the knowledge to read said compass it’s like a helicopter piolet if that helicopter gets shot down the piolet reverts back to the infantry, and if your comfortable car dies you convert back to a settler afoot.

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With this Military Lensatic Compass, you’ll have a much better chance than walking around looking for moss on the north side of the trees although it’s some very handy experience butt some time there just isn’t any moss but there will always be a north and south pole yeah buddy.

You Don’t Have To Have A Compass;

 Right, up-front, you don’t need a compass but it’s a lot more accurate, what you’ve got to remember that moss grows on the north side of trees rocks cliffs, or anywhere there’s a shadow, or the sun always looks south so you should do the same now keep in mind the sun comes up in the east and sets in the west, so what you do next, you need a line maker like a stick lol,  Facing south put a marker on the ground wait an hour and put a mark on the ground and move the stick until the shadow lines up with the marker you put down first, now at the end of the shadow, push your stick in the ground at both ends or the shadow and draw a straight line from one mark to the other mark you will have a line perfectly lined up from east to west and if you stand on the line facing the direction it took to end the shadow west 90 degrees left is what? south and now do an about-face and straight the other way is of cores north.

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 Now that you know oriented on the ground in front of you you can stand on the line facing the direction you’re to be walking N, E, S, and W look up at the horizon or the scenery in front of you and pick a landmark like a tower, hill, tree, even the center of a valley between two hills just about anything that’s not going to move, stand beside the line you have made and try to keep track either counting or measuring hands, feet or any given length to the direction of you’re targeting landmark and put another mark in that direction say about a hand from the line is the center of the targeting object, turn and face the opposite direction of you mainline opposite side of the line make the same measurement you hade at the beginning end of you’re mainline, now draw the second straight line this line is your actual direction of travel you may need to repeat so keep track write you’re measurements down on something paper, wood, or something it will help save you life and find you’re way.

Pool Of Water, Another Way To Find You’re Directions: 

Yes, a dead stagnant pool or pond can help you find you’re way, there no need for a moving stream to figure out which way the currents going and or finding north in which you cant find with moving water is the given directions so find some still water, get you a nice flat as possible oak or large leaf float it on the water and lightly place a piece of wire like a straight pin, or paper clip place it carefully on the leaf the wire will line up with the magnetic poles of earth’s north pole just like a  Military Lensatic Compass, you can find your direction right off of that leaf just like you did with following the rise and setting of the sun and making the appropriate lines on the dry ground each side of the given water.

Placement Of Landmarks;

It stands to reason that if you’re stuck or lost in a desert you might have to leave a person behind or you might have to find you’re way back to said person or the car, you figure out the best way to head out to find help or you’re right direction as you venture out further away you need to every so often place your self a landmark, these landmarks should be as obvious as possible, with the man maid looks, with away

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 to show the direction, like a line of stones leading away from the main part of the landmark pointing in the direction of where either you’re automobile or your partner will be located, so it’s easy for you or a stranger to locate them, or if you have it handy spry paint would work but you don’t always carry a can of paint in you’re pocket and you just more than likely do not have said can of paint.

In Conclusion;  

If you happen to get lost, stranded, or just flat broke down don’t lose you’re head instead gather your common sense orient yourself and a map with land north and map north if you have it, locate your self on the map with any landmarks stay as a straight line as possible to you’re target landmark the one you’re walking to place landmarks ever so often so you can come back to the spot where you partner or car is waiting for you and any help you could find to return and save the day.

Please leave a comment with any ideas comments or feedback and Ill return within 24 hours.

Thank You,

Bill Wright

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