North Atlantic Current Facts:

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North Atlantic Current Facts:

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North Atlantic Current Shutdown:

Hi, Bill Hear;

Please be aware that I am an Affiliate with Wealthy Affiliate, although I enjoy writing my articles, as you read you’ll find affiliate links to items of interest, for camping or surviving,

If you decide that there is no better way to make these operations, easier or better be my guest, but if you decide to purchase said items I will receive a small commission,

Which in no way will affect the price, your paying.

So Please Come Read And Enjoy,

Man, there’s a group of items you’ll need for this case scenario 

Day After Tomorrow;

OMG, did the writer of this movie, go for and in time so he can ride a real for a true life Disaster Movie, that will really happen in the future which is this day or near future.

I mean have you been checking out the news, I have the national news on my phone, and right there in black and white says North Atlantic current expected to stop.

Which will spin off freezing weather in places unexpected, now this brings a New Twist to the survival gig, or the camping thing, or any other outdoor activity you might have.

==>A Must-Have For Any Situation Check It Out<==

All I’ve got to say is thank God where I live if it turns out anything like the movie turned out I’m sitting pretty good I live in North Central Texas just about a five-hour trip to the Mexican border.

I’m sure where ever you’ll need to stop you will need some heat other than a campfire and a fridge Back Yard Revolution.

The way It has Been All My Remimerable Life;

Okay, as long as I’ve lived in North Central Texas in the Southeastern Oklahoma area August is usually about a hundred and one if not a hundred and two.

Dry as a bone, with no forecasted rain for weeks, the ground will crack, the fires usually run ramping, the like usually have a price down where the Yachts have to be moved away from the bank.

But this year this area has got more rain than it usually gets most of the year, sometimes in the fall it rains a lot it’ll even push the lake up over its banks.

==>When The Water Is Low, Check It Out<==

Has been known a couple of times to push the water over the spillway, which was only supposed to happen one time on Lake Texoma on the norm you need the Water Freedom System.

Normally the floodgates won’t be opened most of the summer and I’m talking from July all the way most of the way through September,

Never In August;

In August everybody usually praying for just a little bit of rain, a little more than what it takes to make the air smell sweet with a little bit of Summer Rain hits the asphalt.

But this year it has rained richly down poured 2/3 of the month of August so far. This is unheard of around here we don’t know how to act.

==>You Will Always Need Electricity Check This One Out<==

Do you put shorts on or do you put a raincoat on, I just stay in my shorts t-shirts, and flip-flops and go with the flow, cuz it’s still warm raincoats will sweat you to death.

Some of the best country boys down here in the South we normally just go for it it’s a lot nicer to be wet in a little bit cool off that it is hot sweaty and praying for rain.

The Unknowing;

This winter might just be a bit sporting, although I thought that last winter and It hardly even snowed much just once and it was gone before the end of the second day, much less Ice over, maybe once or twice,

But it has been unnaturally cool and wet, on a norm, from June all the way through September, it runs from 97at night to 102 degrees, FH Fahrenheit not Celsius during the day.

This year it gets up to around 95 to 98 during the day and 77 at night not for this area is not normal nice but not normal, there are other telltale signs.

==>Pertecton Against The Elements And Personal Privecy<==

I haven’t been keeping a close track of them this year as I did last year, but last year the Hurricanes were running rampant way past hurricane season.

Tornadoes were much more active the droughts were worse, things are just out of kilter and this isn’t good especially with the fear of the North Atlantic current stopping.

Wouldnt you love to know how our forefathers, survived after all just the way of life was a survival scenario, The Lost Ways

Moderate Climate’s;

You see that the North Atlantic current runs from north to south, the water on the equator gets warm North Atlantic current Carrie’s up north.

In the north, it cools the heavy cool water sinks down below the warm water then it flows back south, on the way south, and in the South.

The water warms back up Rises to the surface in the North Atlantic current carries it back North During all this part of the current is separated and goes east,

This same process happens all around the world, theoretically speaking you could throw a note in a bottle out in the oceanAnd in a few year’s time, that bottle has a good chance to come right back around to you,

The Earth uses the ocean waters completely aaround her 72% of the earth is covered by oceans.

What Could One Do, To Something Like This;

There’s a bunch of variables, now like the movie, and I use this because it’s the only thing I have to compare things with, now in the movie if you live north of say the Mason-Dixon line.

Your first foremost and very important task should be to listen to National radio weather stations in case you do have to evacuate.

==>When The Crap Hits The Wind You Will Need That Perfect Tool<==

Now if you honestly think you can survive through a major storm like what would be on the day after tomorrow’s movie, you- my friend really needs to make sure you’re home is suited for such a thing.

After all, this is not a natural happening this is biblical why iPhone verse with change as we know it, we would have to go through some changes physically.

I mean it will really be sporting for you, but may not have survived much much worse than that after all, we kicked the first ice age in the butt, why do I know this?

We’re Still Here;

But I’m telling you right now you really need to have the kit did I have written about in past articles, it’s a family thing, bring me for camping.

But I also said, in the past post, when it gets down to the nitty-gritty there’s not a whole lot of difference between camping and surviving.

==>When this happens protection is of the utmost<==

In fact, in my Past post, I have used camping to help teach train and supply for all disasters so your family could learn and your friends.

Because, when the crap hits the fan, you knowing what to do, keeping centered, and having a low-keyed attitude about things, and the knowledge of what to do next.

Will be your biggest chance to survive, any disaster.

What Would Be The Next Step;

Like I mentioned earlier, listen to national weather, or national news, if there’s an order to vacate the area take them seriously unless you have one nice house.

It’s probably not going to make it, and if it gets really bad, and they order an evacuation you really need to follow suit, cuz during something like this you really don’t know what’s going to happen.

==>To Help With Food<== 

Grab your truck four-wheeler Jeep SUV whatever you have hook up to your kit and head south, unless this uncertain world doesn’t tip completely on its side.

It should be warmer the further south you go and in your Kit, you should have everything you need to survive away from your house if you’re up north.

And if you have set your kit up as I informed you to do, in an earlier article Kit. 

In Conclusion;

I get a lot of my articles from reading the news and the weather I get national news and weather right on my phone if I started an article, pretty much means it’s happening.

Cause I want anybody and everybody that joins my side to have the edge on Surviving any and all disasters natural man-made are biblical.

There’s only one thing when the North Atlantic current stops this isn’t a natural occurrence this is brought on by Mankind’s ignorance and unwillingness to help the world.

So this fits right into the man-made and natural disasters and I’m quite sure if this occurs happens there’s going to be a ..need for surviving disasters all over the world.

From no water to too much water from hurricanes to tornadoes from extremely hot to extremely cold if at North Atlantic current stops we’re in far at all brother.

And if you procrastinate supplying yourself and your kit today who helped my friend tomorrow is going to be too late and when it’s too late for anything on my side it’s disastrous.

So please come on in and check it out, you might just find something to survive in a very comfortable way that’s the way I like to keep its survival in a very comfortable relaxing, and enjoyable way.

Leave a comment on any concerns or ideas and I’ll get back with you within 24 hours.

Thank You,

Bill Wright

3 thoughts on North Atlantic Current Facts:

  • Alejandra August 24, 2021Reply

    Thanks so much for sharing a good article to read to learn more about North Atlantic Current Facts, after reading your article is clear that weather has changed a lot on that part of the world where you live, here in Canada, not far from the Atalntic, we also have seen a lot of changes on the weather this year, poor rain, more tornados, and most of lakes, rives and ponds with less water. While I see on the news other parts of the world are having problems with fires, floods, lots of rain as never before.  This worries me a lot. 

  • Cogito August 24, 2021Reply

    Hi Bill. Thank you for very interesting article. I couldn’t agree more that weather is getting weirder and weirder every years. Storm, floods, massive fires… we are seeing things nobody would thought about 10 years ago. We need to be ready and prepare our family for worst. And checking weather stations is most basic thing we can do. Im not optimistic here and I believe every year it will be getting worse, so its extremely important to be ready for climate changes.

    • admin August 24, 2021Reply

      Yes it’s getting really bad only to get worst it seems nice when it rains like a monsoon and it’s only 75 degrees at night but it’s not right and it scares me 

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