Outdoor Winter Survival Tips

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Outdoor Winter Survival Tips

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From Sub Zero To Triple Digits;

The Way It Is;

Yes from sub-zero to triple digits the human species has been able to adjust from triple digits to subzero and back but not without the help of man’s intellect and his ability to overcome adversities if the weather is uncomfortably hot we strip down if that doesn’t work we go swimming yea buddy or sink into the AC yep Air Conditioning, Oh and if we get too cold we slap a wrap on and or run for the heater or you’re heated house, Electric blankets, just adjust that thermostat.

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Mankind suffered a bunch before all these modern conveniences which have spoiled our species bad because you can stand and even grow accustomed to less heat than what is considered comfortable or more heat than what is considered comfortable as I go through this post you’ll learn how much cold you can take and actually grow accustomed to without the thermostat or electric blanket, mankind has survived, endured, and flat out adjusted to be very comfortable in arctic and antarctic temperatures,

Guess What We Still Are;

Right now, as we communicate there are Americans living in the Arctic regions, our northern hemisphere brother’s like Canada Rusha, Greenland, and almost Iceland, damn there’s actually, actual Escimoe families living in yes Igloos  I can almost guarantee there are people, even families that actually go camping in less than 32 degree temps to the day I know this being from Texas I have camped in 29-degree weather and got very comfortable doing so my self and Jeff Arther East Burns run Lake Texoma so cold the beer froze in the ice chest that night but we slept very comfortably and had a great time doing it.

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So if you do happen to get your self in a situation that requires more than a night slow down don’t worry it isn’t a doomsday thing if you stop and gather everything hears I’m about to share with you, the thing’s I’ve learned from being in Up-State New York In the Aderaundak Mountains where I was a member of the NY National guard which was Light Infantry mountain company and we bivouacked in winter and or year-round l, 2 years in Iceland, time in Greenland, trough the north Atlantic driving a tractor on the USS America  CV66, so I’ve learned that the cold won’t kill you, you’re ignorances will.

So Please Read On Enjoy And Learn; 

There are 3 main things that are going to hurt you that’s the wind, the moisture, and the absence of Soler Energy, You’re clothing will help with most of this, to start, LAYERS, Multiple layers the first being something like long john’s or long handles UNDERWEAR ok, socks teeshirt all cotton, nice absorbent cotton, then the next layer I found sweat clothes tops and pant’s hooded, feet definitely put plastic baggs over you’re socked in you’re foot coverings I say this because all foot wair isn’t waterproof if you have good waterproof boot’s then, by all means, do without the plastic bags if you are wearing the plastic every 3 or 4 houres remove to let dry possibly a change while one is drying the other will be on and you can continue, with whats ongoing yes the largest set back with plastic in you’re shoes is sweating.

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The next layer will be your normal Jeans would be the better next layer comfortable durable if all you have is slacks I guess they will have to do lol, over them would be good if you could have access to a pair of rain pants wonderful wind blocks, if you have them they have sub-zero pants I’m talking if you just get stranded like in you’re vehicle. now on the top, Tee shirt, insulated underwear top, sweat jackets with hood, LAYERS even you’re head, the last layer the coat you have with you I hope it has a hood, if not thank God for hooded sweat jackets.

Finding That spot;

Now if you’re just stuck in your car, and it’s like getting late and there’s just no way of getting free before nightfall, now this is the most laid out thing to adjust If you have plenty of fuel you could just camp there utilizing the heater in you’re car or truck, but we’re not always that lucky in fact you really shouldn’t do this heater thing unless it’s critical like a storm, but if not get out find you a spot blocking the cold north wind’s, in a thicket of trees that grow close to the ground like cedar tree’s or behind a hill or mound that you constructed out of snow or loose dirt, BLOCK THE WIND the main purpose.

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Cave well this is a thought but be where you’re not the top of the food chain so be on the lookout for other cave dwellers like I don’t know BEAR’S wolves or just wild doges but if you can find that empty cave you’ll be much more comfortable most caves have a draft and possibly you can start a fire for light and heat, if there’s more than just you cuddle all together if it’s your buddy you’re wife, children or you’re dog just consolidate some body heat, by the way, a doge’s natural body heat is 107 degrees now there’s the heater every one under the cover and hear video come hear get him or her under the blanket un all will be comfortable.

But if you get you’re self-lost or stranded due to overabundance of snow and you know you’re going to be there for a minute look for that spot that’s in the thick brush of the land or behind mounds of snow or hills to help break the wind, but keep the sky open during the day’s you’ll have a nice spot to lay low and warm up during the day’s remember that when it’s -0, 32 will feel comfortable and with the tricks of body heat small fires an ice or snow house will work also, after all, like I’ve mentioned Eskimo people live this way most of their lives.

The Second Most Important Operation;

Yes more important than the food itself without this natural resource you will perish in less than a week but you can last a while before you turn to cannibalism, but without drinking water, you won’t need to worry you’ll be mother natures new banquet for the wid animals, now with drinking water you’ll need another natural resource that will have much more benefit FIRE now with the snow, if you’ve got some that’s not yellow you can melt it with your body heat, but in most cases, you will want to boil your water you have found to a full boil for a little bit and a piece of clothing to strain especially if it’s lake water or stream water some streams flow clean filtered water but it’s not a good gamble to try just be safe and boil it’s not heard just hang a plastic bottle of water over the flame and the water will boil without damaging the plastic bottle.

Building Said Fire;

This fire building process is as important as drinking water finding that spot out of the cold flow of air and being in the sun for daily comfort. now if you’re lucky enough to have some matches or a lighter let me tell you, you’re doomed, why you asked? well, neither one last’s that long well alls I’m saying is you could use a magnifying glass if you had one and it hasn’t got a lost or broken look all in all one need’s to learn the fine art of fire building because one of these days you’re fire will go out and there’s a good chance that you’ll be out of all fire-starting implements.

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So in this case read on and learn, you need to find a downd tree that might have a kindfa flat side about 2 or 3 feet long and about 2 1/2″ to 3 ” wide with a pocket knife carve you’re self a thin trench or a small cut out about 6 to 8″ lomg, find you a stick about 1″ to 1/2″ in diameter carve you a chisal looking end with a angled edge, you take the chisled end and press it firmly in to the little trebch yiou carved pushing it and pulling it slowly but firmly to get this realy find scraping’s fromt the two peices rubbing after you get a littgle bit of these shaveings, you will need to scoop a little bit n a pile at the fibish of youre little trench, then with preshure you start rubbing you little chisal pointed stick in the little trench and before you know it you’ll have a small little pile of wood dust or kindaling you take and pile this flamamable wood dust in a small pile at the end of you’re small trench then with you wooden chisal you pick up the pase pressing firmly after a small period youll notice you’re pile of wood dust smoking you gently pick it up with a Twigg and where the smoldering kindal is start blowing gentlty and before you know it it will kinda burst in to flams hear is where you transfer it to some just a bit larger kindalin ot get you’re self a sustaind fire.

The Next Operations;

You need to go for a bit of an intel-gathering walk looking for prints stool dropping’s anything to show you where you need to possibly set your self a trap after all you’re going to get tired of vegetation and bugs from, foraging unless you have a firearm you’ll need to get some meat to eat trapping is a happy medium there if you don’t have a firearm you’ll need to carry a club to help in the prosses of getting your next meal.

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Believe me, even if you’re not feeling hungry you need to eat your body burns so much more energy in the cold than in the hot climate now with you’re all set in as comfortable as possible.

The next final step to the first things you should do is a warning that’s big enough to tell the world where you’re at if in snow Personally I would lay out a very large ground sign meaning like HELP in the snow 8″ to 10″ tall seized to read from an aircraft walk over the words until they are a permanent indent in the snow make it a daily ritual while doing so start adding stickers small medium and large pieces of wood daily until you find an aircraft that will pass over. surely you’re not a nomad with no one that will eventually miss you.

The Transit; 

Now personally I wouldn’t stay in that one area that long, after about, I don’t know 3 or 4 days to a week or 2 it all depends it’s a personal thing but mine, I would take and save as much cooked meats and other foods to carry like water as you can carry and while you’re in a snow region conserve said water in case you can’t find any if you’re lucky enough to get out of snow, anyway make a backpack, sled, or any way you can come up with to transport all you’re life-giving supplies, these will either win or lose you’re fight to stay alive.

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Always want a long polking staff, for checking depth and stability of deep snow and protection and just to give aiding maneuvering through deep snow, gather you’re direction try to remember the direction you was going before you’re hung up in the cold wild this will probably be you’re the best direction to head out remembering the sun comes up in the East down in the west and is always facing south get you a couple of land markets that stand out and walk towards the landmark you’re headed for checking the one you’re walking away from to ensure you’re on a straight path looking for trails streams or roads that might lead you to captivity.

In Conclusion; 

I’ve tried my best to give my personal thoughts and actions I would take if was stuck in a situation as I’ve explained in my post from my past life’s experiences and in which I hope you have enjoyed reading, I feel in my heart if you have a plan a wrote down studied plan you can win, live, and survive any situation.

This is what my posts are all about learning and having a plan for survival, Razor Edge Survival.

Leave a comment and I’ll be right with you


Bill Wright

2 thoughts on Outdoor Winter Survival Tips

  • Cogito January 13, 2021Reply

    Very interesting article. I love mountain tours, but in past I mostly focus on spring/summer ones. Just recently my friend convinced me for winter trips. And to be fair its different… I really appreciate your advices. Even if some of them may seems obvious for more experienced tourist still they are extremely useful for beginners. Looking forward to use your tips and hopefully start enjoying winter travels.

    • admin January 14, 2021Reply

      Thank you for the comment most of my stuff is for people that don’t know and get stuck in that situation 

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