Portable Alternative Electric Freedom System

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Portable Alternative Electric Freedom System

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 What Is A Prairie Generator

The Prairie Generator;

Well, let me tell my friends my explanation of a portable alternative electric freedom system is plain and simple a Prairie Generator which was back in the time something like this kinda heat energy generator was way ahead of its time, the time settlers were crossing the plains on their way to California, at this time this mechanism was more like a  Prairie Heat Generator because back in those days there just wasn’t electricity and the transformation of the energy of the heat their Prairie generator was omitting to heat to start fires and even heart their cabins, lean-tos, tents, and even their wagons or whatever they had to rest in at the time as it was needed.

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 Now there is some real freedom for you to be able to carry a piece of equipment with you that you could set up in minutes and be generating enough heat to warm a shelter to a comfortable temperature in just a very few hours so you don’t have to waist you’re campfire wood trying to heat your cabin with an open fire although this means of heating a cabin does have its dangers after all others an uncontrolled heat source in a closed-in area so yes there is a possibility of flam ups so a container of water was kept close by.

New Inventions Out Of Old Discoveries;

Now during this time, this groundbreaking discovery of producing heat out of compost and yard clippings had just happened, there was a fella from across the ocean in the UK a Mr. Alexander Grham Bell was in the process of discovering electricity and proving it by flying that kite and getting that shock, dang it all at this time even Mr. Bell didn’t have an inclination that you could take the energy of said heat from the sun, fire, and like this magical system, the does take compost and turn it into the same power that he just got from flying a kite in a thunderstorm, the shock of incandescent light bulbs, running horseless carriages, heating the old castle, and the list goes on.

So nowadays with all this wonderful technology, they have come with this idea of a system that could be called the Electric Freedom System that could live up to its name and furnish electricity to you on the go without a bunch of fuel, setting up solar panels, or wind miles and you’re not always gifted with running water to be able to set up the old water wheel REALLY??? 

Case Scenario;

We were out and around on our way to see a friend that lives in New Mexico they wanted to take us camping so we loaded everything in their jeep they started looking for a campsite with electricity, let me tell you the paysites in New Mexico or more prowed of them than Texas or Oklahoma, so I brought up the little system that I had bought, when I told him about it he thought for sure we were smoking to much pot or something.

So I asked him to trust me with great skepticism they agreed to try this unique system out so we went out into the New Mexico tundra found us a nice comfortable spot to set everything up My friend had me set it up while he set the rest of the camp up I got finished and setting the Electric Freedom System, I found some compost that had already started the decomposition phase, so I went and helped him to finish setting up the camp it took a couple of hours to finish.


At this time we went out to do some Hiking even found a spot that we could take a dip nice cold water stream, after about an hour my buddy started worrying about having electricity to make coffee, run a fan, or have lights for after the sun goes down, so we finished up swimming and started that 30-minute hike back to our camp.

It was funny you see he was busting on me before we left, and plugged the fan in and turned it on and said at least we can pretend to have electricity, and the closer to camp we heard the sound of something that got more clear the closer to the camp we got and low and behold the fan had been running, for a minute apparently because the tent was rather cool on the inside.

The modern conveniences;

My buddy was so ecstatic about having the electricity like this he asked if it might run a T.V. I said I didn’t see why not, so there he went with the TV DVD recorder and even a Dish satellite set up well the Electric Freedom System worked great for the whole week we were out there.

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You see my buddy and his wife were weekend worries to the same campsite we passed up guess what he had in his camping equipment, an air conditioner, so we pulled it upset it up to blow into the tent and plugged it in and BAM turned it on and she worked great.

So there you have it with this Electric Freedom System we camped for a week had TV, fan, air conditioner, lights, coffee and keeping the air mattresses tight all week long without even one issue was my friend impressed and convinced.

In Conclusion;

With the Electric Freedom System, we had power for a whole week and the most we spent on electricity was 6 or 8 bucks for a bail of hay for the fuel and the rest of the time while we walked around looking for firewood we also looked for smaller stuff to fuel the Electric Freedom System, after having set up and using this system I have definitely made up my mind the system will ba lifesaver if was to lose your electricity for days, week’s, months, or even years, you’ll have a portable Electric Energy System that will keep you Comfortable till forever.

Thank You;

Bill Wright.


Portable Alternative Electric Freedom

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