Preparing Disaster Survival

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Preparing Disaster Survival

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How To Be Prepared For Survival;

Hi, Bill Hear;

Please be aware that I am an Affiliate with Wealthy Affiliate, although I enjoy writing my articles, as you read.

You’ll find affiliate links to items of interest, for camping or surviving if you decide that there is no better way.

To make these operations, easier or better be my guest, but if you decide to purchase said items I will receive a small commission,

“Which in no way will affect the price, your paying.”

So Please Come Read And Enjoy,

Your Way Of Life;

Yes indeed your way of life will decide how you prepare for survival, and if I’m trying to help you with surviving, you’ll be learning how to survive.

A lot like a scout, or Army survival and what would my main tool be to help survive as I would, and you ask what’s different about why I would survive, like a scout.

First off I’ll be surviving like a man that has no ties to any land or property like a home that I would need to defend other than my family, friends, and myself.

There are at least 2 different systems I would suggest because you will be out survival Camping and if you’re like me I’ve got my Kit in storage.

And until you get established, with your new way of life all you will need other than a small tent, and tools for a quick campsite, which does without a group.

Of modern conveniences like fridge, air conditioners, fans, lights, amongst other things. this could be due to an invasion, where your house isn’t the most secure place in the world.

Certain Tools Needed;

Being a survival site I have all sorts of tools to help one survive and Camp and do them both very comfortable and in fact enjoyable in some or most circumstances.

==>Everything You Need To Know From Our Great Grandfathers Fore Fathers<==

But we can’t forget the times where there just isn’t going to have those luxuries other than being hidden, dry warm, and comfortable with what nature has laid out.

You have got to think about the situations where you just don’t have the house so there you need to resort to infantry training, I do have some items.

That will help you survive mother nature alone, The Lost Ways with this ebook you’ll have all the secrets our forefathers accumulated crossing the plains.

After all everyday life back then was a survival scenario to us today, in this ebook he’ll teach you how to make Trail snacks, and pain killers

The snakes the Indian Scout used to carry on them for weeks, in the painkiller is made out of wild lettuce, we all remember it as that ugly milkweed growing in the driveway.

There are just hundreds of things you’ll learn from The Lost Ways  there are hundreds of things that our ancestors learned on their own and from our Indian Neighbors.

Another Need To Have;

The next very helpful piece of literature spec-ops and bush crafting, the special forces soldier shows you ways to survive without a bunch of energy.

Like making fire from your Pee, Pee? you asked this one you’ll need to check out on you’re own, after all, it doesn’t cost just to check it out.

This Pee thing is just a high lite of the contents of this ebook it is full of teachings from Green Beret training, finding the best-concealed area for your Safe hut.

And to construct it perfectly hidden as if it was part of the landscape, black the Lost ways Missy course is full of survival techniques and ideas that will be very useful in this case.

You see most of my training teaching and survival will be much later down the line these items I’m talking about right now, it’s for that we need to get out of here.

We Need To Hide;

If this happens, Life as We Know It will have changed drastically civilization as we know it will be collapsed, if there’s any law enforcement.

They will be fighting the enemy are the insurgents, rite along with the National Guard, Army, Air Force, Marines, and the Navy, and I don’t care how good you are hidden.

There’s probably going to be a time when you’ll be needing  Real Life Self defense, because even if they do hit with an EMP attack and knock out our electricity.

There will be Ground Forces coming in to try to finish the job and we as the steadfast Americans we are we’re obligated to protect our freedom.

And protect our core values, families and friends, in The Way We Believe.

One Verry Important Item;

One very important item to help you survive and no one ever thinks about this but if this overcomes you, you will fail, so this  is a very important survival strategy Stress Elimination Strategies.

You see I don’t care how well you know how to make a campsite porridge for food collect water none of this matters if your psyche is off.

So this Stress Elimination Strategies will be a big positive factor in you surviving a scenario as I’ve been talking about, now that we have the items to get out of a house.

It’s probably going to be the offender’s targets in our dwellings, I mean you’ve got The Lost Ways for my forefathers, you have Spec Ops in bushcraft.

The way the Special Forces trains, you have real-life self-defense, which will more than likely be a big help in this case scenario.

The Things That Are Missing;

Weapons, Now if you have a firearm triple cool, but I have yet to put something like that on my site, why you asked because a lot of my articles deal with total power outages.

And if this was to happen there would be a problem with Firearms, and that is the ammunition, if there isn’t any electricity there aren’t any operating factories.

==>If You Just Need More Intel<==

There definitely will not be any bullets, so my weapons of choice are first off knives, I like the Buck 110 sheath knife, the Huntsman just in case you need that tool, that normally you wouldn’t.

As you can see I’ve pretty much had the belt taken up but there is room for 1 more very important and beautiful knife, the Ottoza Handmade Damascus Tracker Knife with Bone Handle.

Yrs you still have room on your belt for this guy it is made to mount on the back of your belt horizontal for easy access, and Hyden out of direct sight.

This knife will probably be the handiest knife on your belt, it’s big enough to take care of any kind of assaults man or animal, and if you’re lucky enough.

To have made the kill for supper you got the perfect knife for skinning your prey, but there is one more muchly needed knife, As you can guess Bush Machete for clearing brush and enemy

And I Do Have Some Real Weapons;

But you have to remember my site moment has no firearms, due to being able to have a monition and possibly having all firearms taken from us.

My most reliable weapon is The GlassHarrier Compound Bow Kit this is a great weapon because if you are busy or hurt your son can adjust this bow to fit him are you.

It’s great for some distance’s, with a bit of practice yes a bow and arrow take a bit of hands-on finesse to be able to hit a deer at 75 yards but it is doable.

A bit more accuracy just not as versatile, the Barnett Hyper Ghost 405 Crossbow is as accurate as a rifle, but much more silent and deadly.

==>If Not For Food/Then It’s For Pertection<==

They say it makes a bunch of noise when it “strikes” its target, that’s right not when you pull the trigger to let everyone else, where you are at. but noise when it hits a target.

No one will be able to see where your at or it came from, the crossbow is the ideal weapon, silent but deadly.

There is one more unusual weapon, you hit an ass hole in the eyes with this you have time to take control of the situation, and it’s a freebie this Tack Light.

Picking Out The Safe Hayden;

Now that you have most of the tools and information, to get away from the threats, you have got to pick out that safe Hayden.

The spot you are looking for is hidden on all sides yes even hidden from anything coming in the air, there is this tarping the army uses.

Of there is an opening to your encampment, the Military has come up with the neatest item its a tarp, it cant be a tarpit is not waterproof, or windproof.

But it is sight and light-proof, it’s the Lunio, Camo Netting this stuff is great if you cant find a good Safehaven, with enough cover for concealment.

This netting is great for blocking the view from your enemies our son left from your area it lets the wind through.

But nobody can see you through it and it Blends in with the Natural Area in your ear, and I do believe they have different styles black summer winter fall Baby Desert.

I found the best place is elevated above everybody the thick brush on three sides in a large body of water on one side, this will give you your advantage.

And A Source Of Water;

Like I said at the beginning of this article this is as if it had happened to me I had to survive, and I’m a man that has to rent, a home.

So I wouldn’t be able to stay and protect my home more than likely not that I’d really want to stay and protect a dwelling if there was found Unfriendly’s in our country.

==>Do Not Let Thirst Win<==

Where I live there’s a big lake and if you get me on any Bank of this Lake there’s nobody ever going to find me it’s a freshwater lake reasonably clean.

The community I’m from gets its drinking water from this Lake core sector much filtration the Lake does have a small salt content the lake is called Lake Texoma.

And I know of a whole bunch of places on this lake that is set up just like I explained tickets for Woods on three sides on the side of a cliff, with water on one side.

This way you can be pretty much self-sustained you got a wild game you got fish you got drinking water you got privacy and secure mint.

Like I said you can’t really drink the water out of Lake Texoma unless it’s filtered and I can help there, this little Water Purification Filter Survival Straw.

In Conclusion;

Man, I’m telling you I could just go on and on about surviving in my own stomping grounds, but the opening shut of it he is everything I’ve mentioned in this article.

Is like on the spur of the moment grab what you need and get the heck out of the dwelling there’s a bunch of BS on its way, take what you can.

Hide it and grab what you need and hide, because after it’s all said and done and you have found your safe spot safe enough to rest.

For your family and friends and keep in mind if it does come down to this the closer to eight people you have the better off you are, for many reasons.

But after this point where you can actually relax it’s time to go uncover your KIT, get it to your location set the rest of your place up, making sure it’s hidden.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about here please refer to this and you understand,

Please leave a comment with concerns or ideas I’ll be back in a day’s time

Thank You,

Bill Wright



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