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Should I Be A Prepper;

Hi, Bill Hear;

Please be aware that I am an Affiliate with Wealthy Affiliate, although I enjoy writing my articles, as you read.

You’ll find affiliate links to items of interest, for camping or surviving if you decide that there is no better way.

==>Looking To Learn How To Get Out From Under The Man<==

To make these operations, easier or better be my guest, but if you decide to purchase said items I will receive a small commission,

If you have any ideas for improvement please leave a comment and we can discuss sid ideas or concerns always interested in both.

“Which in no way will affect the price, your paying.”

So Please Come Read And Enjoy,

You Would Think;

You would think a prepper would be a person with a cellar fixed up with weeks worth of food rations and drinking water, probably Hyden.

From the public, maybe even from you’re friends, from the inside of your home, it might just look like a closet, but you open the door walk-in.

==>The Fist Thing Needed You Can Find It Here Stress Elimination Strategies<==

Turn to your right and pull your false floor up, then climb down into a basement, of sufficient area for your family to exist, an area for setting and visiting watching TV, DVDs.

Listening to music or the local radio, to the other side you would probably have enough bunks for you and your family, and through a door.

You might find a secret place where all your can goods and dry goods might be kept, and all this would be the, just in case the crap, gets sporting.

The Main House;

Then you have the main house upstairs where you might think a person like this might just have a place to relax, maybe if this man has any land.

I know he would have some kind of digital surveillance, with night capabilities picture and video capabilities, probably motion censored spotlights.

And maybe even some non-lethal traps, the mainly hold subdue until a later time, when the law enforcement can get there if there is any.

==>Best Self Defense For All Ages Man Or Women<==

In the house his home his safe place would also have surveillance in it, all the windows would be Bars and medium-heavy plate steel not less than 10 gauge steel shutters.

There would probably be Panic buttons in two or three spots throughout the house that would notify a police department if there is one.

If “there is one” just in case there was some big invasion like physical or the country’s electricity, or communications, you’re police might just taking care of other things.

But For The Others;

But for the other people, you know the ones that are like me, and my family, you know we might as well not have a pot to piss in.

To speak of, I mean I don’t have any acreage or a big beautiful house, to defend, which in my eyes is alright because if this kinda crap goes down.

Believe me, you’re going to be outgunned, and I would guess the police will be very busy, to be able to answer any residential calls if they do.

==>Pain Killers Needed, Even If The Pharmacy Isn’t Able To Receive Any Medication’s<==

They will be at the bottom of their list, because of luters or unfriendly foreign troops, or rescuing individuals caught or stuck under debris.

Or helping to extinguish houses fires and wildfires or rescue flood victims, all in all, it looks like to me, the living standards will be reversed.

The well of and the ones that have to work from week to week and pay rent will be evenly matched in fact will be doing a bit better.

The Tied Turner Or Current Changer;

Or whichever one you’re more comfortable with, it all ties to one thing having to be locked down to a structure, or being able to get out of the line of fire.

And hyde, although it sounds like the one with the hoise to defend might be the better off, except for a couple of things that will knock them down.

On the ladder of the better-off class of people or seniority, the combination of, 6 things, #1 is Mental stability which you’ll get from knowledge with these tools “A” Stress Elimination Strategies., & spec-ops

Enjoying, Reading, Studying and Learning all the steps of what to do, Before, During, And after a Disaster, and also by having this   #2 Supplying secret places like with the Iunio Camo Netting

Our great grandfather’s grandfather took us to the grave with them The Lost Ways #3 a good Hiden safe place, #4 a source of electricity, this is one that you’ll need the Backyard Revolution

Even if you have that big beautiful dwelling due to the electricity being cut or just flat out lost due to the EMP weapon Electromagnetic Pulse weapon.

#4, A supply of good fresh drinking water, more than likely you won’t be able to trust any city supplied water or groundwater, you’ll need to use air-water, from the Water Freedom System

#5, This one will help your constantly protected safe place Self Defense, I found this to be the best self-defense for someone. that might be a little older or just a bit out of shape, the Russell Stutly’s Pressure Point Fighting.

There Are Tools For Everything;

#6 Don’t forget, you’ll need some survival self-defense and maintenance tools, first, off you’ll have a Machete, an Ottoza Handmade Damascus Tracker Knife with Bone Handle.

buck 110, a Buck 3 bladed pocket knife, and last but definitely not least the Leatherman, and some insight and protection for after-hours patrolling  HHY Night Vision Binoculars.

Like I said the not-so-wealthy will catch up and pass the upper class because the upper class will very possibly lose that home.

==>When Things Start Happening After Hours<==

And definitely will need the items that I have spoken of even if they don’t lose their home, as you can see they will need everything.

I have suggested to you, It’s like a tank driver what does he do when the tank is disabled, he reverts back to Infantry, just like the homeowner.

He will revert back to the tents and the one that has nothing will have the advantage why? because, if he was comfortable with what he had going.

He probably did not, collect any of the helpful items that I have suggested, and will suffer for this infraction.

In Conclusion;

Just trying to show you don’t have to have all the luxuries a homeowner will have during a prolonged survival scenario, and with the right tools.

Your net worth will triple over, any homeowners business owners or any wealthy man will be reduced to the poverty level, man’s knowledge.

==>The Most Important carry along tool<==

 It will make him the most wealthy out of all, even the new poor man can learn but if he didn’t get the items I’m backing, he’ll just have to search.

Till he finds someone that was smart enough to have a plan, and at least some of the survival tools mentioned, because after this happens.

You won’t be able to order anything online, Hay No Power and or internet, Good Luck.

Please, by all means, leave a comment with issues and or ideas, always looking

Thank You,

Bill Wright

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