Shelters For Camping / Outdoor Survival Shelters

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Shelters For Camping / Outdoor Survival Shelters

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Wilderness Survival Shelter Types;

The Best Is The Quickest And Hyden

It doesn’t matter what you protecting yourself from, any unfriendly enemy,  the Sun, rain, wind, bugs, weather, how about just flat out privacy, there are actually 100’s of survival shelters there’s the one’s that you have to put together from the materials God gave you.

I mean you can literally make a survival shelter out of sticks, branches, and foliage leaves, palm leaves are the best but guess what you probably won’t be able to have a say so if you’ll have Palm leaves around or not so what then did you say Improvise man, just keep in mind the three things that you must pay attention to the wind, precipitation, and sun if you can keep control over these three things you can make a very comfortable enclosure.

The First Thing You Should Do;

If you’ve been in transit for a while, you might want to rest but depending on where you’re at and what’s around to work with you probably need to start your recon of the area so you can collect and gather for your shelter unless you have one of those 3 to 5 person pop up camping tent would do the trick then all you need to do is pick a spot that’s relatively shaded for day time comfort.

==>Check this out it will help<==

If you’re in an unfriendly situation then you’ll need to keep in mind a whole multitude of variations to the positioning of you’re portable 3 to 5 person pop up camping tent now let it be known this little tent is great if it’s just the 2 of you it’s light enough that you can carry without a bunch of issues roomie enough for 2 people to get comfortable.

If there’s a bunch of you like 4 or 6 it could be very possible to have one of these small tents for every 2 people, or if you’ve got the means and teamwork you could get a portable survival shelter like this baby the, HIKERGARDEN 2021 Upgraded Camping Tent – 6/10 Person Tent this is large enough for your crew and light enough that it can be hiked in with someone’s personal gear. and everyone will have shelter from the elements when needed.

HG tents easy and quick to set up waterproof, and wind-resistant Double-layer fabric that’s going to keep the elements of you and the ones you love, for the duration.

Man, this tent has things other tents just wish they had like check out all the sky roofs, double-layered WOW are we talking a good temperature control easy to heat in the winter and easy to cool summer.

Larger yet;

This is a real nice camping-survival shelter you could possibly carry the CORE 12 Person Extra Large Straight Wall Cabin Tent this Big day you might have to split carrying it its meant for comfortable not humping through the tundra unless it’s just not very far off the trail but you can take to to the bank every one will have their own space in this shelter.

Home away from home, she is that and so much more when you’ve got no other choice due to some kinda disaster or attack that holds true for all the Tent’s or should I say camping or survival shelters, they need to be easy to hide, easy to set up as long as you can hide these survival shelters fro the surrounding area and air attack from man-made aircraft or rain.

==>You Might Find The Need For Some Good Old Power<==

With all this planning we can’t forget the restroom if you are being primitive then you’ll need to find that spot far enough away not to interfere with normal life around the camp you’ll need to dig a trench around 6 to 8 foot long with a log to set on for doing the old business it should be supported by 2 manufactured A-frames about knee high with a shovel located close for covering up one’s stools, you do not need that exposed due to mosquitoes landing in it and biting the camp occupants, can we say malaria.

Or if you’ve got a few like 8 or 10 people you could get one of these little jewels with one of these you’ll need one of those portable toilets now were talking some comfortable convenience, those can be a very good thing especially if everyone fighting for water, electricity and or food you and your little community or family can come in after hunting foregoing or whatever the operation is, you guys can set back eat relax because my friend you not only have a sanitary spot to go do your business without having to dig a trench then you can change over and have showers with this, Portable Winterworm Solar Shower Bag/w Removable Hose and on and off switchable shower head

Now you have all you need to make any Camping, or survival operation almost as comfortable as home even in the wild like, you don’t have to stoop to the wild lives ways of living, so please if you’re starting to be or you are an enthusiast for camping / surviving it makes no difference.

It’s like a tanker or helicopter piolet if the machine gets shot out from under you you revert to Infantry surviving you revert back to your basic means of life, so basically like the army back to basics with a comfortable twist or 2 checks all my quirks out, and survival will take a strange twist.

==>Good Freshwater Is Always Good In Any Desasters<==

Just a small word to the wise, if you are starting to enjoy these camping hiking survival things then like my father before all my little ways to make camping hiking and survival, invest in a small utility trailer and dub it the camping trailer, I have so many ideas it will come in handy.

In Conclusion;

I’ve tried to show you that there are bad things coming that’s going to change the way we live for more than a generation and the best way to learn, train, and supply for these disasters to have a good time doing it, and to make these event’s rather a community thing with people you won’t mind facing bad events together and make them as toleratable and comfortable as possible why this community, “There’s safety in numbers” flat out and bad things are always better with companionship, you know this to be true.

Please leave a comment and let me know what you thought and any ideas or issues.

Thank You,

Bill Wright




==>If You’re Light OnYou’re Feet<==

14 thoughts on Shelters For Camping / Outdoor Survival Shelters

  • AL. S. May 17, 2021Reply

    Having grown up in the country, we went camping all the time. When in the boy scouts we learned how to make a shelter out of everything, including snow shelters. The modern tents that can be purchased now are so easy and lightweight making camping much more comfortable. The accessories that you mentioned are great innovations that I never enjoyed as a boy, but if we go camping now in 2021 we will definitely bring them along.

    • admin May 17, 2021Reply

      Thank you for your comment, I was in the boy scouts also and in my survival site, I use their teachings a lot.

      Come on over and check me out Razo Edge Survival I’m sure you’ll enjoy you’re self 

      Thank you for you’re comment,

      Bill Wright  

  • Christine May 17, 2021Reply

    These things are awesome, especially the portable toilet and the solar-powered shower! There was one tent that also looked quite comfortable. I live in the middle of nowhere and while I’m building my house (which is going slowly) I am living in a trailer. I had to build an outside bathroom because the trailer toilet and shower don’t work, and the solar shower you showed in this article would be perfect for my outdoors bathroom! I’m glad I came across this article!

    When you empty the portable toilet, where do you empty it? You’d still have to dig a hole for that, don’t you?

    • admin May 17, 2021Reply

      Exactly dig a hole think about if you’re out like with the boy scouts a common latrine is a cover with an 8 to 10-foot trench dug in it as you use it you cover your waist up so the flys and mosquitos of off it malaria you know so instead of pooping in the trench you just dump the contents od said tank and cover it up. 

      A good comfortable tent is where it’s at, damn I just thought about an add on AIR Mattresses.

      Thank you for you comment 

      Bill Wright  

  • angell70 May 17, 2021Reply

    Hi & thank you for sharing this amazing content with us. I have to say that I am pretty impressed with it. Why? Because I believe we all should be reached how to do find a sheltered accommodation in case of any disaster from the very young age and, and in the school.

    With all the respect and appreciation can I just said that the sign-up form doesn’t let you read properly the article if you do not want to opt-in, and this should be an option not compulsory?

    Wow, what I can say, is really mind-blowing! Splendid. I like how you describing and inform your audience what have to do in a wilderness even you are in a group of 2 or 8-10. “safety in numbers” I love that and agree with you 100% as all about survival.

    Unfortunately I do not have any experience nor question about this, I completely love and assimilate everything. Than you.

    I love your article and I wish you many blessings.

    • admin May 17, 2021Reply

      Thank you so much but I’m not one of those that disapproved with a comment I would imagine I’d get rougher than that from the customers as far as that stupid collection box it’s still under work It’s been a sporting event making it do what it does LOL.

      I’m certainly happy you enjoyed my article so much please be my guests to go to and enjoy more interesting and helpful content 

      Thank You,

      Bill Wright 

  • Cynthia May 17, 2021Reply

    This article brings me back to a time when my husband, children and I would camp on a property we owned.  No electricity, no bathroom, no running water.  Believe it or not, once you’ve got a system in place, things run smoothly.  While all these gadgets you show would be hard to carry on foot, a utility trailer (as you mentioned) would work fine.  They even make one to attach to your 4 wheeler.  Thanks for posting and reminding us to always be prepared!

    • admin May 17, 2021Reply

      You are very welcome if that’s land you guys go to all the time it would be worth you’re while to put one up there because I have portable water generated also and that would make them camping trips much better thank you for you’re ideas on the trailer that hooks up to a ATV

      Thank You

      Bill Wright  

  • Bernard Breytenbach May 17, 2021Reply

    I remember my year after school, I did a lot of camping and even did a survivor type of camping. We had to build our own shelter, which went well. My advice if you alone, a 2 person tent is big enough for one, but if you more than one like 2, then consider having a 4 person tent as people like to have space and do not want to feel there no space between each other. The portable toilet is interesting and wise to have one. Is it easy to clean and hygienic too? Thank you for the article.

    • admin May 17, 2021Reply

      Thank you for the input isn’t it funny they actually think a man is going to sleep right in one position I do agree with you 2 people in a 4 person tent.

      Thank you for you comment,
      Bill Wright 

  • Joyce Easton May 17, 2021Reply

    Thanks for talking about making outdoor survival shelters! This is an essential innovation to put in mind as anyone can be in need of it when unexpected. Whatever it’s made of, it’s going to serve the purpose for which it’s built. As I constantly travel from one location to another, I might need to quickly build a survival shelter due to an unexpected occurrence. So, your post is helpful and an eye-opener. Thanks for coming up with this!


    • admin May 17, 2021Reply

      I’m glad you have enjoyed my post I hope it comes in handy sometimes with summer coming up the chances might just jump out at you 

      Thank You,

      Bill Wroight  

  • Alketa May 17, 2021Reply

    Hi Bill, you know how to consult and advise us, sharing your personal experience and know-how on camping. I agree that the better thing is to organize and prepare the racon for the shelter before having some rest. Especially when we have children, the best thing to organize to have the right conditions for camping. You are sharing here great tips and helpful camping products too. 

    Thank you for your help


    • admin May 17, 2021Reply

      Well I hope their helpful all my sit is truly about is helping people to prepare for the worst by having fun camping and hiking

      Please be my guest and come on over to and check me out and let me know what you think.

      Thank You For you comment,

      Bill Wright 

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