Smith & Wesson 8″ Throwing Knives and 10″ Axes Combo

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Smith & Wesson 8″ Throwing Knives and 10″ Axes Combo

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Smith & Wesson 8in Throwing Knives and 10in Axes Combo with Full Tang Stainless Steel Design, Bottle Opener and Nylon Sheaths for Recreation and Competition

  • DIMENSIONS: Axes – 10″ (25.4 cm) overall length, individual weight of .5 lbs and a combined weight of 2 lbs/Knives – 8″  (20.3 cm) length with an individual weight of 4.1 ounces and an overall weight of 12.3
  • EASE OF USE: Both tools feature a balanced design and the axes have three sharpened edges for level throwing and maximum surface area making this the perfect combo kit for beginners and experts alike
  • CONVENIENT: Both sets come with a black nylon sheath that holds all three axes and knives together for added security and organization
  • BE PREPARED: Axes feature a bottle opener for use during big events or while with smaller groups
  • GUARANTEED: This product is covered by a Limited Lifetime Warranty. For questions or warranty contact these guys at
  • Sport type: Hunting, Survival
  • Included components: Knives, Axes, Sheaths

Know hears you a great set of items you can add to your survival self-defense weapons shouldn’t be without when it all happens friends might become your enemies you just don’t know when things flip upside down I promise you will not know who to trust.

Here you have 3 throwing knives and hatchets are really good for throwing also in fact back in the crusades it was one of the preferred weapons of the time and it’s probably going to revert back to this most of the world will be ahead of us after the EMP attack.

==>If you would like to know more <==

You’re going to need as much protection as you can find not to mention really handy clearing areas out like a spot to sleep or just to make it through thickets.

In Conclusion;

You have a great set Of cutlery to start you’re collection no matter camping, Hicking, and or weapons, and the good part you get to chose.

Leave a comment we’ll visit and talk if you’re looking for something special I’ll do my best to find it if I don’t have it.


William C. Wright


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4 thoughts on Smith & Wesson 8″ Throwing Knives and 10″ Axes Combo

  • DarmiMaddie October 3, 2020Reply

    If you know what you want and willing to go for it, this combo might be the best thing for us. I am an adventurous camper. Intact, if not because of the pandemic, I would have engaged in another adventure to explore the mother nature. Having these set of tools would make the difference for us rather than sticking with only knives. Surely a good one to see here about Smith & Wesson 8″ Throwing Knives and 10″ Axes Combo. Thanks

    • admin October 3, 2020Reply

      I believe this also and if the thing goes south you’ll need the protection to thank you for the comment 

  • Edwin Bernard October 3, 2020Reply

    I am currently binge watching the TV series called The Vikings on Amazon Prime. I can only imagine what those axe and knife wielding Norsemen would have done in the year 769 with these babies. I hate to think. 

    Just looking at these weapons makes me cringe. Are there any reviews about these weapons in action? Especially when used in self defense? I am sure the damage that could be directed at an attacker would not only be fatal but also inflict intense pain in the process in the final minutes of the attackers life. 

    Be careful how you use these goodies.


    • admin October 3, 2020Reply

      Hi Edwin very good idea I think I have found my next bit of content and yes the ax was a favorite amongst a lot of defender’s soldiers and gladiators it only takes one well placed strike and lights out hello God thank you for you’re comment that I could read 

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