Survival After Any Attack

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Survival After Any Attack

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How To Live During A War;

Hi, Bill Hear;

Please be aware that I am an Affiliate with Wealthy Affiliate, although I enjoy writing my articles, as you read.

You’ll find affiliate links to items of interest, for camping or surviving if you decide that there is no better way.

To make these operations, easier or better be my guest, but if you decide to purchase said items I will receive a small commission,

“Which in no way will affect the price, your paying.”

If you have any ideas for improvement please leave a comment and we can discuss said ideas or concerns always interested in both.

So Please Come Read And Enjoy,

It Could Be Better;

Any attack will hit the power grid right up front be it from an EMP Attack if you’re not sure.

What this is, an EMP attack is short for Electro-Magnetic Pulse, this weapon, when launched I don’t believe.

There to be too many casualties, they won’t have to be, this weapon will be launched miles above.

The ground of the united states, and when it detonates it will burn every electric circuit that’s active.

In The country, and don’t worry the USA won’t be the last, she’s just the main 1 and most powerful 1.

==>The First System To Save Us<==

It’s like at first the next and neighbor Mother Rusha, but right now I’m more inclined to think.

Eather Isis, of china, Isis will more than likely buy this technology, but I’ve got money that says China.

Already has this technology, if not they have something or different Ideas, which will more than likely.

More casualties, just pray that it’s not a nuclear attack, although an attack such as this will wipe a bunch.

Of you’re countrymen there will be plenty of people to worry about survival.

Hears A Scenario;

My name is Jim, my wife sleeps with a fan, why? I guess so she can’t hear anything while.

She’s trying to sleep, why because she runs it 24, 7, 365, It took me a minute, to get used to this.

Way of sleeping, I finally got used to it, besides it’s a great way to block out the teenage son.

Of our neighbors and, his infernal Booming, I don’t know if other countries young do this, it’s aggravating,

To pull up next to a car with the stereo, rattling the car windows with nothing but  “BOOMING!!!!”, Bass.

Not only rattling their windows but yours as well. and this is what woke me up on this night.

The fan just stopped which was disturbing because I had just bought that fan, and it was one of those.

Wind machines just a couple of days ago, after waking up I looked for the alarm clock it was dead,

So I went to turn the bedside light on, and there wasn’t anything, so I went to the window.

And as far as I could see, there wasn’t a light one on, not a house, not the street lights, or the traffic lights.

So I grabbed the landline phone, “dead” I grabbed my cell phone, it was dead as well,

The Next Thing;

I went to get myself a drink of water, nothing came out of the faucet? 

So the next thing, I figured I’d jump into the car and drive over to my buddy’s house to see.

If he knew anything it was dark there also, he was out with a flashlight checking his breaker box.

So I pulled up to see what he had figured out, he said he was up last night till the early morning.

He said about 03:00 AM there was a big flash in the sky and within seconds all the lights went out.

==>When The Faucet Is Dry<==

Along with the house water, Jeff lives out in the country, and low and behold about a mile.

Down the road, and how strange, his neighbor’s house was all lit up. this man, Jeff said runs.

A survival website, he said it was called Razor Edge Survival, so I said let us go and talk to him.

One Question Answered;

Jeff Tried to Talk me out of it he said he tries to sell his systems to him all the time but.

I wouldn’t take no for an answer we pulled up, his neighbor was out looking at this strange-looking contraption.

Jeff said whats up Bill, and AW Man did this fella get to going Bill is his name, he right out said.

He didn’t think that they would do it right away, Jeff asked, try what right away? I asked to try what?

He came back and said an Emp Attack! I’ve been telling people all along they needed to buy these 4 systems.

==>When The Lights Go Out<==

Before hell hits, I asked what’s that electric thing you’ve got, and that other thing you have, that seems.

To be pulling water, right out or the air Bill had made hard copies of all his work just in case, of the worst.

And apparently, the worst had just happened, Bill said it looked a lot like an EMP attack, so Bill invited.

Us in, he went to his filing cabinet and pulled out 4 foulders, one was labeled The Back Yard Revolution 

He said this ebook was going to be the first thing we would need I asked why what was in it.

The First Thing You’ll Need;

He said this would produce as much electricity as 10 square yards of solar panels.

That this amazing electrical, supplier is designed by MIT, and it was and has been supplying his home.

For the last 6 months, Bill printed off a copy of the directions, then he pulled out the next E-book.

The Water Freedom System, then I couldn’t help but ask, Why is this thing the EMP weapon affecting the water.

Water runs downhill hill, Bill said of course it does, but it needs electricity to put it up in the tanks.

==>When The Faucet Is Dry<==

And in no way will this one Back Yard Revolution produce enough electricity for that feat, so you need to.

Get your water out of the air supply instead of the ground, now this is for multiple reasons.

The cleanest natural water you can find anywhere on Earth, endless supply like as long as there is air to breathe,

There’s water to drink, and this water hasn’t had 1 animal, fish, snake, bird, deer, bear, big cat, hog.

Or human pee in it somewhere upstream, or it hasn’t got some chemical or oil seeping into it.

The Next Thing You’ll Need;

On the other folder, it said the Back Yard Revolution, this thing that was running his whole house from the AC.

To the refrigerator, fans, and lights as if he was hooked up to a functioning power grid, Bill said.

The funny thing is that with these 2 systems, before this catastrophe anyone could have got these systems.

To save on the electric bill and the water bill and had all that good water to drink, and camping.

Then Bill pulled another folder out, on this folder it read The Lost Ways, then Bill said.

Now that this attack has happened, This Ebook will make it possible to make surviving, living.

After all, he said there is a collection of living long forgotten by most, I looked at him.

What else could we need? With electricity and good drinking water, other than Cable which would be nice?

Bill laughed. and said there might be a way to produce enough electricity for this but think about it.

Every circuit, in the whole power grid in the United States, burnt, decades is what this is going to tack.

To get all the power back.

What Exactly Will Be Lost;

What else will you need, Bill said to think about it no power you already know no water.

But there is so much more, count the internet out, with no internet there isn’t any ordering of anything.

Like medications, and in this e-book The Lost Ways just 1 of the helping things it offers is a recipe of a pain killer.

Maid from wild Lettuce, If you’re not sure just what wild lettuce is, it’s the milkweed you use to play with.

In, you’re driveway, you know little yellow flowers break the steam and a white substance would run out.

==>If You Just Need Granddad knoledge<==

What The Lost Ways, is all about, it’s a collection of a lot of the lost secrets from our grandfathers.

Grandfathers, father, had learned from our Indian friends and found out by trial and error, but a lot of them.

Where lost to death, and time it took this fella month even years and a million miles to find out.

These survival secrets which was our forefather’s way of life, and I might add they lived pretty well,

And enjoyed themselves immensely, why are they were working their farmlands and Cattle, washing clothes in the river.

The Only Other Thing;

Then Bill told Jeff and me that this new life that has been forced on us, has everyone.

At a loss of what to do, it’s kinda like a sucker punch in a Pressure Point, you know stunned.

But when everyone comes out of shock the real fear will come out and I would think you’re going to.

Need some self-defense, the best style for any age and gender is Pressure Point Fighting yes anyone.

From a Lady to a mere child which can and will take down unfriendly men much larger and stronger, than them.

Taught by Russell Stutely in fact. the stronger the more effective Pressure Point, Fighting is. now if.

You’re out of shape, lost your balance, or just old, I do have a workout system that will heal.

And calm yourself, it’s Tai Chi, a gift from Razor Edge Survival I know what you’re thinking, that’s, a silly dance rutin or something.

But in fact, Tai Chi Is a Kung Fu workout, Part of Shaolin Kung Fu, and very effective.

On loosening, stretching, and healing a lot of physical ailments, here is the magic, combine Tai Chi.

And the Pressure Point fighting, and you’ll have a winner loose, stylish, quick takedown with minimal energy involved.

In Conclusion;

Just showing my audience, that they will make out if they went ahead and got the 4 items.

That I’m backing on Razor Edge Survival, in case of an attack, why because the first thing that will be targeted.

Will be our power grid, so I’ve introduced the Back Yard Revolution, which only takes up a 1’x1’x4′ area,

And to do just as good a job as 100′ by 50′ area of solar panels, designed by MIT.

Now if there isn’t any electricity, there isn’t going to be any water., so this is why Bill brought out.

The Water Freedom System, so you won’t have to resort to drinking stream river or lake water where you can.

Enjoy the cleanest water you can find in a war zone, and when everyone becomes shock-free and.

The fear surfaces you’re going to need some self-defense, this is where Pressure Point fighting comes in.

This is the best the quickest way to take down an intruder no matter who walks upon them.

Be it you, be it your wife or you kid boy or girl when you learn where the pressure points are.

It Takes the strength of a child to control the biggest opponent until help comes or they knock them out.

The Last Item;

And the last item is a gift from me to you why because I love my readers, and I figure.

A lot of them or just like me old fat and losing their balance, like I said if you learn.

Tai Chi is good, and learn where and how to utilize pressure points, then combine them to make one.

Unstoppable, self-defense personal style, :-D. but you can take it to the bank if you don’t want to be.

Like Jeff, because you’re probably or not going to have a Bill living close by to share this with you.

So I’d think it would be smart to get these life-saving items NOW!! before such disasters happen.

After all, if there’s no power grid there definitely isn’t any internet and you will have missed the.

The only chance to survive comfortably and enjoyably.

Leave a comment on what you think with any ideas or concerns, I’m always interested.

Thank You,

Bill Wright


4 thoughts on Survival After Any Attack

  • Daniel Tshiyole December 19, 2021Reply

    I do not think I will be able to survive in a war. I am not built for that, I believe that I am too soft and will die within hours haha. But this is a great article. It is well-written and I had a blast reading it. I will be sure to share it with friends and family so thank you for this.

    • admin December 19, 2021Reply

      I can’t agree with this because with Razor Edges Survival Plan for surviving the only thing you’re doing without is.

      Cable TV and internet, and if you read my articles they explain how where and what to look for.

      If you’ve got to go on without a house Razor Edge Survival will help you find the best spot.

      To go on with life, almost as comfortable and even enjoyable, before, during, and after any and all disasters.

       Even an enemy attack, after all, you will have some time depending on where it originates.

      Thank you,

      Bill Wright

  • David Nelly December 26, 2021Reply

    Really cool information on the pressure points defense. I studied a bit of MMA, took classes and such and they never taught me anything about pressure points.

    I never really thought about an EMP attack before on our country. I’m all paranoid just thinking about it. I think I would buy a bunch of giant water bottles to prepare for that, worst way to starve is to not have water!

    • admin December 27, 2021Reply

      Did you really not read my post what in the hell do you need to buy water bottles with the water freedom system

      the razor edge survival is the only way I know where you can be totally self-sufficient. with water and electricaty 

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