Survive Camping & The Idea Of Recreational Camping

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Survive Camping & The Idea Of Recreational Camping

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Historical Camping;

Flat out, the history of camping started with what can I say around the time of Adam and Eve, but their camping wasn’t exactly like what we’ve had to survive, their camping and living live’s were 100% laid out for them by you know who, the one and only CREATOR God, this couple wasn’t needing or wanting for anything, although they had a desire that for some reason wasn’t satisfied it was the one thing that has helped mankind since that time the munchies set in and all the events around the time of the eating of the forbidden fruit.

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At this time pretty much as soon as Adam tried to cover up and lied to God, which was a life-changing messed up idea that made man kinds lives change for a sporting learning curve you might say another step in evolution, I know the 2 isn’t meant to be together but if you look at the whole picture it so does figure in because if it happened God made it happen, the eternal life suspended, the curses of death, childbirth, the changing of earth’s inhabitants, Don’t judge me everyone has their own beliefs mine is God mad everything it doesn’t matter if one spesise changes int another or how the word of God has changed over the centuries, like from student to student ‘t to see how it changes you strip all the imperfections of all the rewrites of the scripture, God mad everything even all the climate.

And the learning and adjustments begin;

Don’t think for an instance that Adam and Eve didn’t have a group of hardships like God was angered bad, I’ve got money that says there was more than their share of storms, sickness I mean where do you think the common-cold come from and those seasons wow how did they adjust to all the changes? well, one word can answer that GOD integrated into our lives programs which have been passed on from generation to generation, with a bunch of new experiences.

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Like when the perfect weather started into the fall, season, where Adam must have said oh Lord why is it getting so cold and all these winds, flashes of light in the sky which starts this pretty red and orange collars that will hurt you if you touch it, Rain so much rain Eve we need a plan, we need protection from all these new hardships, God has punished us with, Adam why is my stomach getting so big and why am I sick all the time, can you imagine what childbirth for the first time in man’s history would be like wow in that setting probably living in caves or whatever they could find to get out of the elements.

The change in living and clothing;

The cave encampment was passed on from a time that the first couple didn’t  know about, the Caveman or the Neanderthal species “remember I feel in my heart God maid all ” yes right along with knowledge of living in Caves, fire for heating and cooking, many items to foredge for to eat nut’s berries, lots of green plants, and animals for food also clothing that replaced the leaves and brush they used to cover their nudity with which man used till some 70’000 years ago

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As to when humans moved on from animal hides into textiles, the first fabric is thought to have been an early ancestor of felt. From there, early humans took up weaving some 27,000 years ago, based on impressions of baskets and textiles on clay. Around 25,000 years ago, the first Venus figurine little statues of women appeared wearing a variety of different clothes that pointed to weaving technology being in place by this time.

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Produced linen around 5500 BC;

From there, more recent ancient civilizations discovered many materials they could fashion into clothing. For instance, Ancient Egyptians produced linen around 5500 BC, while the Chinese likely started producing silk around 4000 B.C. to protect their body from the weather, brush, and thorns, all of the witch God integrated into modern man’s brain, due to the migration of man from Africa north Climent changing, after that first 9 months of carrying a child I’ll bet was probably pretty sporting, but thank God that first birth probably came during the springtime so Adam and Eve used the spring and summer to get that first newborn, a fighting chance, after all, God is wonderful, loving giving soul literally just angry at his new creation,

Needing more growing room;

After just a small period of time and just a few of the earth’s new inhabitants, being raised the old cave space started shrinking and the idea of a couple venturing out and guess what, the survival camping skills and shelters, are being discovered, guarantee the first shelter was probably an emergency survival shelter, that first winter without the safety of the cave every one was accustom to must have been also a very sporting thing to learn how to overcome but we did and we as a species have to overcome adversities deeply programmed into our subcontinents.

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So just a few trial’s and tribulations mankind discovered the first survival camping shelter in which more than likely has a rough design but much like to days survival camping tents except all the aluminum, or fiberglass poles were used instead of limbs and sticks at first foliage covering until they learned animal skins can be used, for more than just clothing you could cover you’re dwelling with the larger animal hydes then in the future will come to Canvas which today that very as hell Canvas was substituted into water-resistant nylon much lighter and even more airtight and water-resistant.

Time moves on; 

All the way up until around 1885 all camping was for survival, no one even thought a person would do this survival operation for anything other than survival or existence, It took 11 years before man would realize that camping could be fun for Man, Woman, and Children around 1895 the first YMCA camp in New York was opened, That camp is still in operation today. Over the years, the concept of camping steadily grew until 1900 where the first Boys’ Club camp was built in Salem, Massachusetts.

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Now over the ages man have forgotten certain things for survival because camping turned into a recreation fun function, other than survival, existing function, in fact, there’s only certain organization’s that use camping to date for survival or the use of navigation tool’s to even come close to teaching and practicing survival camping, Armed forces I mean Army, Navy, and Marien Core you know the ground forces, and that I know of Boyscouts.

In Conclusion;

I hope I’ve been informative enough to you, about the discovery of survival camping and the loss of certain survival technics very important to survival and survival camping during disasters to let you realize the importance of visiting my Razor Edge Survival site, to learn train and supply for survival much helpful information that has been forgotten over the centuries.

Please leave me a comment on what you think of any ideas you might have.

Thank You

Bill Wright

4 thoughts on Survive Camping & The Idea Of Recreational Camping

  • Mike January 13, 2021Reply

    Hello there! This is an interesting read about the history of camping. I’ve always enjoyed the outdoors and things like camping but I didn’t realize back in the day it was actually more of a thing of survival whereas nowadays its more of a recreational activity. If it was just a few days, I could survive but anything longer than a few weeks, I probably might not. When true hardships come these days while camping, I could always bail out of a camping trip, but that would not necessarily count as being able survive. Therefore, I think survival techniques are essential skills to learn and how things work has always interested me. Thanks for creating this post, will be checking out the survival skills on the rest of your site.

    • admin January 14, 2021Reply

      Thank you for the comment and oh please be my guest  and enjoy any of my post I enjoy writing them 

  • LearnToEarn Admin January 13, 2021Reply

    Certainly very interesting concepts on how it all began, made me want to find out which path we were headed down.
    Mankind has had to survive from the beginnig of time through many hardships, obstacles and many unknowns, but through it all we have a natural fighting nature to persevere in trying circumstances and to push through. Encouragement from anyone is almost always appreciated and because someone believes in us, it makes all the difference to us when we find ourselves fighting for survival.

    • admin January 14, 2021Reply

      Thank you for the comment and you’re input 

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