Survival Camping Tips-its good to have a kit

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Survival Camping Tips-its good to have a kit

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This Is A Good Place To Start?

A plan is the best place to start, this way all is sorted out, now I know you’re trying to make a plan for something that you might not have lived through yet.

You have to categorize, the first part of a plan should be a list or a supply of yes of course food, but at this stage, food shouldn’t be on your mind.

==>The One Thing That Will Help For Extended Hunger Or InjuryThe Way Our For Fathers New<==

When we cross this river you’ll need to worry more about water first, but we’ve got a foundation to work on, a plan now a plan is as personal as how you wipe your butt,

First of all, you need to evaluate your situation, disasters seem to equal people out you know the rich from the poor, just remember that, if you have a home there’s a good chance it is just an empty structure, or flat.

If you’re lucky enough for it to still be standing, chances are there isn’t any power, any water if there is any water it’s stagnant, Guess what you’re no better off than a person with no house.

If You Don’t Have A Home;

Everything I stand by can be set up and used, with or without a home.

If you happen to see anything you’re interested in while you’re here enjoining my article, and you decide you would like to purchase it I’ll get a small percent of the sale, without influencing the price whatsoever.

==>Everyone Needs That Nice Place To Lay Ones Head Down<==

Please don’t despair, just because you don’t have an empty house to perfect, just ask the folks that lived through Hurricane Catrina, what had happened to the social structure.

Without power, without clean drinking water, and without proper law enforcement, so believe me you’re probably better off without the nice, lit up comfortable home with clean running water.

People tend to steal from the ones that have when they or suffering without, to the point of getting very fiscal, it’s a given it’s proven by the test of time, from Hurricanes to Mega droughts.

Disaster Bring Out The Worst In Humanity;

With this being said, your plan, and your list should be set up for camping, and your camping should be set up for primitive camping if you have ever rented a campsite.

On a lake or tourist campsites, you can get them with or without electricity and running water without the 2 is primitive camping, for the educational part of this.

==>The Casa Much More Ideas<==

You should always plan, set up, and supply for a primitive camp, even if you decide at the last minute, to go with running water and electricity so you’re survival/Camping kit will be properly supplied.

Why you asked, let me attempt to explain, first off you’re Camping/survival kit like my father which didn’t have any survival in mind that I knew of but he kept our camping gear in a small trailer.

RV’s Are Nice;

Yeah ok, you’re 100% correct, and if you have an RV cool if you guys are going for running water, and electricity, but what happens when the RV runs out of fuel and you just can’t get any,

During Hurricanes, major power outages, fuel or Gas pumps don’t run, RV’s or frail, a good wind, hail, or anything will make this portable palace uninhabitable.

Travel-Trailers, not a bad idea, as long as there’s gas for the vehicle towing said Travel Trailer, but if you place the items from you’re camping/survival kit, where ever you had to stop.

You would be set up for camping, and or surviving anything that bad luck, or mother nature, or God sends your way, this

Perfect Camping Kit

being said in my opinion.

You’re Kit?

The housing, the enclosure of your Kit, needs to be a very small trailer, in my eyes, one a 4 wheeler would pull, or even one a bicycle would pull very thing I talk about any of my posts will fit.

==>The Full Story Of Surviving Without Power<==

Why?  you’ve got to think like a worrier, a solder, even a seal once they either voluntarily or involuntarily leave the aircraft,  Tank, or Trucks you revert to you’re basic training.

With a Navy Seal, it’s when they switch from the Sea to Air Then To the Land, but for Army, or Marien’s, you revert infantry, so in you’re case if that truck, car, or 4 wheeler, dies or gets stolen.

The Trailer is small enough to maneuver it by hand, for as far as needed, and we hope it’s you are, anything like my father or my self we like our camping things ready to hook up to and go.

Although my father’s trailer was quite a bit larger, it wasn’t set for the possibility of a survival scenario.

As We Go We’ll Build Our Kit;

It’s the weekend and you and your little crew, you, your wife and your good friend, and his wife thank God they are into the primitive camping thing also.

You get woke up, you’re wife’s fan has stopped, all the lights that usually stay on all night are out, you look outside, damn there are no street lights, you look up the other way.

The traffic light up at the main street is out, so you grab the first thing you can think of you’re cell phone, No Service?? why wouldn’t your cell phone has no service.

Don’t know about you but I’d get in the car, there’s a convenience store about a mile up the road, and a Walmart across the street open for 24 hours.

There are no lights, anywhere, You drive up to the convenience store, the man at the counter had a battery-operated light, said there was some kind of attack.

The whole northern sky just lit up about 2 hours ago, and every light everywhere went out that he didn’t know about other towns.

The Next Step:

You head for your cousin’s place that you were going to, to begin with, cousin John and his new wife, they live a good 2 hours away you guys were going to go out in the wild.

==>The Head and Rain Locker<==

By Lake Tawakanie, and set up and survive for a couple of weeks, maybe more or maybe less, to John, it didn’t matter he has hiked the Appellation trail twice.

The beauty of it I had our survival/camping trailer kit, and John had his survival/camping trailer kit he also had two 4 wheelers we could use when we got there.

On the way, there wasn’t a light one, all the whole way there we just hoped they were home we never once got a signal, It was like back in the day, before Cell Phones.


As we noticed that there hasn’t been any cell service we got to wondering about a landline so we stopped at another store and fought him right in the nick of time he was closing up.

So we asked if we couldn’t use his landline in the store He said we were more than welcome to but it wasn’t working either, so we went on with our trip, as we went through Greenville Texas.

Which is a medium-sized town, and took note that the people were getting, we’ll say unsavory, as we drove by a Walmart this man toused a brick through the front window.

So we sped up out of there, arrived at Johns with a shotgun welcome until he saw who we were, boy he ran up gave us hugs said he didn’t know if we would make it or not, and if you ever lived through the first attack.

It’s Bad Here He Said;

He said every since the bright flash and no power there’s been prowlers everywhere that his neighbor had to shoot this guy snooping around and we told him about the Walmart, in Greenville.

==>If There Just Wasn’t Any Water<==

He appraised me and thanked me for my little survival trailer, which I had turned him on to, would you like to know exactly what’s in my little survival trailer KIt.

Well, let me explain.

  1.  “Backyard Revolution”. This thing has all the attributes of a survival electrical source, it’s small, lightweight, and very easy to assemble, and starts producing power very quickly, the “BACKYARD REVOLUTION”.this should be the last thing you put in you’re trailer, right along with your tent, and sleeping arrangments,
  2. “The water freedom System”. the most important natural substance known to the human race after no more than 4 days without this life-given Elixer, you will die so, please come on and check this out, after all, it’s one of the main items in my survival trailer kit, “The Water Freedom System”
  3.  A Copy Of “The Lost Ways”, If the events are even a small part of what’s happening in my post, but if you’re going to be bugging out for a very long time there’s no better manual to have except the secrets your grandfathers, grandfathers, grandfather knew of, by learning from our native American brothers.
  4. An Escape From The Elements, There are plans for some survival enclosures you can build right from your surroundings in The Lost Ways, but you might be happier sleeping in here, The CORE 12 Person Extra Large Straight Wall Cabin Tent. this is a home away from home big enough for a bedroom, a living room, and a storage room, probably the heaviest item in you’re outdoor trailer kit.
  5. The warm fuzzy place for rest,  A place to get into your bed, think about it this tent just needs you to comfort the air mattress, you see you have the power to blow it up already up and generating, SoundAsleep Dream Series when you’re trying to survive a nice comfortable spot to get a decent night’s rest this is another one of those survival killers, not enough meaningful sleep Army says so.
  6. A place for those personal times, From pee to poop, to even a shower, let us look at a shower we can call it some comfortable convenience, a nice place to place poop, portable toilets, and a nice hot shower, with thisPortable Winterworm Solar Shower Bag. after all everyone can stand everyone else if you don’t stink.
  7. The last thing, The last thing that will take up more room than any of the other contents, this a box just large enough for utensils, plates, bowls, pots, and pans. you know you’re dining room to speak of.

The extra room you have in your tent will serve nicely for a dining room there isn’t any fancy link for These items a grill grate, because you will have a fire, which along with your bedding, folding chairs.

And stuff like this will just kinda either get stuffed or laid on top of the other things, then a tarp.

What  Are You Prepared For now;

Man with this Survival/ Camping trailer kit, there isn’t anything you can’t survive, be it Natural disasters, Manmade disasters, or biblical disasters like the EMP attack, if needed you can Bugg out for years,

It’s portable enough to either 4 wheeler it in, or it’s light and portable enough you could maneuver it in, as far as you need to by hand and be as comfortably hidden as possible.

The issue I was telling you about is exactly what you would be looking forward to if there was an Electromagnetic Pulse weapon, this weapon will be detonated miles above the United States.

There will 1000’s that will die right under where it detonates, but the whole country will lose instantly all of its electricity, we will thrust back to the pioneer days.

In Conclusion;

It doesn’t matter the disaster, if you treat you’re camping trips like they are survival scenario, you’re chances of surviving any disasters no matter how big and bad grows greatly.

From Emp attacks to all stormes to major droughts, you can find that spot that you can be safe, and comfortable, after all, to have control of one’s comfort, one has control of his life then.

Leave a comment for comments issues or ideas I’ll get back soon.

Thank You,

Bill Wright


2 thoughts on Survival Camping Tips-its good to have a kit

  • Steven July 2, 2021Reply

    Very entertaining article. I enjoyed the read. Yes, i’d have to agree, if you prepare a camping trip like a disaster scenario, then you would be ready for anything. I personally find myself bringing just about anything I think will be useful when my family goes camping. My GF always asks why do we need these things. I always tell her, that you never know when you might need these things. Then usually I end up showing her how much we needed the 5 cases of beer I snuck in the trailer. LOL… anyways. What areas do you usually go camping. I live in a coastal area so we have a lot of camping spots here.

    • admin July 3, 2021Reply

      Thank you for the comment I’ll have you know beer is an essential source of protein and carbs to help sustain life 

      Thank You Bill Wright 

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