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Survival Food Protein

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Other Trail Food Ideas;

We have gone over at least 16 edible plants, man can’t run very far with anything but plants to live on, there are much more things to consume to maintain a healthy comfortable trip we will go over various meats and critter’s to consume for energy, and fuel for the muscle organ for walking and or surviving.

When you’re talking survival foods I’ve found its best to keep some kind of list of said survival foods in the wild, I’m going to give you a list of at least 122 items you can find catch and kill for substance, the more we know about these foods located in the wild the more we will know about the areas and climate to find and recognize these different foods for survival and preparations to consume safely.

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After all the better we are at recognizing those foods, the more competent we become at not just enduring survival but weaving a resilient connection with the Earth We’ve experienced both ends of the spectrum and learned the hard way that a broad survival food list is essential to flourishing in wilderness survival in a wide variety of ecosystems.

For any wild food, you need to take the time to learn to identify the species and always investigate possible hazards. Does your wild food need to be cooked, or can it be eaten raw? Are there poisonous lookalikes? Are all parts edible, or only some?


The true survivalist takes the time to not just learn, but practice harvesting, preparing and eating wild foods before an actual time of need. Doing so is a great joy and a tremendous way to connect with nature, friends, family, and self.

I hope that this survival food list can help you deepen your relationship with the natural world, Survive, and ultimately live the freedom that comes with knowing what’s available to you. With this said, hears a list of 122 different kinds of foods to learn about and enjoy consuming.

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It’s no wonder many people hunt in the fall when there is the opportunity to get meat from the large animals for the year ahead. A single animal can provide a major source of high-quality protein. We’ve also put the smaller mammals on this survival food list because they are often a much more accessible food supply in a time of need as well.


Here’s the list of mammals to consume but remember 1 thing these are sporting to catch kill and cook so of course until you’re caught up you’ll need to focus on the smaller animals like the last 4 critters.

     1.White tail deer; These are a wonderful source of protein and if you’re bugging out for an extended time, you could feed on him for a period of time but unless you have a rifle, bow, or crossbow you’re not going to walk up and cut his throat, although you know my boss went deer hunting got a shot but it wasn’t that kill shot he ran Windle followed he was bleeding you could see the blood trail, he found the dear just kinda sitting there looking at him he freaked at first and noticed the deer was dying, he cautiously walked up and got close enough to climb on him and cut the deers throat so yes even a knife or a trap.

==>So you need a fire<==

 2.  The elk; (Cervus Canadensis)  is one of the largest species within the deer family, Cervidae, and one of the largest terrestrial mammals in North America and Northeast Asia.

    3. Moose; Oh man these giants can and are very aggressive and LARGE if you’re hunting these guys hope you have the right clothing they are native to the extreme north and did I mention large you better be good if you’re hunting with a bow or a crossbow you’re rifle needs to be a large game rifle so all in all unless you’re knowledgable and equipped I wouldn’t suggest these guys.

     4.Caribou; The reindeer (Rangifer tarandus), also known as Saint Nicks power, in North America, is a species of deer with circumpolar distribution, native to Arctic, sub-Arctic, tundra, boreal, and mountainous regions of northern Europe, Siberia, and North America.

    5.Wild boar; Man these bulldozer of the North American wildlife I was   on my way to work in my truck not thinking about anything but getting to work you see I had about an hours to drive to get there just strolling along and all of a sudden out of nowhere kind of a soft object          I stopped and got out to look and DAMN the                whole front end of my truck was gone all the way      back to breaking the radiator in the middle so I looked around all up and down the Hiway nothing no blood, no trail no nothing really freaked me out so I got back to the house with  much effort there wasn’t any coolant left in the damaged radiator I worked with a bunch of backwoods good old boy’s looked and found Hog hair so there you go there are no spooks

==>Dont let no fire hurt your chances it’s free<==

    6. Hares & rabbits; Now these guys are the ones you’re probably going to want to find and usually it’s not a hard job to accomplish this, as a matter of fact, they’re freaking everywhere even in the suburbs. not too many people about these critters is they run in very large circles and if you’re still young enough to run and I don’t mean like an Olympic sprinter rather just to keep him going have another friend waiting and that damn Rabbit will as much as run right into his hands proven by my father in law but you but all in all you’ll need nothing more than a shot 410 are larger shotgun VERY GOOD meal I promise.

     7. Squirrel; YUM is all I’ve got there a member of the rodent family always around any nut tree usually in strength so there will be plenty to make a meal they are just a bit on the small side shotgun is the only way to travel unless you’re an adequate shot with nothing larger than a 22 long riffle.

   9. Chipmunk; What a snack but I have issues unless I’m really their so damn quiet and cuddly I’d rather watch them their thick in you’re north climate new England latitude      Washington down to probably Arkansas in densely wooded and urban areas, very small game and hardly afraid and that’s the another negative and so damn small you would need a dozen, same nothing larger than a 22 long rifle and even a pellet gun would bag these guys along with the Rabbit’s, Squriles are too quick.

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    9.Mice. HUMMMM how hungry are you, I don’t need to tell any stories what? the PID pipper lol, damn I can’t even give to much your advice on these guy’s but it’s better than eating you’re dead and this has happened more than once in man’s history after all you’re main life objectives is to survive this is the reason I like writing on it, what can I say the most important don’t eat a poisoned mouse oh hell why are we covering up RAT their much larger.

You’ve got to be a medium shot I know even the smaller animals might be a bit to deal with while you’re trying to make time until later in the day, this next list might be better although the entries might need a little getting used to a groop easier to get a hold of and as far as I know you can consume them without cooking. Still, a little shovel would be nice for number 1 of the next list.


From the Paiute to the Peruvians people have been eating insects for thousands of years and, long before modern culture. In many cultures, insects are still considered a gourmet cuisine. Make sure you remove the wings, antennae, and legs from the insects that you gather and anything else you don’t want to eat.

1. Grasshoppers; Can you see you’re self munching on these fellas, funny I know there’s got to be a better way but as a kid, we would put grees on an old broom handle not like me moms good brown wow not a good idea ok, any way run and drag it through the weeds and you’ll catch a mess but their greasy, I guess you could use Hershey’s.

2.Ants; Now these little powerhouses are everywhere some are just trying to survive and there are a hundred species that  all have a very painful defense but their others that take it to new levels Fire ants,

3. Ant larvae; Now we’re robbing the nest what do you make Ant egg omelet, or over easy ant eggs, Na scrambled ant eggs or just a mix of dirty scrambled ant eggs or larva haven’t had the pleasure but I’m not starving.

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4. Crickets; to be scavengers these are heard to be one of the cleanest insects you can eat right up there with grasshoppers and ants these guys love paper lol.

5. Maggots; I just can’t see it, now I might look at them cleaning an infected wound but They would need to be in something I couldn’t tell and better not tell me shit will return to the beginning and don’t be the way I’m sorry I’d need to be definitely starving just can see it

. 6. Aphids; I, my self wouldn’t be picking these little seeds looking, fellas damn you would need more than a gross unless they would be a side dish a menace to gardeners world wid they will probably thank you for eating them lol we used to think these little fellas were just little bitty butterflies you almost wouldn’t notice them they are camouflaged like seeds are something like that.

7. Termites; They just look like a cross between an ant and a grub clear ants looking critters the only thing I can say eat them before they eat your safe place they thrive and eat all fresh are rotten woods.

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 8. Sowbugs;  Are flat, oval creatures that are about 1 cm long, their body has several segments, including seven pair of legs and two pair of antenna,  despite their name, sowbugs sometimes called a woodlouse, are not really bugs. They are land-living crustaceans another crustacean, the pillbug, resembles the sowbug. sowbugs cannot roll up when they are disturbed as pillbugs do. Sowbugs have two appendages that look like tails, Pillbugs do not have appendages.

Like most wild edibles, they are the tastiest when they are roasted or fried and have a shrimp-like taste.

 9.Earwigs; these guys look like their from the stone age and have absolutely nothing to with you’re ears man these guys grow up to 3″ long now look at that pic and see it running I’ll guarantee it will make you stand up and take note they eat plants and insects alive or not they carry an order do not carry any diseases, just cook them and bone up a teet.

 10, Beetle and their larva;  The beetle bug or a group of insects that form the Coleoptera family of armored insect’s their front wings are hardened into wing-cases called “elytra”  which sets them apart from most other insects, what can I say they look like miniature dinosaurs family witch is very large like thousands of cousins, nephews, uncles, one of those bugs as a child I know you have played with these armored bugs.

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They eat plants and fungi, break down animal and plant debris, and eat other invertebrates. Beetles undergo complete metamorphosis, with a series of conspicuous and relatively abrupt changes in body structure between hatching and becoming an adult.

Turtles, Frogs, Reptiles, And Snakes;

This food source inhabits all of our planet’s climates except the poler regions although who’s to say turtles don’t venture up or down that way.

Turtles these motor homes of the wildlife, as far as I know, every one of these guys is on the menu, they are everywhere except you know poler regions.

Most of these frogs are edible except certain frogs, the main thing about these guys if you wouldn’t kiss, one you shouldn’t eat one LOL, not really just had to say that, the best advice I can really give if the frog stays in trees and of pretty color don’t eat them, in fact in some regions don’t even give the rub test because some of these beautiful bright colored tree frogs are deadly to the touch but if the frog is brown to green have legs 4 to 6 inches long and live around ponds, creeks, and lakes, then they are safe to cook and eat.

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And the sign of Satin Serpents “Snakes” now hears a wide-open species actually 100’000s different kinds and much of them are safe to handle and easy to kill and rat but you have others that will eater make you deathly sick or died. they all have the same physical appearances but each and everyone is different, there are rattlesnakes that are so small they can hyd under an oak leaf all the way up to 30 and 40 foot long.

You have reptiles from 1/4″ long to 12 to 20  foot long with a bad attitude and others of the same family that’s more hyde and wait that’s not as long.

Frogs and Todes; There’s only a couple of these slick fellas we need to watch, you really don’t need to deal with any frogs that have bright colors and live in trees these little fellas are poisonous very much so like deadly even to the touch, the ones you need to look for are green to brown with legs from 3″ to 8 ” long this the best part of a frog to eat.

This is 3 tree frog; These guys secret poison out of their skin and it’s strong enough to kill multiple humans. their nicknames are either dart frogs are arrow frogs do to natives dipping their arrows and darts in this stuff.                               

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the frogs you need to take note of, these guys are the ones with 3″ to 8″ legs and longer with a green to brown color.



Mother natures motor homes and drivers just can’t separate the 2 you predominantly have 3 different kinds of turtle, the first one will be the land turtle we called them tortuous, just one of the easiest meals you’ll have to catch slow and trusts it’s shell to much catch him split the shell gut him skin him and cook him good food.

Freshwater turtles; hear you in between and he’s as elusive as his salty cousin if he sees you he’s in the water gone. in the winter they burrow in the mud until warmer days.

Sea Turtles; The one you best not get caught eating them these guys are on the endangered species and about the only way you can catch one is as a baby on its way to the ocean and during their birth season how crewel.

Snakes;   There are actually 1000 different species some poisonous and some nonpoisonous, hears a few you really need to use an abundance of common sense, built all is wonderful meat round steaks just get rid of the head ikt’s the dangerous part nothing else.

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Poisonous snakes;

Rattle snake’s; These guys have a very large family they have a little brother that can hyde under an oak leaf, other brothers so long they can stretch across a one-lane road they are all poisonous and they all give the warning of death and is located all over this world mainly wooded and desert except the Arctic regions.

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Cotten Mouth;  These fellas are the same most of the world except Arctic areas’ their happy places are usually wood piles of wood, they are really bad because you got to move some wood and they are hard to see and they will hit you before you know it the bad part he doesn’t mean it it’s a defensive move he thinks you’re after him and bam your life has changed for the worst unless you can some antie venom.

Copperhead;  What a beautiful animal it has such a pretty copper color all the way to the inside of his mouth and it’s pink. does not play well with humans.

Coral Snake; Hay he’s got a cousin but he plays with others a lot better. but this guy is really not very good to get within striking distance he’s in the top 5 poisonous snakes found in the United States.

Non-Poisness Snakes;

Kingsnake;  Hears the Coral Snakes cousin of the King Snake their a lot easier to get along with in fact a lot of snake lovers has one for a pet and he’s got brothers and sisters that look different just not poisonous one of those that would be hard to kill and eat live in all tropical climates.

Grass snakes:  All young boys will always play with these guys they are that docile they have a very large family of their own the most common is the long slim green snake.

Texas Brown Snake;  All non-poisonous snakes eat bugs, and small animals like mice these guys have no desire to deal with people and it would take the whole thing to fill you up.

Rainbow Snake;  This guy lives in the southern United States. its closest relative is the Mud Snake, the Rainbow Snake loves the water it spends most of its life swimming when it gets threatened it will burrow in the sand.

==>Feel like a kill shot every time this is a need to look<==


All of these species are good food like different sizes of chicken and very much edible even thair Eggs the more common ones are the pigeon, dove, and there is, others you can dine on if they get much smaller than a dove there really isn’t any reason too much collecting their to small like let’s go get a hummingbird to fry you see what I mean and of course not the balled Eagle that would be unAmerican.

In Conclusion; I’ve shown you a small amount of Plant, Mammal, Snake, Reptile, and birds some hints on cooking some and if their unsafe to handle and or really easy to handle but all in all there’s so much to eat in the wild I don’t know why anyone would starve out there.

Leave a comment and let me know how you liked the post and if there’s something you think I should have in this post.


Bill Wright

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  • Matiss January 13, 2021Reply

    I loved it. The way I see it, the content you shared was extremely insightful. I loved the list. I learned quite a bit of new. And I couldn’t possibly agree more. I bet it’s such an awesome way to connect with nature and self. 

    Truth is, I’ve always kind of fantasized about going and living in the wild ever since I read the SAS Survival Handbook. I learned so much about plant life and ways to gather water and just food in general. But I never really went out to apply it. Which is a shame (I still have time though).

    I mean, I kind of always used the excuse that I didn’t have the gear or money at the time to buy it as a 16-17-year-old whereas other stuff one just couldn’t buy where I lived (because SAS was much about being ready and having certain tools available at all times). But I bet it’s not so much about the gear. It’s more about knowledge and courage. What would you say? Is the gear important?

    • admin January 14, 2021Reply

      Thank you for the comment the post was meant for someone to be stranded without and how you can survive with little to nothing 

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