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Survival Gardening Ideas-with-minimum-water

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The Best Survival Garden’s

The best survival garden is the Aquaponics Garden it will use minimal water and produce 3 times the product, in a third the time, with extra kicks.

Does this sound outlandish?

Let’s hope not because right now the west side of our beautiful country is drying up, from the west coast.

As far in as half the state of Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas,  Nebraska, South Dakota. as it stands right now that line cuts west towards Wyoming.

Oregon and Washington are wet, but check it out, their catching fire and burning just like the rest of the west side, that’s the right the west side, not just the coast.

Man when something affects a water reservoir like the Colorado River, there are issues that are going to take more time than you can imagine fixing.

Look at me I live 90 miles north of Dallas Texas, in a medium-sized Oklahoma town Durant, exactly 1 time this last winter we got 1 nice snowfall for the area, No rain all winter.

==>Check It Out All You Need To Know<==

Spring we got exactly 2 weeks of substantial rain, then a very dry 79 to 99 degrees for the last 2 weeks, this has been like this for 2 or 3 years now.

 Hydration Savey;

You see, as time goes on as it is right now food and water are going to start suffering, so any gardens you plant need to have the ability to consume water very sparingly I’m calling this Hydration Savey.

Is a garden smart enough to grow and Hydrate itself over and over with the same nutrient-rich water, will grow 3 times faster than you’re normal garden, produce 3 times the yield, and Meat?

And it’s got to do this in some of the dryest desert lands in the united states, that’s right it wasn’t a typo, I said Meat!

Hmmm, now this is a great survival garden.

==>Things You Need In This Climate, Help The Earth<==

Wish I had thought about that one, the Aquaponics Garden with meat, what a concept, can you explain it to me in detail?

The Explanation;

Yes, I can, and if I’m not detailed enough you can check it out here at the Aquaponics Garden, but allow me to entertain you for a bit :-D.

If you live in a place the challenges the fuel’s we depend on living on because without food and water you’re not going to be with us very long.

Without food, your life expectancy is about 3 maybe 4 weeks, so you need food, you need it quick, and you can’t use up all you’re water doing it.

And to top it off a bit of meat would be nice, well let us just go to the supermarket. not going to happen especially if the drought conditions continue.

Don’t Forget The Prediction Nasa is giving;

Nasa’s prediction, you know about the Mega Drought, now this will be bad and this system will be ideal, let me explain.

You’re going to have to build a shaded area if there’s not any large tree’s around, and I assumed there’s not, because of the area, there’s probably not enough.

So the shed you build will need to be of a decent size large enough.

for one of those 1,000 gallons, Plastic Water Storage Tank. like the ones, they use for mobile home parks on well water.

its main purposes are to slow store, keep clean, and slow down dehydration.

Set it in the shed, or barn, or maybe a garage, these would be best for protection not from just evaporation, but if there is a Mager drought.

Water will become a sought-after commodity, a Lock and, Key would help.

Any Way On With The Story;

Yes, the water shortage has been a big part of my post, the reason for this is Razor Edge Survival.

From you’re fresh-water storage tank, shed, shade, garage, where ever you decide to protect, the most sought-after substance known to man.

Yes even more so than the food’s, that I’m going to show you how to grow and catch.

Take a “Y” fitting, off the main supply I’m guessing you’ve got a line going to you’re house before you exit the enclosure.

You want to take a slight downhill slope and buried is better even if you’ve got to build or pad up for the enclosure if you can just 3′ or4′, if not trenching it in you’ll need a galvanized pipe.

Around 50 to 100 feet from the main water supply, you know just a personal observation, a little pretty place during a time like this might be nice.

Construct a waterproof fish pound, the best thing to use out of nature is bentonite or clay powder it’s cheap enough to line your pound with it.

Waterproof For Seapedge;

Have some shade as much as you can furnish, dig it about 4′ or 5′ deep about 20 yards by 20 yards with enough life-giving water plants, and shade, after all.

Al fish and people love them, fix you a nice bench for you’re Hooshaaa, you know what I’m trying to set up, you need to shade it.

But it still not all of it but enough to, what? slow EVAPORATION! very important to try and control it.

==>A Sneek Peak At The Secret<==

Now the Nitty Gritty, of the operation, the reason for all this setup, still on a very slight downhill grade.

For slow water drainage, you install your water line, at what we’ll call the beginning irrigation ditch or just inlet, here you can go of one-off two ways.

Let me explain, take your grow area make a mat, cover the planting area in its entirety you’re medium, you can get it at Grow Stores, Lowes, Home Depot.

It’s what’s used in Hydroponics to plant instead of soil, now there are similarities here between Hydroponics and  Aquaponics the material used to lay the seeds.

Hears The Difference;

Let me explain here, you’re Hydroponics basically a supper charged indoor grow, with artificial lighting, and a floating material to lay the seeds in.

You have to keep a constant check on the fertilizer because the plants are very easy to burn this way but it speeds the grow time up.

And Aquaponics can be done inside, but it’s much better outside, because of the way it’s set up, like this, the fertilizing doesn’t have the need for constant observations.

Anyway, you’ll need regulating points, along the way, you have got to keep the depth of the Grow area close to the same level you need to have a valve into the main supply tank you’re drinking water.

So there’s your first control point, now the second control point is on the exit side of your tank, the third one is in at the top of the PRETTY! fish tank.

I’m sorry the fish will love it, and they will just swim about in their own little Heaven, Mayting, Eating, Growing, and Pooping, for weeks maybe months not really sure, there are a lot of variables.

Out the lower side of your fish tank about 2′ or 3′ from the bottom, is the exit and another valve now down at the grow area, hear you’ll need some mounds.

Now lay seeds but for planting.

There’s Cautions To Every Paradice;

Yeap not for planting but for navigating around your grow area, you have got to remember there’s not just 1 thing you not only have a paradise in the fish pound.

But in the growing area, you have one for the snakes also, and other threatening critters needing a drink.

Now your water is carrying all that fish emulsion-rich water, in there you need the last control point to hold and regulate the water level.

Now after the fish pound starts getting like rank, this is where the magic starts, you’re exit line should be 4″ or 5 “off the bottom.

So the water you drain is rather clean of trash, it’s laying in the 3″ or 4” below the exit line, hear it gets transferred back up to the fish tank as wonderfully clean for fish to live and thrive in.

I know exactly what you’re wondering, how are you going to get said water which is under the grow mat or medium and the plants are sucking the nutrients out of the mat from hearing the grow area back uphill to the fish pond?

==>A Sneek Peak At The Secret<==

 They have come up with everything. even a special siphoning system, that is to pull the water uphill, back to the fish pond,  after all the levels in your grow area are at the correct depth.

Let’s Go Fishing;

The fish pond will be a little low, so you add just a touch of you’re freshwater to bring the pond back up.

I know this a desert where in the hell are you going to get even a small amount of water.

I do have a solution to the water thing, you can check it out here if you want to.

I’m just guessing you were wondering about overpopulation in your fish pond, like I said earlier, vegetables and meat, “Fish”, catch the larger ones for food and raise the younger ones for your fertilizer.

It’s a recurring thing.

In Conclusion;

I’ve tried to show that this Aquaponics System is a perfect survival garden due to its ability to reuse water, furnish all your fruits and vegetables in three times the abundance, and three-time the speed.

With Fish wow, one garden furnishes so much from the heartiest vegetables and fruit to fish, to a beautifully scenic area to enjoy and saving your water supply.

Just what more does a garden have to offer for you to want to have it so come on at least check the presentation out if you’re still not interested it hasn’t cost you anything so come on, what the heck do you have to lose.

Leave me a comment with concerns, and Ideas I’ll get right back.

Thank You

Bill Wright

Survival Gardening Ideas

2 thoughts on Survival Gardening Ideas-with-minimum-water

  • MIchel June 21, 2021Reply

    It is quite scary what a valuable commodity water has become, and we even have to plan our gardens for the future to use as little water as possible.

    We also stay in a very dry city where we are constantly waiting for our dams to run out of water and are always looking for plants to plant that don’t require a lot of watering.

    Thank you for this helpful post. We are going to look at making more shaded areas as well as investigating the aquaponics system that you recommend.

    • admin June 21, 2021Reply

      I’m glad you enjoyed the article but please check out the Aquaponics System and if you live in a dry area then check out the Water Freedom System I know you’ll be impressed hay did you miss these.

      Thank You 

      Bill Wright  

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