Survival Tips On Tornado’s- just exactly what do you do

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Survival Tips On Tornado’s- just exactly what do you do

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Important Facts Tornadoes;

Hi, Bill Hear;

Please be aware that I am an Affiliate, although I enjoy writing my articles, as you read you’ll find affiliate links to items of interest, for camping or surviving,

If you decide that there is no better way to make these operations, easier or better be my guest, but if you decide to purchase said items I will receive a small commission,

Which in no way will affect the price, your paying.

So Please Come Read And Enjoy, 

The Facts and Only The Facts;

Well, the most important fact about Tornadoes is their deadly and unpredictable, once you hear any sirens, you’ve got literally seconds to get to a safe place be it you’re storm shelter, a neighbor’s storm shelter, public shelter,

If you can’t make it to either one of the storm shelters, go to the most central spot in you’re dwelling, normally it’s a restroom or a closet, then duck cover and pray.

==>Hears A Bit Of Clairfication<==

Tornados don’t mess around, and they have no remorse, so if happen to see one of these Devils, please do not stop and take videos unless you’re a very good distance

Knowledge is Survival;

The wind of an EF this EF is ” The Enhanced Fujita Scale”  the EF 1 Tornado, can reach speeds as high as 86 MPH to 110 MPH and carries a moderate Damage path, strip the leaves of trees, and damage homes and vehicles.

And an EF2 is the third weakest Tornado on the EF scale it can have winds of 111 MPH to 135 MPH, the damage from an EF 2 will be considerable. uproot medium-sized trees and destroy small buildings like sheds.

An EF 3 tornado carries winds in access of 136 MPH to 165 MPH, flattening homes and uprooting large trees. wider path uproot large trees and damage homes and commercial buildings

An EF 4 tornado has sustained winds of 166 MPH to 200 MPH, Damage to these tornados will be devastating, even larger yet strip a path a mile wide or so of tree’s homes and farms during these storms it not unusual to see heavy equipment flying

An EF 5 Tornado has sustained winds of 216 MPH to 318 MPH winds, the destruction of this monster is the same as an EF 4 but much wider, Devils land total striping the land of a path 2 to 3 miles wide of all trees, water towers, the building’s just total escalation of anything in its, path.

What To Do;

If you live in a tornado-ridden area, listen to your local weather channel or the weather channel, you know when there’s any inclement weather in the area.

Have a plan no matter where you live or what kind of situation you’re dealing with be it Tornados, Hurricanes, Flooding, or Wildfires YOU NEED TO HAVE A PLAN in place.

==>If Your Ready For Electricity<==

A gathering place in you’re home, you need to keep track of your loved ones, you need to know where at in the home you’re to go for your safest place they recommend if you have a mobile home to vacate.

And find a storm shelter, like a school that’s set up for such storms, if you live in a frame house then a seller is recommended to go there, if not then you need to find the most central room in the house.

Definitely not in a room with windows or an external wall, they recommend a restroom or a closet, take pillows, blankets, or any kind of cushioning, Hunker down and hold on to each other tightly and pray.

If You Get Caught Out In It;

If you’re outside, and the storm sneaks up on you find a drainage pip, stay away from anything that might become air bound and become a projectile.

==>Hears A Bit Of Clairfication<==

If the only place you can find is a Car, get in and fasten just the lap seat strap, leave the shoulder strap off, and lay down below the windows, and brace yourself, you’re in for one heck of a ride.

If you do get caught up in a tornado the 2 most dangerous things are 1 flying projectile’s, and 2 if you get pulled into the funnel it will carry you up till the top of the thunderhead.

And drop you like a bike, and how tall or thunderheads, were talking thousands of feet, so if a flying telephone pole doesn’t get you that sudden drop from the top has a very good chance of doing that.

The Car was a last-ditch chance to save yourself, hopefully, it just throughs the car around a bit, if it’s an EF 1 or 2 this will probably is what’s going to happen too bad you can’t predict what’s going to happen.

Uncontrollable, And Unpredictable;

Well, you damn sure can’t control the weather, and it’s sporting to predict the weather, and after the funnel is visible and doing its deed, it’s definitely uncontrollable.

I’ve seen with my own 2 eyes, one trash a house, pick up and just touch the corner of the neighbor’s house, or my best friend’s house the funnel went right over his home and picked the roof up and move it 3″.

  ==>Are You Thirsty<==

And they have demolished everything in their path of 1 or 2 miles, and I mean flatten buildings, uproot trees through cars into trees, and actually drove a bicycle into the side of a car just like it was, made that way.

All in all, Tornados aren’t a thing to take lightly, like if you see one not out in a field 5 miles away, don’t stop to take videos you have a good chance of never being able to see that video or any others if you’re dead.

What To Do After;

Well, I don’t know about you but after what I’ve seen the first thing I’m going to do is check to see if my family is functioning in normal perimeters, then drop to my knees and thank God for life.

The next thing is, normally to check your house, if it’s still there and livable the next thing is to check the neighbors if all is well, with your clan.

But if you’re house is a beautiful pile of rubble then, at this time in your life, it’s no matter if you have a structure, or a bunch of firewood if you’ve been keeping up with my articles.

You would go to your Camping/Survival Kit, just say you’ve come out of you’re little safe room be it the restroom or some small closet in the hall.

To only walked into a disaster, which a lot of Tornado survivors do, one man had an actual safe room built, just for this reason.

Thank God For Planes;

So the next operation would be to go dig your Survival Kit out from under what was your Barn or shed.

Of course, the first thing will be inevitable, check your Kit’s condition out, you won’t be able not to.

So there you have your temporary home which you’ve used countless times at your favorite getaway, for me, it’s Lake Texoma, Sunset camp, nicest beaches don’t you know.

Hay it’s time to set your tent up, and by now it’s your property, you should already know the best spot for you’re temporary home.

Tha Set Up Of Your Temp. Home;

From there, you pull your Back Yard Revolution, and set it up this takes only minutes, and after you get it hooked up in seconds you can plug in the Airconditioner or fan.

==>If Your Ready For Electricity<==

Oh there that is your Water Freedom System, damn thank God you got this amazing water generator, this also takes you literally minutes to set the Water Freedom system up.

It takes just a bit of electricity to operate it after you get your extension cored over to the system it takes just a few minutes to maybe an hour for some drinking water to start flowing but grab your storage container forget the bottled water.

  ==>Are You Thirsty<==

Because it’s going to be literally a couple of hours to wash dishes or shower, from here while you’re partners, keep pulling the items you have decided to put in your Kit out and continue setting up your new area.

So you go out to where you had set up your Aquaponic Garden to check the damage out there, thank God there’s just a bit mostly clean up so your food is still good to go.

Don’t Forget Privet Times;

That’s it, almost the last thing you have integrated into your camp/ Survival Kit, your new restroom, equipped with toilet and shower with hot water, and a nice private enclosure.

So there you go after you pull the bed, the fold-up chairs, camping table, extra TV, DVD player, and your boom box out of your Kit I do believe you’re ready to carry on life.

==>Hears A Bit Of Clairfication<==

At least till the insurance company’s or Fema or whoever is going to help you rebuild or repair your home, depending on the damage.

Here you’ll be able to cook up some pain killer for any injuries from the area after all there are things you’ll need that our forefathers had learned from the Indians it’s all our Lost Ways.

In Conclusion;

Hear you have learned how to treat, and how to survive in one of this earth’s most devastating storms, second only to a Hurricaian orTyphoon, or whatever they call them in your part of the world.

What the steps or that you should take mediately after such an undertaking, the things you should be doing after your affairs are covered like checking the neighbors.

How you should strive for comfort with any or all the systems I have Hylited for you, due to the time it could take to get your home back to where it was.

Depending on its shape hopefully, your the lucky one with at least a structure and all you have to do is a tarp or 2 along with my systems then your comfortable till Fema yeah!!!

Please Leave a comment with concerns or Ideas and I’ll be right back.

Thank You,

Bill Wright

2 thoughts on Survival Tips On Tornado’s- just exactly what do you do

  • Cogito July 9, 2021Reply

    Hi Bill. Thank you for another important post. I never faced tornado by myself, but weather is changing so quickly in current times that its better to be prepared. Its incredible how powerful these can be and to be fair I believe only reasonable action is to hide in closest shelter. Your advices and recommendations are very useful but I hope I will never need to use  them in practice.

    • admin July 9, 2021Reply

      Amen brother their scarry even if they were 2 miles away when it  moved my buddies roof 

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