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Surviving Internet Marketing

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Trying To Make It On-Line;

All Types Of Survival;

You know as humans we probably have had the feeling for the need to survive more than once, and survive from different things such as droughts, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, wildfires, famines, depressions, wares, and yes amongst hundreds of other things you might have to survive from, one wouldn’t think Internet marketing would be one of them.

But you can get thrusted into situations that you just can’t make it on what you can earn like when my wife had a major stroke I had to retire early to take care of her, which by the way strikes all sorts of feelings of the need to survive with only $1331.00 a month to survive on so I did do what any person would do, so I started looking at my options, studied the internet you know then you see it, Internet Marketing in my heart I believe I had the answer, after all, every time you go online, every time you turn on you’re tv which seems like the new marketing Hiway more and more.

So Come’s The Intel gathering;

I went to checking the Internet I went to google and type in making money online Oh all the things that pop up Make money doing this, make money doing that, make money while you sleep, you can make a 7 figure income hear you can make money from the beach in which you won’t need because of the wife, oh well if you can make money from the beach then surely you can make money from home.

==>If You Have The Desire, Time And Patents Check Ths Out It’s Legit and Honest<==

So I began with the one that sounds the best let’s see make money working 30 minutes a day, the 30-minute workday, this one says you can make thousands of dollars and it’s good for a beginner, and it’s free to start, so I pull this 30-minute workday up online I went to following the directions and I found out quickly that their beginners and my beginners are two different things, my beginners must be a lot less advanced than their beginners.

I had noticed that there were these places the say contact us to hear so I tried only to get some stupid written out directions, that didn’t really help at all so as life goes on and I tried this thing out and with hardly any advancement because there just isn’t any way to contact a live person meanwhile my funds are dwindling, now I was getting behind with my rent and utilities and desperate feelings of losing everything started taking me over, I couldn’t shake the failure feelings.

 Loss Of You’re Home;

The company I was working for Texoma Manufacture had been working with me letting you take time to go home and take care of my wife, for almost a year then they hired this president fella that doesn’t have a thankful bone in his body to lay a veteran off on veterans day, with a wife in her condition he says that I need to stay home and take care of my wife, so I went home to try and make arrangements with my landlady, her come back was I want my rent on payday and I want it in full.  

Oh my God what am I going to do I thought, I didn’t have enough time to make enough money for her rent all though I did have enough money to rent a storage shed, to put all my things into what I thought was a safe place, yeah ok we’ll discuss this at another time I went to the employment Office there in Durant Ok and talk to the VA Rep, a pretty young lady, boy was she hard to get along with but thank goodness very officiant.

I Told The V.A. Lady What Had Happened;

I told the V.A. lady what had happened with my home and all, so she shoots me over to the Disabled VFW unit in town and the Rep gets me with this organization that helps homeless Vet’s get housing well the VA rep there got me in a room at the LaQuinta inn for 2 days, but it was taking this organization a while to get a house for me so on the second day the Manager of the LaQuinta inn noticed I was really worried, she asked what was wrong and after I told her what was up this angle put me, my wife. and my dog in a room that she couldn’t rent due to the heater being out supplied a space heater for 6 months the angle let us stay there rent-free for 6 months now tell me there’s not a God and while I was there I could use the Motel WIFI.

So now we’re in this room and I go searching for an honest online business, I came up with this program that promises to make you money selling whatever you’re passionate about or I could sell their system, this company is called Wealthy Affiliate Program now here’s a learning curve like I said they did everything they promised that was to show me how to build a web site pick a domain get Google analytics and having everything a person needs to make a profitable website, well indeed they did this but take my word for it unless you’re positive you’re passion is something you can write about over and over and that there is a group of individuals that desire what you’re selling if you’re not completely, totally sure of this.

I would definitely sell the Wealthy Affiliate Program, I watched half a dozen people make sales 3 and 4 months after they had signed on.

Weight Loss Wasn’t The Way;

Weight loss isn’t it fat people don’t care they feel they are intended to look the way they do I don’t care what physical health they are in from being fat, I know this because my weight loss site didn’t do a thing for more than a year I worked on it  I fought you can even find it now I haven’t touched it in more than a year bills cutting edge web if you’re interested LOL.

My suggestion would be to sell the WA you’re most likely to start selling like with 3 or 4 months now do you see where the survival comes in with internet marketing online there very little to protect you from Scammers, thieves, perverts, and people that are trying just as hard as you with making a living online.

I have an answer that might make it a possibility to make money online, remember that nothing happens overnight online I don’t care what Mr blow it up you’re Ass guru tells you there isn’t any of those you do nothing and the money will start coming in like out of a faucet.

Over The Last 2 Years;

Over the last 2 years that I’ve been trying to find that site that might help, even though you will need to practice your survival skills just a bit longer, this one really works, like within 5 1/2 months I’m starting to show some help with life’s challenges, My account is showing a rise of $5.00 a day that is $100.50, just for logging in once a day and reading any Emails, and the topper is it costs nothing now there’s a little survival positive for yeah.

==>It’s Fun Explaining This To You Check It Out It’s Definitely Free<==

This company is called WE Share Abundance which is a giving sharing community that has Godly intentions they take the money you make within their community during the month and fund 6 or 7 Organizations just a couple is taking orphans to Disney world, and furnishing water to water-starved countries and on the first, the site closes down, they put all the funds where they go and exchange the USD in your account to their WESA coin witch has more value than the USD, so you use it to purchase the pools you work out of there is 6 pools each that cost a bit more but pays considerably more.

One More Step To Surviving; 

During all my efforts to survive this very confusing way of earning your way I noticed there wasn’t much traffic going to my site that I’ve learned to build Wealthy Affiliate shows you very good SEO for Google but like I said in this business nothing is fast, but there are ways to speed up the traffic issue believe me when I tell you Google doesn’t hurry at all in fact you write an article and on an average 2 weeks before google will index said article Google’s slow-moving but They do move plug Google Analytics and watch but beware it’s like watching water boil lol, unless.

You step to the next step in surviving Internet marketing and join a Traffic Funnel like Traffic Add Bar now there actually 100’s of these Funnel’s out there and like the rest of internet marketing, there are those natural enemy’s SCAMS!! wow yes, they are everywhere but back up the Wealthy Affiliate will show you the best way to find these threats and steer clear of them now the Traffic Add Bar works it works very well I know this because when I’m on there surfing you get about for every 2 adds you view for 10 seconds you get 1 hit or visited yo you’re add’s like I send some to my site and to the other systems I’m telling you about how I’m surviving online marketing.

The Last Step I’ve Been Working On;

Yes I said the last step well let me tell you it’s far from the final thing that needs to happen if you’ll pay attention to data isn’t paying but like We Share Abundance you’ll get just for logging in $5.00 a day witch = to $150.00 a month now this isn’t going to sustain my family I don’t know about your family I’ve found out you kinda need about 5streams, not too worried too much some of these systems like We Share Abundance it takes you literally 3 to perform what’s expected of you, in fact, the most time I spend actually working online is the time I use writing these articles like this one.

But as time goes on my next ad on the system which is starting to pay SFI now this one is a strange one it boasts to build a second income they sell all sorts of items, programs, games, and more it’s another one of those, check it out things, basically when you log in you’ve got a line of 17 tabs that you are required to attempt to turn green like this, like We Share Abundance It’s a slow starter but its not a scam and it’s legit it’s one of those steps in surviving.

The Last Survival task;

So here I am, a little over 2 years after getting laid off from Texoma MFG I’ve found out that there are dozens of ways to make a living online, but there 2 dozen way to get ripped off online as well, now the things I’m showing you in my surviving internet marketing are not the only legit ways to survive the internet, but they are the ones that I’m personally surviving with as we speak.

There is one more but I haven’t finished building it and to be quite honest with you it’s one that I haven’t built a lot of trust in it it’s called PIP Plug-In Profit site in fact this is where I have found one of my tested and true moneymakers to survive the internet the SFI, now there are 5 streams with this website that this fella gives you for free you’ve got to join the 5 things to make it work 1 SFI in which I’ve got going then there s GDI in which is the same thing as Aweber which works with traffic lick Trafic Add Bar except GDI sends emails on a large scale like 10’s of thousands of leads, now there are 3 other parts in which IO cant see my self affording so I might just drop the PIP and concentrate on what I’ve got going on plus the other day I found this $1.00 business that I’m trying out and I will let you know how it’s working out.

In Conclusion;

There are so many other programs out there, but yes there so many more scammers but like in the jungle you’ll always have your natural enemies the preditors, or in Internet marketing the scammers, but at least you have sites like Wealthy Affiliate, that if needed will help you distinguish and block them out they are time and money losers.

If you’re into internet marketing and you’re not surviving or otherwise not making the life-supporting substance MONEY got to WE Share Abundance or SFI both of these will actually pay although slow-building their not scam’s and from my experiences so far WE Share Abundance does build quicker than SFI  also if you’re more financially set for it check out the rest of PIP Plug-In Profit in my heart I do not believe this to be a scam, and if all you need is to funnel traffic well hear yeah go,        Traffic Add Bar with the option of becoming one of Traffic Add Bar affiliates.

And if the question is there do you have to actually survive well for some without it we would starve to death so in my eyes the answer is YES!!!

Please by all means leave a comment and let me know how you liked my article and any survival Ideas 🙂

Thank You,

Bill Wright

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