Surviving With Old Friend’s

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Surviving With Old Friend’s

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Helping Friends Survive On The Road

It is what it is;

You meat the most interesting people when you get a new job working away from home on the road meaning literally on the road I got this job out of the local paper that paid more than any other job I had ever had, it was the

Flaming Antlers

Don’t get the HOT! head Brow

neighboring town Milling asphalt let me think ah Mid West Asphalt I do believe, anyway not important the company folded but it maid some interesting memories.

A man with one arm hired me on I only saw the guy a couple of times after I met the crew I had hired on with so I can’t remember his name if you have to have it I’ll have to get with Ben Swatters, which is a man you’ll be hearing about a lot during my post because I lived with him more than my own loving wife of most of my adult life, man what a change.

I was taken out to meat my crew there was Scotty A tall thin younger man our leader I’m sorry I can’t remember his last name, then Ben Swaters the operator, and after meeting this man and having the honor and privilege to know and within a very short period of time he and my self became really close friends to the point of brotherly protection and survival of a lot of situations my job on the crew was Tanker driver I supplied fule and water for the milling machine. 

The Actual Meeting;

I didn’t get to actually meet any of the guy’s until we got to our first work location I believe it was by the Lake Of The Pines we checked in to the motel room, this the place I start noticing my roommate was a gifted person, we checked in to the local Motel it was rather late so we didn’t go check the job site, I parked the truck met Scotty and Ben went and checked in to our room’s.

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Scotty got his own privet room and Ben and I shared a room, Ben jumped on the shower when Brian stepped out of the shower I got to start meeting old Ben, when he stepped out he had his shorts on and a Tee shirt, he lifted his Tee shirt up and tapped on his side just under his rib cage and it clinked like plastic he said he had been in a bad accident and he had a pain control box under his skin that shoots electrical current up to his spin.

What Had Happened;

When he was a little younger he was helping to build this retaining wall in front of this bar, after work, the crew went into the bar for a beer, while they were there this guy started crap with them, they were about done so Ben waved and said that they didn’t want trouble and got up and started leaving outside the fella jumped into his car back out revved his motor Brian bowing up finally said well come on and the guy stepped on it ran Ben over as Brian started going under the duds truck Brian grabbed his bug shield the guy drug brian up and over the wall they were building and it messed him up bad crushed his hip and all sorts of damage He is pinned -back together, he wasn’t supposed to be able to work anymore, but the mans hard-headed I’m telling you.

Earlier Times;

At this time I’ve known this man for a total of maybe 10 hours we swapped lives stories he found out about my father getting shot and robed In our stores when I was 14 years young, and other personal things, you know general, bounding, he kinda started sounding a bit on the religious side asking if, I believe in God and Jesus being our savior, then he started telling me this story about his self at the age of 6 years old he started having headaches like bad.

His mother took him to the Docter they set him up with an MRI and found a tumor on his brain the size of a grape they were prepping him for surgery he was halfway under Ben looked at his mother and told her mom it’s Ok Jesus is laying hear in bed with me she thought ok he’s going under and shrugged it off.

They came and took Ben to surgery about 3 hours went by, a Docter came out him being Indian was Pail wite said they went in to remove this tumor and all they could find was sist the size of a pinhead, now me being me and trying to learn every one got to thinking old Ben’s a storyteller he saw this and asked if I had believed I lied and said yes hear hold on Ben said he called his mother a wonderful woman we visited for a good 10 to 15 minutes and Ben asked her to tell me about his brain surgery and she had confirmed everything Ben Had told me like WOW I thought A gifted man and I hadn’t even got to know him at all yet we can definitely say surviving the road with a close friend after this post.

Anyway, I have hardly met Scotty at all he seemed like a strange kinda person just a couple sticking his head in the room to see how I liked everything so far you know boss stuff so we turn in for the next day was an early one before we made it to sleep Ben aked my man do you have my back well course I said yeah man don’t you know it. and off to sleep.

Friendships Start Growing;

The next morning we’re up at a bright and early 05:00 the new crew seems to wake up in good moods this is a very positive thing in my books Ben asks that question a couple of times through the week of course I go to wondering about old Ben like what’s all this worry about having his back, oh well we shrug it off this day I found out very easy guys to work with, comparable with their jobs they get along ok and seem to have accepted me yea!!!.

As the day went on I noticed something strange Scotty was in a bad wad a crotch grabber, he’s younger than Ben and my self by a few years newly married, but on this day he wore white jeans throughout the day with him frequently grabbing his groin like trying to prove his self or something, around lunch I noticed his white jeans had a black crotch and it didn’t phase him at all and the day went on.

Adjustments in feelings; 

And finding my place on the food chain, now a CDL driver/truck driver keeps a very personal trip loge you know to keep track of breaks and mile drove and by law its to be kept in real-time like if you fule you take your self out of driving to just working by a line graft, so this is what I was doing about 10 minutes before that Ben went to the restroom he looked back and said it’s all good you’ve got my back right? he asked and went and did his job about the time he came out there was a knock on the door so I answered.

It was Scotty, and I found the one that wasn’t a friend, he through my paperwork on the bed and with some mighty colorful words he told me I should match his paperwork and to redo it out of the blue Ben jumped up in his face and told the boss that he should be more understanding and the next time he fired off on another man like that they would be dancing, believe it or not, I got an apology, and Scotty went back to his room I went to bed and Ben wanted to drink a couple of beers.

The next day we finished this job and Ben says that crap all the time you got my back don’t you, we load up and transit to home for the weekend I’d drive the tanker, and Ben and Scotty ride the crew truck after the weekend Ben comes and picks me up we go and meet Scotty and we Transite to South Louisiana, Lake Charles we get there a little late so we just check-in and relax the same thing except Ben and You learn a thing about me no one is perfect I like cannabis, so I go to bed lay my pip on the bedside table and slipped off to sleep I slipped oh maybe 2 hours and someone tapped on my ankle.

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On my God 3 Rivers Junction’s Finest standing over me, I set up and ask what’s up to Officer he told my roommate had kinda been assaulted, scratched my head the funny thing was They didn’t even acknowledge my pipe on the end table didn’t even take note, we go down they explained that 3 men had attacked him over there and damn they were big, he said they might have been starting to get the best of your roommate, but they new Ben was there one of them has a broken finger and this one a possible broken rib the bigger one ran and we had caught him.

 The next day Ben and Scotty inform me we’re going to be heard for a few days, that evening Ben said He almost went to jail I asked for what? he told me his Daughter and He went to the mall and these 3 big black colorful names he said you know what I mean the N-word started messing with his daughter Ben said he told them to back off and leave them alone well they did but when Ben and Daughter got out to the truck they met them out there and started doing it again and started crap with Him he said he informed them he was a black belt they didn’t stop so he had to beat the crap out of them, and the police were called he said he was kind of worried about any altercations.


I shake my head, and I say ok Ben what’s your story and all this have I got you’re back crap really? He says ok My father was kind of on the abusive side wanting me to be the better always pushing him he got into boxing was a golden glove for 3 years, got an interest in martial arts zoomed up to the 3rd-degree black belt, got bored with that and jumped double footed into MMA for a couple of years, I said damn If you need my help I dought that I could they are probably going to be pretty big he left and said you’ll never know how effective you really are my friend we’ll always have each other back with a handshake we ended this day wow SURVIVING with a good friend.

What About This “Gifted Man-Thing?”

From Lake Charles Louisiana we went to a small town called 3 rivers junction, it was Friday we got there a little early, decided to do a little Milling it was close to Halewing as we were making our first pass and only pass till Monday we noticed a house had a real coffin on display half opened so we walked over and asked them they said the funeral home was about to send it back so they offered a price and the guy went for it she says it stays in the storage for all year until Halloween we said cool and went on our way.

It was an uneventful weekend you know relaxation laundry bonding, and I’m tired want to finish my clothes and good old Ben wants to get to the river junction and fish asked me if I wanted to go I said not that evening, so Ben asked if I could take him down in the crew truck and leave him until he calls and then come and get him I said sure. dropped him off went back to the room surfing a little web and my phone rings, it’s Ben he asks if I could come and get him? I said yea sure, he comes back and says like now? I said on my way.

When I get there Ben he loads all his fishing gear up climbs in the truck looks at me and says that he has been bit by a water moccasin, I said Oh my God Ben we should get on the way the nearest Hospital was 10 miles way DAMN it Ben, he says it will be ok he only hit me on this seam he just barely hit me, with apprehension I said ok so we went back to the room begging for him to go to the hospital the fool would not go in fact flat out refused.

So I said let me see shit 2 times its normal size I say Ben Damn it you need a Docter he says Bill it will be Ok I promise water snakes aren’t deadly and I said B.S. so then we go on about our business Ben tels Wife, Wife tells, Mom, Mom calls Ben, Ben hands me the phone and shrugs his shoulder and says Mom wants to talk to you man so then I take the phone and DANG!!!! this woman says Bill I say yes Mam she says you tell that hard-headed son of a bitch to get his ass to a hospital I said!!!!!.

All I could say is yes mam I’m trying I had been trying ever since I found out she said thank you, and hung up I looked at Ben and ask what do you want me to do? he said watch me I said BEN WHAT IN THE HELL AM I WATCHING?!!! Ben comes back with tho see if I’m breathing, I shook my head and put it in my hands and said you know the hospital is miles away he sai I know you watch you’ll see what can a man say at this time Ok.

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For the next 3 days, this fool ran between 102 and 103-degree temp. throwing up about every hour or so I mean he would climb off the machine through up violently for 14 hours a day for the next 3 days leg big and black but guess what he got over it so I’m telling you this man Is gifted dare to challenge.

In Conclusion;

What I’m trying to say is surviving adversity will build strong friendships with the respect you’ll never till it happens to you and that there are gifted people among us every minute in every day you just know it you know the one that might have talked to christ his age it would be unbelievable he could make that one up and why yea know to search out you’re good friends for their not in everyone and be careful with the ones that want your friendship for profit or gain but Enjoy the ones you got and never part them and keep in contact. 

After all these jobs with the same company they folded, we all lost our jobs. after about 3 weeks Ben calls me and said that they sold out to a construction company CJ  Construction, Ben said we were reassembling the crew same everything except the boss, Scotty had Enlisted in the Army and we had a girl for a boss the girl’s name was T for Teresa she was a lead on another machine while it was southwest, and she’s like cute as hell but this is another story. 

On a leaving thought just wanted to let you know Ben and myself are still brothers and we watch each other backs all the time after all it’s hard to survive without this kind of friendship and brotherhood.

Well, this starts another paragraph in this story so come back and I’ll be writing more on it but for now.

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  • Jongabriel January 13, 2021Reply

    Haha thanks for the article my guy! I read your whole story and enjoyed it thoroughly. I also like the message it portrays: sometimes going through hardships with friends are a good thing. It could seem bad at first, but at the end of it you’ll find each other closer than ever before. 

    • admin January 14, 2021Reply

      I’m so happy you have enjoyed my article if you’ll notice there wasn’t anything to sell it was just for pleasure 

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