The Best Self Defense for all ages and physical shape.

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The Best Self Defense for all ages and physical shape.

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Julie’s new position 

There she goes Julie she’s so happy she Just landed a position with the hospital she works at, that pays almost double what she was bringing in, she stops and shares her good luck with a couple of her friends, one asks if she was heading home that he would walk her out in just a second he had a little task to do before he could leave.

==>Russell Stutely self defense<==

Julie was so stocked she was is in a hurry to share her good fate with her room-mate Sam well, we will call him her room-mate but if you ask me Sam’s got other than friends on his mind you see Julie’s a pretty little bubbly thing long dark hair dark brown eyes not over 4’11” tall around 100 lbs soaking wet, God was good “ok” so not giving it another thought Julie happily prances off.

It’s a beautiful evening It had been so hot, and they had a bit of a cool front came in, and it’s such a beautiful walk through the court yeard she has to go through to get to the parking garage, although well lit, over her happiness

There’s nothing she can see to indicate anyone was even around so Julie shrugs it off and continues her happy little walk thinking about all the good news shes been given, this evening she had to cross a well-lit street to get to the parking garage oh it’s about 50 yards from the courtyard she just walked through.

==>This You’ve Got To Check Out<==

On the wat across the street, Julie had a kinda funny thought about this course her room mat was checking out he got online as a Free start-up she couldn’t remember the name or the style it was some kinda self-defense she thought It was a man’s name and pressure point thing, oh well she thought I’ll never need it, after all, there’s security almost everywhere she went, in fact, she just greeted one of the security guards while crossing the street as he makes his turn left up alongside the structure to go up the stairs to go up to the next level.

So Julies happy came back and her worries left and she enters the parking garage dang it’s dark in there more than normal ah probably blew a fuse so she struts off into the darkness without any thought her car was about a third the way up, Julie still thinking about that silly course it only showed 3 or 4 things she left it off what silly thing’s that roommate of mine gets into laughing about it.

As Julie passes the second column she notices she parked right were the second level started meeting the first and though cool that’s were the security guard was touring, as she clears the second column the security guard steps out from behind the column he really startled her he wasn’t to be on this level she asked how he got down there and why he said I thought I saw someone by your car.

So I climbed from that level to this one right over there, Julie asked if he had found anything he said no but I’ll stay here till you’re safely in the car she smiled and said thank you as she unlocks the car door damn just as soon as Julie gets the door open the guard pushes her in the car rips her scrub pants and panties off and has his way with her and asked if she enjoyed it because he wanted more.

Well now confused and frightened her memory kicks in and she remembers that silly course her boyfriend was watching and practicing on her, the attacker went to come back in and actually rape her he was just fondling and trying to get it hard thank god he must have had ED or something he got frustrated well Julie kicked him back just enough for a young man that saw what was happening.

==>This You’ve Got To Check Out<==

Jimmies moment in the spotlight 

Jimmie who was trying the same course out that Sam was now Jimmie is a friend of the two of them, Jimmies not very big except his heart and a good giving friend of the two, while Julie had that perfect chance to push him back enough that Jimmie pulled the dud back put up his shield and sword defense and bam get that perfect kick right into this pressure point about 6″ up the inside of the man’s left front shin.

 Ohman did it work he fell down on the ground holding his leg just almost crying saying I thought she wanted me so he kicked him again in the same spot on his other leg he got into her car with her and dilled 911 he looks at her and says I’ll bet a dime to a dozen doughnuts this guy losses his job, and I’ll bet when you get home and tell Sam about this I’ll bet he buys the full course, yea buddy so we can all three learn laughing about the whole ordeal as the Police pull up looks down at the fella and laughs.

In Conclusion

It doesn’t have to be a disaster to want or need a Russuls pressure point self-defense course all’s needed is someone to want to learn and that’s around the frecking nut’s in this world so please protect you’re loved ones and buy them this course it’s the easiest martial arts course you’ll ever find anyone if all ages and physical abilities can and will master this it’s a great feeling that your love ones can protect themselves.

Leave a comment with any questions and I’ll get back to within a days time


2 thoughts on The Best Self Defense for all ages and physical shape.

  • Jbryce October 4, 2020Reply

    It’s very thoughtful of you to share this article here, we live in a community where everything is dangerous now and bad people are everywhere trying to get you. It’s good to protect yourself with this kind of course that trains you for self-defense. It’s good that you shared this.

    • admin October 4, 2020Reply

      Yes and I’ve studied 2 other styles Tykwondo and Showlin both to the green belt and this showed me more in actual hands-on in the street fighting that you could use in just the free starter you really need to go in and check it out it’s not going to cost you 

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