Survival After An EMP Attack

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Survival After An EMP Attack

The Best Way To Survive An EMP Attack

Does anyone really know what an electromagnetic pulse attack is going to be like, the aggressor, will launch a long-distance missile that will carry the device, the device will be detonated miles above the United States Soil?

No one will know what’s going on till it’s too late with In seconds all electricity in the united states will be disrupted for good all lights all houses, all transportation, all communication you’ll look outside to see if the neighbors have electricity.

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You’ll try and call your friends to see if they have power but to no avail no phones even if you’re cell phone is charged because the cellphone, companies, and cell towers will be dead. so you wait all day and night so you jump into the car than God It wasn’t running when the electromagnetic pulse weapon went off or it would be burnt.

Oh dang the gas is low so you go to get gas but no fuel, the station’s can pump gas no electricity for their pumps, so you park your car at the bank even the bank’s yea well everything the banks do is electronic It’s going to take about 2 days for you to start putting this crap together that the time has changed for the worst for good.

So you’re going to need to do some changing of your self, the way you live I hope you bought this portable electricity system, why because there isn’t any internet to order this and I don’t know where else you can get this information on this device.      

So now is the time come on in and let me help you learn and prepare or the things that look like they might, and are going to take place you know, you watch the news and listen to the biblical revelations.

To make life as we know it changes and not for the better but the worst well while we can, I want to help you guys train, stock up, pack, and flat out prepare for this life-changing event in an.

An entertaining and fun way to learn the thing’s to do so you can be prepared for the worst because, if or more likely when it happens whatever it is it won’t be pleasurable anymore.

My post is to show you things in a fun and entertaining way for Buddy’s, Father, Sons, Daughters, Ladies, and or girl friend’s you’re definitely all welcome to join in learning and have a great time yes.

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Females may not like the reasoning because most ladies don’t think along this way but guess what if it happens it’s not going to prejudice it’s going to be deadly to them also so as the men we need to strive to make it as entertaining as.

Possible as we can for the ladies after all mom needs fun as well I don’t care what you call these guys Survivalist, Preppers it makes no difference what you call it or them there are a thousand ways to get into situations Viruses, Invasions, Disasters, Tornadoes. Earthquakes Hurricanes Droughts don’t forget there could be hidden things as well

Little Special training

Finding, picking out, and setting up a tactical camp’s, using Tactical Survival gear you can find that hear at my cutting edge website, once you’ve located that perfect spot picks the area for your tent, and guess what you really don’t need that tent depending on the weather if it’s going to be nice, and how long you’re going to be off the grid.

Tactical camping equipment you need;

Save yourself a little time, not that, It’s anything to worry about time, doing this kinda thing you normally have plenty of time It’s jest for bonding, having a good time, and learning how to.

Survive to have a good time encase the worst happens during this tactical bonding experience you could do things like learning how to read topographic maps learning the best.

Way to do a map course and if you’re enjoying map reading line out a nighttime map course so your guys can navigate at night as good as day this can be handy like if one of you goes out and you’re buddies have the urge to track you they can do it at night or day time.

Activities After Map Reading;

When you’ve had enough with the map reading and tracking you can hide protect and set up you’re camp get back to your tactical camp you can mess around sharpening your survival.

Knife and make the old camp as comfortable as possible and still keep the tactical hiding in fact if you’ve got the room after a couple of days if you’re going to be out longer you can break.

Camp move it and set it back up that’s what they do in an actual tactical defensive posture.

It’s all up to you;

Just depends on how far your want to take your learning fun if you’ve had enough people you could run objectives against each other like I said its all up to you whatever your heart desires are camping for fun or tactical camping its all fun,

Learning and good for you physically, mentally, and emotionally doing thing’s outside are jest good for your all the way around now you’re back at your camp you’ve learned a lot now it’s time to relax if you’re not all that serious and.

You’re ready to wind down the reason I say it’s nighttime, time to break down and do some self-defense that people of all sizes and or ages can master, after all in a martial law situation the police will be.

Collecting all firearms when you’re finished and with the sun is going down its time to practice light discipline there’s no campfire in a tactical setting when the

Worst happens this will keep you hidden during concealment but if your fun has finished you slip off into you’re safety zone and you have nothing else lined out so light the fire relax and talk about survival equipment and catch some supper if theirs a lake left.

The most basic survival tools;

The Need to arm ourselves with other things because there’s talk that the government wants to disarm, America or at least the Obama administration was so we need to think about arming ourselves with weapons like knives, which has been.

Around for a while were talking B.C. I have been around knives for at least 50 years Iv found through constant trials and tribulations Knives aren’t worth a flip if not sharp, it’s the most functional tool there is, there’s no better way to.

Survive in the wild, underwater, or any other place without a good sharp knife along with you Were also going to need things like crossbows, bow and arrows, sharp hatchets, and Black Powder Fire Arm’s these are considered primitive weapons just to mention a few ideas there is a bad on the black powder it’s probably going to be regulated strictly.

My favored;

This spring Assisted Knife, man what a work of art, some fine craftsmanship can hardly make them dull, stylish, and vestal, I’m partial to the is absolutely the most vestal survivalist knife on the market.

The one I carry the most is this spring Assisted Knife, Pocket Folding Knife, Military Style, Boy Scouts Knife, Tactical Knife has passed the test of time, the good thing about this set of knives the, have about 100 styles and if a person is caught up in this crap, a person will need a few of these tools they are talking about.

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South as Let’s look you will carry your 3 bladed pocket knives for all uses, I’m sorry they are the ones that are going to be hard to take off you because you will need also the Buck 110 on your side at the must covenant spot to reach next to that the.

Pole. Craft Forged Hunting And Survival Knife Fixed Blade Wood Handle directly on the backside, I like another a pole and well worth the cost.

Hunting, Fishing, And Protection;

You know there’s one piece of equipment Or some Tools you might say very versatile indeed your Bow and Arrow, and Cross Bow’s You know everyone gets tired of can foods MRE’s [meale ready to eat] uncle Sam’s answer for our troops.

I know you’re saying what’s good for our troop’s yea ok you’ve never enjoyed such food and its probably going to anger you that they would make our Heroes eat that crap, at any rate, with the Bow and Arrow and or Crossbow you’ll be able to get some much-needed protein.

Or if you make up one of those Hydroponic/Aquaponic Garden I’ve got after a little bit you won’t need to hunt fish then hear yea go another check this out you will be impressed you can take that to the bank.      

In conclusion;

It’s not if, but when the Revelation happens money won’t mean crap its knowledge and resources will make a wealthy person at this time we better be ready because there’s nothing we will be able to do about it its God’s will

Leave a comment and I’ll be back with you


7 thoughts on Survival After An EMP Attack

  • Hilde September 7, 2020Reply

    This sounds like a real fun way to learn important skills we all could need some more know how of. I would really like to bug into your book first.I have put it on my to read list in this moment. I agree that most people will not know what to do if they have to evacuate or what to bring with them. I love your effort of making a serious situation fun and learning.

    • admin September 7, 2020Reply

      Thank you Hilde I’ve been stuck in a situation not knowing what to do and if I can help people to learn this in a fun way well it’s much better than trying to learn a life-saving system before while you can enjoy it it will be more fluid when it happens to come on back let’s talk some more 

  • Lucas Moore September 8, 2020Reply

    Thank you very much for this. If you want to how to survive an EMP attack, you need to start by
    thinking about what your life would be like if you didn’t have access to
    major electronic tools and gadgets.
    This means understanding how to use hand/crank-powered radios and flashlights, creating your own solar oven. this is a very clear article.

    • admin September 8, 2020Reply

      you are very welcome to, thank you for the wonderful comment yes but all electronics and the hand-cranked radio would be nice except one thing there are no radio stations they will be knocked out also  you need to come by and do some learning   

  • Kyle October 5, 2020Reply

    Hi Bill

    I am a little upset that you still haven’t taken any notice of my previous advice to you. There are still a huge amount of spelling and grammatical errors in this article. In the first paragraph alone:

    “Rusha” “Missal” “united states” and an erroneous question mark at the end.

    And nowhere do you explain what EMP stands for.

    Yours a very upset Kyle.

    • admin October 6, 2020Reply

      Thank you, Kyle, I’ll get right on it I’ve been running my Grammarly I don’t understand I apologize for my spelling shortcomings

    • admin October 6, 2020Reply

      Please don’t be to upset I’ve got enough going on in my life sometimes I’m up at midnight worrying about if my wife is even breathing or not because of this stroke shes had so some times I might be a bit off my game but I have been running Grammarly in my defense I don’t know maybe this isn’t for me that’s what my wife has been telling me and the stupid system I signed up under this Tony Lee Hamilton said maybe I wasn’t cut out for this didn’t ever think I’d be hearing this so much in my life and now I’ve got the only one I ever wanted to happy with my progress is UPSET well lets just shut ones drive down sorry to have bothered you and anyone else I’ve bothered :-(((

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