The End Of The World Bible Prophesy- “a little gift at the end”

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The End Of The World Bible Prophesy- “a little gift at the end”

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End United States As We Know It

Does the bible predict the end of the world?

Yes, it does, I’m as sure of this as I am there’s nothing we can do about it, it’s Gods will so instead of worrying about it turn your life over to God and start doing things to get ready for it, yes #1 turn your life over to God unless you don’t believe, in that case Just brace your self you’re future is unknown and unsure but for you, as are the ones that do believe we all need to be making preparations and trying to enjoy life hear while we can.

And I have come up with a few ideas to do to have a good time save and earn after all wouldn’t it be nice not to have to report to a boss after all boss spelled backward is a sorry son of a bitch lol, and I can do without one of those, but for this one, we will have to focus a little, and we’ll go over these things latter.

==>Hears You’re No Brainer Need To Check Out<==

But we do need to SAVE, there’s a 1000 ways to save, and the better 2/3 of them are right here in my post and I’ll bank on it you’ll find all the savings you can right hear they have everything from travel to clothing to cars and all sorts of other very inexpensive accessories this is one of those, check it out while you can, after all, Gods the only one that knows when we won’t have this sort of stuff anymore so grab while you can.

Earning for the inevitable;

Yes I do have ways to earn for the inevitable, if you’re working for right now stay that way, I’m not selling a get rich scheme at all I’m trying to help you prepare, learn, and supply for what’s coming and I believe it’s coming in my lifetime if not mine you after all I’m not a spring chicken lol.

The first thing that will help is to start putting a link out that will start earning revenue pretty quickly within a month or so remember saving this only starts for one buck.

The next thing I would do is get situated on your own online review, why? you asked well before the inevitable, thing is going to get very sporting I know this why because God said it would dang look at the Carona virus, all the major Hurricanes this year now this isn’t normal, hay what about all those fires in the land of promise land California and this is only the beginning.

Online marketing is the new way to buy what you need and stay safely at home doing it, so wouldn’t it be better to own your own a plot of real estate with you’re own Domain and store you’re website and know how to build them and do it with no knowledge of any tech. stuff to be able to sell what you have a passion for under you term, not the BOSS you can be the SSOB.

And above all SAVING, (It’s Free) so come on over and join the best place to learn what everyone is scamming you to do earn money online and to be able to see the scams, but it won’t be overnight you’ll be learning everything on online marketing from the way it works, to building you’re very own very first active on line SEO friendly website for quick ranking’s.

 ==>Come on over and gather you’re own opinion it’s free to start<==

After you have everything going your way, you have gone through all the training you can have a little downtime remember were saving, earning, and enjoying our selves, I’ve found games that pay real money, now this isn’t a selling pitch at all just a suggestion for passing time profitably, now most won’t let you get you’re real USDA or you’re currency without hitting $100.00.

The big problem is when you get up close they slow you down where you’re only getting cents per win and even after 3 or 4 times, I’ve been playing this wooden blocks thing it got me up to $75.00 very quickly after, it slowed down I’ve been working from $95.00 to $98.00 for 2 weeks now so like I said there’s a bunch of them, now and some do claim to let you get your money without a limit I just haven’t found them lol.

In Conclusion;

We have learned that there are things we have to learn and supply our selves with,  ways to get water, electricity, self-defense, and how to bug out.

==>Please go here read learn and enjoy<==

Is another word for being off the grid or hidden, so have good clean Godly fun while you can.

But there is a life before all this, I’m just saying it’s all in you’re handy, you’re choices, no one else’s how do you want to end this life as we know it, because God wants the next chapter in his grand plan there are too many signs, It’s up to you rather you suffer, or you get right with you to make every day from the time you wake up till the time you go to bed.

Start helping people to do the right things, mine I’ve joined Wealthy Affiliates and learned a new business so I can help others to do the same, I’ve joined my 1 dollar business to earn my way to my 20 dollar business hear once again I’m learning all this to teach and help others because I know there are better lives out here other than Welding and I hope that I have explained, taught helped you too.

Take care of business, earn financial freedom, and have a good time doing it because after the fact it’s not going to be fun so, please.

==>As Promised<==

Leave me a comment and I’d enjoy talking more I’m always adding at the lest good reading all the time


2 thoughts on The End Of The World Bible Prophesy- “a little gift at the end”

  • Ling Tse September 9, 2020Reply

    Thank you for the post. I studied some parts in Bible about the end of the world, and seen what it described. I don’t know why I will pay attention on it, I think because it’s very interesting topic to discuss about. I like as you written “Online marketing is the new way to buy what you need and stay safely at home doing it.”, because I believe there have plenty ways that you can generate income through online marketing nowadays with internet access. I wish I found it earlier, I guess it’s not too late when I started studying online marketing in 2019. 

    • admin September 9, 2020Reply

      thank you for the comment this whole post was trying to show people that there are things we can do right now because if and when this goes down you won’t have this access to the internet you’ve got to get ready now, but there’s ways to get ready and have a great time doing it   

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